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Wednesday 23rd January

Helen O' Sullivan Dwyer & Aine Lawlor

Helen O' Sullivan Dwyer & Aine Lawlor

Friday 18th January

Nevens Recipes - The Italian Road with two soups.

Chicken, Shiitake and Cannellini Bean Soup This is an incredibly healthy soup that uses no oil but is packed full of flavour.

Wednesday 16th January

Marty and Macbeth.

Marty and Macbeth.

Friday 11th January

Nevens Recipes - Juices for the New Year

Different juices including a mix of Carrot Ginger and Mint & Orange Mmmm....

Friday 21st December

Neven's Recipes - Christmas Sides & Deserts

Neven's Recipes - Christmas Sides & Deserts

Wednesday 19th December

Marty & Michael Buble! - Listen back.

Delighted to be chatting with the one and only Michael Buble about the important things in his life. Click here to listen back!

Monday 17th December

Rufus Norris talks about Macbeth & Warhorse which are on the way to The BGET.

Rufus Norris is a British theater and film director, who is currently the Artistic Director of the National Theater. He tells Marty about the upcoming shows at the Bord Gais Energy Theater.

Friday 14th December

Roast Turkey with Streaky Bacon

This is the easiest way to roast a turkey, and fortunately, for many people it’s also the best. Forget about having the time to brine it or trying to turn it over while it cooks – this method is absolutely foolproof.

Friday 7th December

Nevens Recipes - Mince Pies & Mint chocolate truffles

Nevens Recipes - Mince Pies & Mint chocolate truffles

Friday 30th November

Neven's Recipes - Party Bites & Starters

Sticky Cocktail Sausages with Sesame Seeds.These are completely irresistible and can be served hot or cold, so they’re great party food and easy buffet fare. Hand around a separate dish for used cocktail sticks.

Friday 23rd November

Nevens Recipes - Christmas food gifts.

Grape Chutney If you’re looking for something a bit different that you can’t buy in the shops, then this preserve is perfect

Friday 16th November

Nevens Recipes - Christmas Cake & Pudding

16th November Christmas bakingMake this cake as early as you can to allow the flavours to mature.

Friday 9th November

Full interview with Giles Martin.

Fascinating insight to the the work of Giles and Sir George Martin on the Beatles White Album. Exclusive.

Guy Hayden VP of Apple Corps & Jazz USM at Universal Music Group.

Guy gives us some background to the archive at Abbey Road over a cup of tea!

Kevin Howlett chats to Marty.

Kevin Howlett author, producer & Beatles aficionado tells Marty about producing the book which accompanies the new release of the White Album. A great interview!

A first chat with Giles Martin

A first chat with Giles Martin

Miles Shoal Mastering Engineer at Abbey Road

We go on an amazing tour with Miles around the famous studios

Deidre & Doreen in the Canteen at Abbey Road

We met a young woman from Ennis & her colleague for a cup of tea in the Abbey Road canteen.

Friday 2nd November

Nevens Recipes - Baking scones...

Nevens Recipes - Baking scones...some tasy bites including Irish Tea bread.

Tuesday 23rd October



Friday 19th October

Neven's Recipes - Lamb recipes to enjoy.

Shoulder & Shanks of Lamb.

Friday 5th October

Neven's Recipes - Italian moment.

Pesto stuffed chicken breast.

Friday 28th September

Neven's Recipes - Nuts! Chestnut & Mushroom Soup

A seasonal dish for the month thats in it. Chestnut & Mushroom Soup.

Friday 21st September

Neven's recipes - Sunday Lunch

Roast leg of lamb and a homemade mint sauce.

Thursday 20th September

Muirgen O' Mahony

Muirgen O' Mahony drops in to chat with Marty about Showstoppers with ?the RTE Concert orchestra at the NCH.

Friday 14th September

Nevens Recipes - A special breakfast. & Smoked salmon with smashed avocado & poached egg.

French Toast with Cinnamon Sugar.Treat yourself to a special French toast breakfast with a simple mixed berry compote and vanilla yogurt.

Friday 7th September

Nevens Recipes - Two quick Family Meals!

fajitas & also, A One Pot Chicken curry. Delicious!

Friday 24th August

Neven's Recipes - 3 Quick family recipes

Carrot & Hummus wrap, delicious. Chicken Taco salad plus one other treat.

Friday 17th August

Neven's Recipes - 2 different types of burgers.

Veg Burger & Greek pitta Burgers, serves 4

Friday 10th August

Nevens Recipes - Baking with the Children.

Carrot Cake & something very special for the holidays.

Friday 3rd August

Nevens Recipes - Midweek healthy stuff!

Roast Cajun Chicken & Clare island smoked Salmon. So good!

Friday 27th July

Neven's Recipes - A simple delicious roast Duck.

We’ve taken the concept of beer can chicken here (where the can is used to sit it upright) and applied it to duck, but with the sweet flavor of cider

Friday 20th July

Neven's Recipes - BBQ Tips!

Why not try some of these DELICIOUS suggestions over the SUNNY weekend.

Friday 15th June

Nevens Recipes - Fathers day treats.

Roast leg of Lamb.... & another treat............

Friday 8th June

Mr Brian Kennedy joins Marty in Studio!

Our old friend pops in for a chat and brings us up to speed on what he has been up to.

Neven's recipes - Nice Summer Salads.

Including a Salad Nicoise recipe... Fresh summer vegetables arranged on a platter with the best quality tuna or fish of your choice, pepped up with salty capers, olives and peppery French mustard dressing, it’s instant summer food.

Wednesday 6th June

Sting in Studio with Marty!

Sting in studio with Marty Whelan talking about the inspiration behind ‘The LAST Ship’ Great interview so listen back at your leisure here!

Friday 25th May

Neven's Recipes - Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with couscous and feta

This dish is delicious hot or cold. Try using any combination of Mediterranean vegetables you fancy.

Friday 18th May

Nevens recipes - Some very tasty veg.

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with couscous and feta.This dish is delicious hot or cold. Try using any combination of Mediterraneanvegetables you fancy. However, it’s important that the vegetables are not toocrowded in the roasting tin, otherwise they’ll stew rather than roast.

Friday 4th May

Neven's Recipes - Spicy chicken salad with avocado salsa

For a more formal presentation, spoon the avocado salsa into 10cm (4in)cooking rings set on serving plates and ladle the balsamic cream around eachone. Arrange the spicy chicken on top and garnish with a small mound of lightlydressed salad leaves.

Friday 27th April

Neven's Recepies - It's lamb season!

Lamb cutlets with garlic, lemon and smoked paprika. Lamb cutlets are that bit more expensive, but they take no time to cook.

Friday 20th April

Nevens Recipes - Baking

Flourless chocolate torte & Upside-down caramelised banana tart,

Friday 13th April

Nevens Recipes - Fragrant Pork and Sweet Potato Thai Red Curry

Thai curries are quick and easy to prepare. There is absolutely no need to go to the trouble of making your own curry paste, as most supermarkets now sell authentic ready-made pastes. I like to serve this curry with Thai fragrant rice, which has a characteristically soft and slightly sticky texture

Friday 23rd March

Nevens Recipes Beef Stroganoff with Fluffy rice and dill pickle Shavings.

Traditionally this was served with buttered noodles, not unlike tagliatelle, but it is so much nicer with fluffy rice. The soured cream is not strictly necessary and regular cream will work just as well.Click here for details

Friday 16th March

Nevens Recipes - Irish stew. I never tire of a bowl of steaming hot stew.

This is my version that I have developed over the years. It’s a meal in itself, but for a special celebration, try serving it buffet style with bowls of turnip mash, colcannon and maybe even some glazed parsnips and carrots and watch your guests’ faces light up!

Friday 9th February

Neven's Recipes - Valentines.

Neven suggests some special treats for the upcoming day of love. The Perfect Steak followed by chocolate truffles.

Friday 12th January

12th January 2018 - Baked Chicken and Chorizo Rice with Artichokes

This one-pot wonder gives maximum flavour with minimum effort and is guaranteed to wake up your taste buds. I like to serve it with sautéed spinach to make sure I’m getting plenty of greens.

Friday 15th December

Neven's Recipes - Buttermilk brind, Roast turkey.

I love this recipe for Turkey. It might be a little different to what you have tried before but I can promise that the results are fantastic and you will have clean plates all round the table……and a queue for the turkey sandwiches that night. It is what I will be cooking at home and I really hope you give it a go!

Friday 8th December

Nevens Recipes - Starters - One veg, one not!

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Stacks. Crispy Goats’ Cheese with Roasted Beetroot, Cranberries, Watercress & Caramelised Walnuts.

Wednesday 6th December

Bocelli announcement Wed 6th Dec 17

Bocelli announcement Wed 6th Dec 17

Tuesday 5th December

Bocelli announcement - Tuesday 5th Dec 17

Bocelli announcement - Tuesday 5th Dec 17

Monday 4th December

Bocelli announcement - Monday 4th Dec 17

Bocelli announcement - Monday 4th Dec 17

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Have just caught up with your interview with Sting. Thank you very much 
for it. "The Pugilist" is my favourite from The Last Ship, too. I live 
in Sydney and took myself off to Newcastle to see the show in May. Don't 
worry, I'm not that keen. I do have family links to Newcastle, so I did 
do other things.

My Dublin wife and I love your show! It sounds like you have my record 
collection. Our tastes are uncannily similar. It's a little unnerving to 
hear the traffic reports at 6pm at night in Sydney. Keep up the sterling 

Two firm fans,  
Catherine and Steve


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