The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych

The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych

Tuesday, 7 - 8pm

The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych Tuesday 15 December 2015

Explore science and culture through music on The Astrolabe, with an hour’s sonic journey through time, history, and space. Join Vlad Smishkewych in charting our cosmic course as cultural animals, getting to know ourselves—and our place in the universe—by the music we make.

The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych

The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych

A Matter of Time: Vlad explores Music, Space, and Time onThe Astrolabe

Music Played on the Show


Title: Time In A Bottle

Composer: Croce, Jim

Performer(s): Jim Croce (Vocal)

Album: Jim Croce Collection / Castle / CCSCD154

Duration: 2:23


Title: Time Stands Still

Composer: Dowland, John

Performer(s): Sylvain Bergeron (Lute)

Album: Music & Sweet Poetry Agree / Analekta / AN 2 9918

Duration: 3:09


Title: M'Dahai - The Clapping

Composer: Trad Moroccan

Performer(s): The Master Musicians Of Joujouka

Album: Joujouka Black Eyes / Sub Rosa (Le Coeur du Monde) / SR87

Duration: 4:58


Title: Chabako

Composer: Trad Moroccan

Performer(s): Gnawa Music Of Marrakesh

Album: Night Spirit Masters / Axiom / 314-510 147-2

Duration: 6:28


Title: Fantasy On The Igil

Composer: Huun-Huur-Tu

Performer(s): Huun-Huur-Tu

Album: Sixty Horses In My Herd / Shanachie / SHA-CD-64050

Duration: 7:27


Title: Ragnarok (The End Of The Gods)

Composer: anon

Performer(s): Gaver, Elisabeth (Fiddle)

Album: Edda - Myths From Medieval Iceland / Deutsche Harmonia Mundi / DHM05472

Duration: 1:28


Title: Tout Par Compas

Composer: Baude Cordier (Beau de Cordier)

Performer(s): Ensemble Project Ars Nova

Album: Ars Magis Subtiliter: Secular Music Of The Chantilly Codex / New Albion / NA 021 CD

Duration: 3:58


Title: Coat-Hanger Kisses

Composer: Doyle, Roger

Performer(s): Roger Doyle

Album: Roger Doyle: Time Machine / HERESY RECORDS / Heresy 017

Duration: 10:00


Title: Melody In Major

Composer: Glass, Philip

Performer(s): Philip Glass Ensemble

Album: A Brief History Of Time / Orange Mountain Music / Orange Mountain Music 0100

Duration: 3:10


Title: The Time Curve Preludes, Book 1: Number 1 (Quarter Note=104)

Composer: Duckworth, William

Performer(s): Bruce Brubaker (Piano)

Album: Time Curve / Arabesque / AR6806

Duration: 3:17


Title: In An Old Apron

Composer: Lang, David/ Anderson, Hans Christian

Performer(s): Ars Nova Copengaen/Theatre Of Voices

Album: The Little Match Girl Passion (2007)

Duration: 1:17



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Presenter: Vlad Smishkewych

Producer: Gail Henry

Production Co-ordinator: Linda McGlynn

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