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Friday 20th November

Marty talks to the inimitable Andre Rieu!

Live from his home in Holland. Listen back here.

Nevens Recipes - Two recipes -Braised chicken & also a steak recipe

Braised chicken & also a steak with pepercorn sauce with rustic potato.

Wednesday 18th November

Treat yourself to a laugh today, at Martys expense!

Listen back here to Marty as he reads Hugo & just about makes it to the end!! Stay with it!

Friday 13th November

Marty talks to the one & only Cliff Richard

Marty chats to the legend that is Cliff Richard!

Nevens Recipes - Moroccan chicken tagine &Thai style chicken Noodles

Nevens Recipes - Moroccan chicken tagine &Thai style chicken Noodles

Tuesday 10th November

Marty talks to the irrepressible Michael Harding

Marty talks to Michael Harding about his new book What is Beautiful in the Sky.

Friday 6th November

Nevens Recipes - Xmas cake & Aunty Maureens plum pudding.

One of the all time favorites from Neven.

Wednesday 4th November

Marty interviews Sarah Class - Worth a listen!

Sarah's new album 'Natural High' features all this week on Marty in the Morning!

Friday 30th October

Nevens Recipes - Two delicious Soups.

Parsnip and honey soup & Kale, ham and pasta soup. Delicious!

Friday 23rd October

Nevens Recipes - Two delicious Cakes

Carrot cake with orange-scented frosting & Madeira cake.

Friday 16th October

Nevens Recipes - Super delicious slow cooking.

Time is something we all have a little more of, so why not try a little slow cooking!!

Friday 9th October

Nevens Recipes - Smoked Haddock with Tenderstem Broccoli, Spinach and Conchiglie

Something delicious to try over the weekend!!

Friday 2nd October

Neven's Recipes - Irish stew & beef bourguignon.

Two delicious seasonal recipes to try. Slow cooking at its most delicious!!

Friday 25th September

Nevens Recipes - A nice baked ham & a lovely soup.

Not just for Christmas. Click here for the recipe.

Friday 18th September

Nevens Recipes - Muffins & Apple tarts

Something delicious for the weekend!

Friday 11th September

Nevens Recipes - Crab and Haddock recipes

The fisherman's favourite Haddock!

Friday 4th September

Nevens recepies - Mince' four ways!

A delicious look at ways to use mince!

Thursday 3rd September

Composer Neil Martin joins Marty in Studio

Neil fills Marty in on what hes up to and how he has dealt with the Covid restrictions and all that it brings !

Monday 31st August

Marty & Van Morrison

On the occasion of Van Morrisons 75th birthday we are rebroadcasting an exclusive & award winning interview Marty did with Van in Belfast in November 2016. A must listen!

Friday 28th August

Nevens Recipes - Roast Chicken !

You cant beat this most delicious & reliable meal. Mmmm

Thursday 27th August

The Brilliant Brendan Graham joins Marty in the studio!

Irish songwriter and novelist Brendan Graham is Martys guest this morning.Brendan chats about how he wanted to do something personally proactive to honour frontline workers and raise funds for the Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), and found the answer in 'You Raise Me Up'.

Friday 21st August

Nevens Recipes - Chicken, rocket and pine nut pasta.

The sauce for this recipe literally takes the time the pasta needs to cook. There is now a wide range of good-quality dried pasta available in most large supermarkets and good delis.

Thursday 20th August

Joe Csibi of the RTECO drops in for a chat.

Joe Csibi General Manager of the RTE Concert Orchestra is in studio with Marty to talk about 'Shine' - to be broadcast on RTE ONE Saturday 29th August and how the RTE Concert Orchestra works in the current circumstances. Very interesting chat!

Friday 24th July

Marty talks to Paul Benedict Rowan

Marty talks to Paul Benedict Rowan about his fascinating book Making Ryan's Daughter: The Myths, Madness and Mastery which looks at David Leans making of Ryan s Daughter in Dingle between 1968 and 1970, shrouded in myth and sensational stories.

Neven's Recipes - Spicy Chicken Salad with Mango Salsa

Neven's Recipes - Spicy Chicken Salad with Mango Salsawith Lemon Meringue Pie for desert.

Friday 17th July

Writer Christopher Frayling & his friendship with Morricone.

Writer Christopher Frayling joins Marty ?from his home in the Burren to talk about his friendship with Morricone, musical influences and many other things!

Friday 10th July

Curried haddock tacos & a Creme brule

A delicious idea for any time or table!

Friday 26th June

Marty chatting to Ludivico Einaudi

Yes the fantastic Einaudio chats to Marty about his recent releases and how he has been dealing with the lockdown!

Nevens Recipes - Striploin steak with mushrooms a la creme

Something delicious for a Saturday evening! With a gorgeous desert to round it off!

Thursday 25th June

Marty talks to Fergus Shiel of the Irish National Opera

Marty talks to Fergus who tells him about his plans and the challenges within the Opera world at the moment.

Friday 19th June

Nevens Recipes - Chicken Schnitzel burger & With Amaretti baked peaches

A mouthwatering treat for this weekend or indeed any weekend! With Amaretti baked peaches to follow

Friday 12th June

Nevens recipes - Apple glazed Chops

Many cuts of pork are as lean or leaner than chicken. This meal is also very quick and easy to prepare. Delicious!

Wednesday 10th June

Marty talking to Imelda May.

Listen back here to this mornings lovely interview with the fantastic Imelda May.

Friday 29th May

Nevens Recipes - Prawns with Chorizo & garlic

A delicious recipe for these warmer days. Also with toasted ciabatta.

Thursday 28th May

Marty talks to Author Nicola Cassidy

Nicola Cassidy is a writer and blogger from Co. Louth, Ireland. Her third novel based on the life of Adele Astaire has just been published.

Friday 22nd May

Nevens Recipes - Curried chicken melt & a gorgeous desert.

Two delicious recipes to try immediately!!

Friday 15th May

Nevens Recipes - Spaghetti with crab chilli & home made sausage rolls.

Two treats to try over the 'Euro-vision weekend'

Marty chatting to Dana who is in lock down in Sydney!

Euro-vision memories from Dana on the line from Sydney, Australia. From where Dana has spent a little longer than she expected!

Friday 8th May

Neven's Recipes - Chicken Korma

Creamy chicken Korma with Madeleines to follow.

Friday 1st May

Neven's Recipes - Open steak sandwich

Something so delicious for the weekend. How could you not try this! Chocolate chip cookies to follow!

Friday 24th April

Neven's Recipes - Gratin of cod with prawns, smoked salmon and saffron orzo!!

This has to be one of the most popular fish dishes in the restaurant, where it’s served as a small starter and a main course. You can replace the cod with hake, haddock or any firm-fleshed white fish. This gratin can be prepared 2–3 hours in advance and kept covered with cling film in the fridge.

Wednesday 22nd April

Finghin Collins talks to Marty about RIAM — Live from the Living Room.

“RIAM – Live from the Living Room” Tonight Wednesday 22nd April at 7pm Distinguished pianist and RIAM alumnus, Finghin Collins performs Chopins Nocturne in F sharp minor, op 15 no 2.

Friday 10th April

Neven on the line from Cavan!!

Easter Food, incl a delicious leg of Lamb.

Friday 3rd April

Neven Time! - Live from Cavan.

Keep it simple with Neven's Mothers recipe for cottage pie.

Friday 27th March

Nevens Recipes - Pork Meatballs & Nut energy bites.

Two easy but delicious recipes for the days that are in it!

Friday 20th March

Marty talks to Neven from his home in Cavan!

Under the circumstances we are delighted to chat with Neven about how he's getting on in Blacklion and how the present consequences are effecting business. And of course a recipe. ROSEMARY AND CRANBERRY SODA BREAD

Thursday 19th March

Marty with Cry Monster Cry live in Studio!

What a pleasure to welcome the Martin brothers into studio with their new album 'Tides' which holds the same signature elements of harmonies, thoughtful, instrumentation & evocative lyrics that Dublin brothers Richie and Jamie have become known for!

Friday 6th March

Nevens recipes - St Patricks Day Celebration.

Glazed loin of bacon with pea & potato mash Also Quick kiwi, lemon & crème fraiche cheesecake

Friday 28th February

Nevens Recipes - Chops for tea.

Lamb chops and grilled apple glazed pork chops!

Friday 21st February

Neven's recipes - Midweek family Meals

Salmon and also charred chicken.

Friday 31st January

Neven's Recipes - Eggs

Baked Eggs with Tomatoes and Mature Cheddar Cheese.

Tuesday 28th January

Marty and Finbar Wright in great form!

Chatting with ?Finbar Wright on RTE lyricfm ?ahead of his upcoming concerts ?in Cork and Kerry!

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