Sound Out with Ian McGlynn

Sound Out with Ian McGlynn

Sunday, 9-10pm

Sound Out Sunday 28 June 2020

Sound Out with Ian McGlynn

Tonight we visit the National Concert Hall for two concerts recorded at New Music Dublin 2020, featuring Crash Ensemble and Chamber Choir Ireland

Sunday August 9th

The Fidelio Trio are made up of violinist Darragh Morgan, cellist Adi Tal and pianist Mary Dullea. Describing themselves as champions of the piano trio genre, they perform a broad range of repertoire and tonight we hear their world premiere recordings of music by Philip Glass and Kevin Volans. (Photo © Hugo Glendinning)

Sunday August 16th

The Croatian composer and conductor Igor Kuljeric composed his Glagolitic Requiem in the mid-1990s, as the country emerged from a war of independence. The music is a celebration of the Croatian church and folk music traditions passed down since the Middle Ages, and we'll hear a new recording with the Bavarian Radio Chorus and Munchner Rundfunkorchester conducted by Ivan Repusic. We’ll also explore a symphonic portrait of daily existence in Stalinist Russia, the Babi Yar Symphony No. 13 by Shostakovich recorded by the Russian National Orchestra conducted by Kirill Karabits.

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You can now hear our playlists each week on Spotify, and where possible we'll include all the music featured on the programme.  

Watch - RTÉ Concert Orchestra perform Gerald Barry and Julia Wolfe with Bang on a Can

The RTÉ Concert Orchestra conducted by Ilan Volkov performs Gerald Barry's Viola Concerto with the violist for whom it was written, Lawrence Power. A commission by Britten Sinfonia and RTÉ, it was recorded live at New Music Dublin 2020. We’ll also hear Julia Wolfe’s Flower Power composed for orchestra and the eclectic Bang on a Can All-Stars, a work inspired by a radical revolutionary moment - the late 1960's - a time when experimental ideas and questions permeated all parts of the political, social, and artistic landscapes.

Watch - Cleary, O'Leary and Guðmundsson with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra

Watch and listen below to diverse music by Irish and Icelandic composers, performed by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and recorded live in the National Concert Hall at New Music Dublin 2020.

Siobhán Cleary's Hum! is a musical theatre piece for two actors and string orchestra, a work of humour, conflict and tragedy with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ryan McAdams acting as greek chorus. They're all joined by the Ligeti Quartet for the world premiere of Jane O'Leary's Triptych in which four solo instruments act as a unit, layered with the incredibly soft sounds of the orchestra. And we'll hear Hugi Guðmundsson Box, a concerto for accordion, symphony orchestra and barrel organ performed with soloist Andreas Borregaard and conducted by Daniel Bjarnsson.

Music Played on the Show


Title: Song Of The Books (Movement 1)

Composer: Ed Bennett

Performer(s): Crash Ensemble, Ryan Mcadams (Cond)

Duration: 6:30


Title: Density

Composer: Daniel McDermott

Performer(s): Crash Ensemble, Ryan Mcadams (Cond)

Duration: 6:47


Title: Night Thoughts

Composer: Matthew Whiteside

Performer(s): Crash Ensemble, Ryan Mcadams (Cond)

Duration: 8:00


Title: Form The Fabric

Composer: Inti Figgis-Vizueta

Performer(s): Crash Ensemble, Ryan Mcadams (Cond)

Duration: 7:15


Title: It’S In The Trees, It’S Coming

Composer: Amanda Feery

Performer(s): Crash Ensemble, Ryan Mcadams (Cond)

Duration: 7:00


Title: Zartliche Nacht (From Nachtliche Gesange)

Composer: Helena Tulve

Performer(s): Chamber Choir Ireland, Nils Schweckendiek (Conductor)

Duration: 4:00


Title: Requiem Aeternam & O Years And Graves! (From Under The Arching Heavens)

Composer: Alex Freeman

Performer(s): Chamber Choir Ireland, Paul Hillier (Conductor)

Duration: 15:00



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Producer: Áine Fay


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