The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

***final broadcast Dec 2015***

The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan Saturday 31 May 2014

The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

German baritone the late Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau would have been 89 this week. We honour that date with recordings by this legendary singer - every night this week on Blue.

Music Played on the Show


Title: One Day At A Time

Composer: Bibb / Scott

Performer(s): Eric Bibb (Vocal, Acoustic Guitar), Chinika Simon (Backing Vocals), Glenn Scott (Backing Vocals), Neville Malcolm (Upright Bass), Michael Jerome Browne (Fretless Gourd Banjo)

Album: Jericho Road (Recordno: DFGCD 8750) / Dixie Frog / DFGCD 8750

Duration: 2:55


Title: Symphony No. 3 In D Major Op. 29 ‘Polish’ - Movement Iii - Andante Elegiaco

Composer: Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'Yich

Performer(s): Philharmonia Orchestra

Album: Tchaikovsky: Symphonies Complete - Disk 3 / Brilliant Classics / 99792

Duration: 9:54


Title: Continuacao

Composer: Lenine

Performer(s): Lenine (Vocal, Guitar), Joao Cavalcanti (Vocal); Bruno Giorgi (Vocal); Bernardo Pimentel (Vocal); Jr Tostoi (Programming)

Album: Labiata / Universal / 7893251000072

Duration: 2:00


Title: Free Spirit - Free Style

Composer: Hanna, Roland

Performer(s): Sir Roland Hanna (Piano)

Album: Solo Piano - Sir Roland Hanna / Storyville / 103 8424

Duration: 4:37


Title: When You Get Home

Performer(s): Dan Bodwell (Bass)

Album: Crossings (songs for voice and double bass) / Sue Rynhart / MRSUESUE001

Duration: 1:45


Title: Zemi Me Zemi

Composer: Traditional Serbia

Performer(s): Amira (Vocals), Kim Burton (Guesting On Accordion), Bojan Z (Piano), Nend Vasilic (Bass), Bachar Khalife (Percussion)

Album: Amulette - Amira / World Village / 450018

Duration: 5:19


Title: Der Wanderer

Composer: Schubert, Franz

Performer(s): Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Baritone), Gerald Moore (Piano)

Album: Schubert: Lieder/Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau / EMI Classics / 50999 9 55969 2 1

Duration: 5:40


Title: Maré (Tide)

Composer: Maranhao, Rodrigo

Performer(s): Antonio Zambujo (Vocals), José Miguel Conde (Clarinet), Carlos Manuel Proenca (Acoustic Guitar), André Conde (Trombone)

Album: Quinto - Antonio Zambujo / World Village / WVF 479069

Duration: 2:40


Title: And So It Goes

Composer: Joel, Billy

Performer(s): Tommy Emmanuel (Guitar)

Album: The Mystery - Tommy Emmanuel / Favored Nations Acoustic / FNA5130-2

Duration: 3:21


Title: Double Concerto In B Minor (2nd Movement) Rhapsody

Composer: Britten, Benjamin

Performer(s): Gidon Kremer (Violin), Yuri Bashmet (Viola), Hallé Orchestra

Album: Britten - Double Concerto, Two Portraits... / Erato Disques / 3984-25502-2

Duration: 7:25


Title: Nocturnes - Xiii Nocturne D Minor - Lento

Composer: Field, John

Performer(s): John O' Connor (Piano)

Album: John Field: 15 Nocturnes - John O' Connor / Telarc / CD-80199

Duration: 3:39


Title: Glow

Composer: Gustavsen, Tord

Performer(s): Tord Gustavsen (Piano), Tore Brunborg (Tenor Saxophone), Mats Eilertsen (Double Bass), Jarle Vespestad (Drums)

Album: Extended Circle - Tord Gustavsen Quartet / ECM Records / ECM 2358 376 0239

Duration: 5:13


Title: Fundi Mea Vindi

Composer: Mishenko, Misha

Performer(s): Misha Mishenko (Piano)

Album: Strakur sem spilar mea vindi / Flowers Blossom In The Space /

Duration: 3:37


Title: Key To The Highway

Composer: Broonzy / Seeger

Performer(s): Big Bill Broonzy (Vocals, Guitar)

Album: Century Of The Blues (Recordno: CDCD 5003) / Chrome Dreams / CDCD 5003

Duration: 3:04


Title: Grigio

Composer: Turrisi, Francesco

Performer(s): Francesco Turrisi (Piano), Nick Roth (Sax); Kate Ellis (Cello); Dan Bodwell (Bass); Sean Carpio (Drums); Zohar Fresco (Perc)

Album: Grigio / Diatribe / DIACD015

Duration: 4:48


Title: Seven Roses

Composer: Micus, Stephan

Performer(s): Stephan Micus (Sho, 19 Voices, Raj Nplaim)

Album: Bold As Light / ECM Records / ECM 2173 274 3086

Duration: 6:30


Title: Flight To Paradise

Composer: Martin, Juan

Performer(s): Rory Gallagher, Juan Martin (Guitars)

Album: Wheels Within Wheels - Rory Gallagher (Recordno: 703 82876 503872) / CAPO / 703 82876 503872

Duration: 4:29


Title: San Antonio

Composer: Jansen, Arne

Performer(s): Arne Jansen (Guitars), Andreas Edelmann (Bass), Eric Schaefer (Drums), Friedrich Paravicini (Keyboards, Cello, Vibes), Nils Wulker (Flugelhorn)

Album: The Sleep Of Reason - Ode To Goya / Act Music / 9539-2

Duration: 3:01


Title: Ballad For The Unborn

Composer: E.S.T.

Performer(s): Esbjorn Svensson (Piiano), Dan Berglund (Bass), Magnus Ostrom (Drums)

Album: Seven days of falling (Recordno: ACT 9012-2) / Act Music / ACT 9012-2

Duration: 5:32


Title: Violin Concerto In B Minor (2nd Movement) Andante

Composer: Elgar, Edward

Performer(s): Marat Bisengaliev (Violin), West Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra

Album: Elgar - The Violin Music (Recordno: 8.572643-45) / Naxos / 8.572643-45

Duration: 10:52


Title: You Go To My Head

Composer: Gillespie, Haven/coots, Fred J

Performer(s): Hugh Buckley (Gtr); Brendan Doyle (Sax)

Album: Sweet And Lovely / Marnell Music / 245949

Duration: 5:27


Title: Little Green

Composer: Mitchell, Joni

Performer(s): Tierney Sutton (Vocals), Turtle Island Quartet

Album: After Blue / BFM Jazz / Challenge Records / BFM77056

Duration: 4:53


Title: 2/2

Composer: Eno, Brian

Performer(s): Brian Eno (Various Instruments)

Album: Ambient 1 Music for Airports -- 7243 8 66495 2 2 / Virgin / 7243 8 66495 2 2

Duration: 9:38


Title: Suite D'Un Gout Etranger - La Reveuse

Composer: Marais, Marin

Performer(s): Chistophe Coin (Bass Viol), Christophe Rousset (Harpsichord), Vittorio Ghielmi (Bass Viol), Pascal Monteilhet (Theorbo, Guitar)

Album: Marin Marais: Suite D'un Gout Etranger - Chistophe Coin, Christophe Rousset / Decca / 458 144-2

Duration: 4:29


Title: Sarabanda De Scriabin

Composer: Brouwer, Leo

Performer(s): Johannes Moller (Guitar)

Album: Johannes Moller - Guitar Recital / Naxos / 8.572715

Duration: 3:29



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