Mystery Train with John Kelly

Mystery Train with John Kelly

Sunday to Thursday, 7 - 9pm

Mystery Train Sunday 18 February 2018

Coming up Sunday June 17th...

John Kelly is joined by composer Gavin Bryars who talks about his approach to composition, and working  with the likes of John Cage, Tom Waits and Father John Misty. 

Over two days in June, Louth Contemporary Music Society will present the Book of Hours, a music festival devoted to beautiful, profound music by contemporary composers from across the globe. Gavin will be performing his haunting, ethereal 'Jesus Blood...' with a festival ensemble including young musicians from Music Generation Louth in a perfect end to the festival on Saturday, June 23rd.

For details, visit the Louth CMS website

Mystery Train with John Kelly

Mystery Train is a nightly journey through the many wonders of recorded music - from its vintage glories to the latest sounds. Essential listening for the discerning music fan.

Mystery Train Sunday Service - Donald Teskey

Mystery Train Sunday Service - Donald Teskey

John's Sunday Service guest this week is the Limerick-born artist and sometime guitarist, Donald Teskey.

Music Played on the Show


Title: When I Paint My Masterpiece

Composer: Dylan

Performer(s): Bob Dylan

Album: Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 / Sony Music / 467851 2

Duration: 3:22


Title: Arcticus

Composer: Donald Teskey

Performer(s): Donald Teskey

Album: A Map of the Kindgom of Ireland / Heresey Records / LC 28065

Duration: 3:28


Title: The Bleeding Horse

Composer: Stano

Performer(s): Stano

Album: Reverse Presence / Copyright Control / n\a

Duration: 6:16


Title: Redondo Beach

Composer: Lenny Kaye

Performer(s): Patti Smith

Album: Horses / Arista / 20050

Duration: 3:26


Title: When She Sang About Angels

Composer: Robert Forster

Performer(s): The Go-Betweens

Album: The Friends of Rachel Worth / CIRCUS / Cd004

Duration: 4:30


Title: Maidenhead

Composer: Protomartyr

Performer(s): Protomartyr

Album: Under Color of Official Right / Hardly Art / 73081 H

Duration: 3:38


Title: Creep

Composer: Deadmau5

Performer(s): Deadmau5

Album: while(1<2) / Virgin EMI / MAU 5CD017P

Duration: 5:37


Title: Kew.Rhone

Composer: Peter Blegvad

Performer(s): John Greaves

Album: Songs / Resurgence / RES 112CD

Duration: 5:26


Title: This Mess We’Re In

Composer: PJ Harvey

Performer(s): Pj Harvey

Album: Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea / Island / UICI--1001

Duration: 3:57


Title: The Moon (And The Air It Moves)

Composer: Magnus Ostrom

Performer(s): Magnus Ostrom

Album: Searching for Jupiter / Act Records / ACT 9541-1

Duration: 7:07


Title: The Other River

Composer: Joel Harrison

Performer(s): Joel Harrison

Album: The Other River / Whirlwind Recordings / WR 4707

Duration: 6:07


Title: Unveiled

Composer: Loah

Performer(s): Loah

Album: This Heart / Ensemble / ESM003

Duration: 4:12



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Text: 51554

Tweet: @johnkellytweets

Presenter & Producer: John Kelly

Producer: Áine Fay (Sunday)

Production Co-ordinator: Ian McGlynn (Sunday)


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