The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych

The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych

Tuesday, 7 - 8pm

The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych Tuesday 1 December 2015

Explore science and culture through music on The Astrolabe, with an hour’s sonic journey through time, history, and space. Join Vlad Smishkewych in charting our cosmic course as cultural animals, getting to know ourselves—and our place in the universe—by the music we make.

The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych

The Astrolabe with Vlad Smishkewych

The drones and the chanters: why do we love them so? Find out as Vlad explores vocal and instrumental music featuring drones galore.

Music Played on the Show


Title: Apolytikion. You Who Sit On A Fiery Throne

Composer: Anon Byzantine

Performer(s): Capella Romana

Album: Epiphany / Gothic Records / ASIN:B000255LXO

Duration: 1:42


Title: The Middle Of The Night

Composer: The Master Musicians Of Jajouka, Featuring Bachir Attar

Performer(s): The Master Musicians Of Jajouka, Featuring Bachir Attar

Album: Apocalypse across the Sky / Axiom / 314-510 857-2

Duration: 5:55


Title: Os Mutorum, Lux Cecorum

Composer: Anon

Performer(s): Choir Of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, Geoffrey Webber

Album: In Praise of St Columba: The Sound World of the Celtic Church / Delphian / DCD34137

Duration: 3:08


Title: Clavierbüchlein No 2 For Anna Magdalena Bach: Musette In D Major, Bwv Anh. 126

Composer: Bach, J S

Performer(s): Igor Kipnis (Clavichord)

Album: Bach: Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach / Nonesuch / 79020

Duration: 1:06


Title: Les Filles Bleues

Composer: Chedeville, Nicolas

Performer(s): Maillard, Jean-Christophe (Musette)

Album: Oeuvres pour Musette / Auvidis Valois / V4625

Duration: 3:11


Title: Tápai Orgonaszó

Composer: Trad/Bach

Performer(s): Magyar Tekerőzenekar

Album: Vitézek az végeknél / Periferic Records / BGCD083

Duration: 5:56


Title: Sonata (6) For Hurdy-Gurdy, Op. 2: No 4, Allegro 'La Bully'

Composer: Buterne, Charles

Performer(s): Wimmer, Thomas (Bass Viola Da Gamba), Le Chenadec, Laurent (Bassoon)

Album: Les Maîtres De La Vielle Baroque / Arkiv / 999864

Duration: 1:58


Title: Chanson A La Mariee

Composer: Ad Vielle Que Pourra

Performer(s): Thonon, Luc

Album: Come what may / Green Linnet / GLCD1112

Duration: 4:38


Title: La Rabilada

Composer: Trad Asturian

Performer(s): Xuacu Amieva

Album: Xostrando / Fonoastur / FA.L.8715

Duration: 3:23


Title: Pedalpolska

Composer: Vasen

Performer(s): Vasen

Album: Live In Japan / Northside / NSD6087

Duration: 3:47


Title: Singin' In The Springhouse/Turkey In The Straw

Composer: Trad

Performer(s): C. Keith Collins

Album: Frailing and Strumming-Banjo and Dulcimer Roots / Collins / NA-2005

Duration: 1:30


Title: Air: Eanach Dhúin (Annaghdown)

Composer: Trad

Performer(s): David Power

Album: My Love is in America / Claddagh / CCF37CD

Duration: 3:14


Title: Tarantella 2

Composer: Trad Italian

Performer(s): Giovanni Palermo (Zampogna)

Album: Le tradizioni musicali in Lucania Vol. 1: La zampogna lucana: An Anthology of Folkdances from Lucania / Ethnica / TA001

Duration: 3:55


Title: Mudanza

Composer: Trad/Martin

Performer(s): Rafa Martin

Album: En La Espalda Del Gigante / Tecnosaga / 8430409202125

Duration: 3:18



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Presenter: Vlad Smishkewych

Producer: Gail Henry

Production Co-ordinator: Linda McGlynn

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