Mystery Train with John Kelly

Mystery Train with John Kelly

Sunday to Thursday, 7 - 9pm

Mystery Train Wednesday 18 November 2020

Mystery Train with John Kelly

Mystery Train is a nightly journey through the many wonders of recorded music - from its vintage glories to the latest sounds. Essential listening for the discerning music fan.

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On our Mystery Train Sunday Service, John is joined by a special guest who picks the tunes. You can stream or download each programme via the RTÉ Player, or via the Apple Store and Spotify. Listen to programmes with Dorothy Cross, Bronagh Gallagher, Lisa Dwan, Paula Meehan, Cillian Murphy, Gavin Friday, Sam Amidon, Neil Hannon and more...

Music Played on the Show


Title: Bout Eallá ( Everything Lives)

Composer: Balto, Kajsa

Performer(s): Kajsa Balto (Vocal)

Album: Bout Eallá / Ol Johan Gaup - DAT / DATCD-84

Duration: 4:03


Title: Fog On The Window

Composer: Dunning

Performer(s): Brian Dunning (Flute), John Fitzpatrick (Violin); Sean Whelan (Guitar, Oud); Robbie Harris (Percussion)

Album: Puck Fair - Forgotten Carnival / AKD / AKD 1613

Duration: 3:05


Title: Watching You

Composer: Shankar

Performer(s): Shankar ( Violin, Drum Machine)

Album: Song For Everyone / ECM / ECM 1286

Duration: 13:17


Title: November

Composer: Rantala, Iiro

Performer(s): Iiro Rantala (Piano)

Album: My Finnish Calendar / ACT / ACT 9882-2

Duration: 4:14


Title: November 99

Composer: Katché, Manu

Performer(s): Manu Katché (Drums), Tomasz Stanko (Trumpet), Jan Garbarek (Tenor Sax), Marcin Wasilewski (Piano), Slawomir Kurkiewicz (Bass)

Album: Neighbourhood / ECM Records / ECM 1896 986 9815

Duration: 6:02


Title: The Yellow Fortress

Performer(s): Padraig Rynne

Album: Conscious

Duration: 4:51


Title: Yellow

Composer: Andersen, Jimmy

Performer(s): Ferenc Snétberger (Guitar)

Album: Nomad (Recordno: ENJ-9485 2) / Enja / ENJ-9485 2

Duration: 5:56


Title: Hallelujah

Performer(s): Niamh Regan

Album: Hemet / The Black Gate Label

Duration: 4:05


Title: Hallelujah From The Messiah

Composer: Messiah

Performer(s): The Classical Jazz Quartet

Album: Christmas (recordno: Kob10014) / Kind Of Blue / KOB10014

Duration: 5:19


Title: Pyramiden

Composer: apseneth/Meidell/Hegg-Lunde

Performer(s): Erlend Apseneth Trio

Album: Salika, Molika / HUBRO

Duration: 6:37


Title: Another World

Composer: Fitzgerald Michel, M

Performer(s): Misja Fitzgerald Michel (Guitar), Drew Gress (Bass), Jochen Ruckert (Drums)

Album: Misja Fitzgerald Michel: Encounter / No Format / 9831301

Duration: 4:50


Title: Grandma's Haze

Composer: Lindstrom/Tonbruket

Performer(s): Dan Berglund (Double Bass), Johan Lindstrom (Guitars & Keyboards), Martin Hederos (Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Violin), Andreas Wrliin (Drums)

Album: Tonbruket: Dig it to the end / ACT / 9026-2

Duration: 4:09


Title: Grandpa Semi Tone Blues

Composer: Palmieri

Performer(s): Eddie Palmieri

Album: Ritmo Caliente / Concord / CCD-2180-2

Duration: 6:00


Title: November (Single Edit)

Composer: Richter, Max

Performer(s): Konzerthausorchester Berlin

Album: Richter: November (Single Edit) - Single / Deutsche Grammophon

Duration: 5:29


Title: Ruususuu

Composer: lau Nau

Performer(s): Lau Nau

Album: Nukkuu / Locust Music / L111

Duration: 4:15


Title: Laura

Composer: Raskin / Mercer

Performer(s): Mulgrew Miller (Piano)

Album: Bedroom Tenors - Various Artists / Blue Note / CDP 7243 8 34873 2 5

Duration: 4:34


Title: Train

Composer: Perrudin, Laura

Performer(s): Laura Perrudin

Album: Poisons & Antidotes / Volatine / L'Autre Distribution

Duration: 5:31


Title: Beartown

Composer: Rochford

Performer(s): Polar Bear

Album: Held On The Tips Of Fingers / Babel / BDV2552

Duration: 6:08



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Production Co-ordinator: Peter Curtin

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