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Friday 25th September

Nevens Recipes - Lemon sponge pudding with blackberries

On baking, this clever pudding separates to form a light, golden sponge over a layer of thick lemon custard. Of course, you could omit the blackberries, but I think they ...

Friday 4th September

Nevens Recipes - Back to school lunch ideas

Hummus with Cucumber Sticks Homemade hummus tastes so much better than anything you can buy, and although it's not suitable for freezing, it will last in the fridge for up ...

Friday 28th August

Neven's Recipes- Smoked Salmon and cream cheese

  Smoked Salamon and cream cheese with crispy bacon on brown soda If you're lucky enough to get a day off over the weekend and like to spend it in the ...

Friday 21st August

Neven's Recipes - Spicy Roast Chicken

A tasty treat today, Spicy Roast Chicken. This recipe makes a wonderful Sunday lunch on a nice sunny day – for me it needs nothing more a nice selection of ...

Friday 26th June

Neven's Recipes - Vegetarian Wellington

 This vegetarian Wellington can be made up to one day in advance and then baked on the day you want to serve it. If you are going to use it ...

Friday 19th June

Neven's Recipes - father's day - Rack of lamb with pistachio crust

'I think that lamb truly comes into its own in the summer months. Ask your butcher to French-trim the racks of lamb for you: to remove the meat and fat ...

Friday 12th June

Neven's Recipes

Salmon in lemon salt with roasted fennel wedges This is a different way to serve fish. Salt mixed with egg white bakes into a hard crust, trapping the juices of ...

Friday 5th June

Nevens Recipes - Celebrating Summer fruits!

Caramelised raspberry 'pizza' An easy fruity dish the kids will love. It's fantastic made with raspberries in summer.  Click here for full details

Friday 15th May

Neven's Recipes - Chargrilled lamb with spiced new potatoes

I've added in some preserved lemon that is widely used in Indian and North African cuisine. It is available in smart shops like Fallon and Byrne in Dublin or good ...

Friday 8th May

Neven's Recipes - Ham & egg salad with spring vegetables

This salad is perfect for a light dinner and the ingredients you use are very flexible. Click here for full details



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Especially one's like this from Mark Bourke who says... 

'Marty on Lyric is my inoculation from anything the day can throw at me, he’s up there with Byrne, Wogan & Andrews as Ireland’s greatest broadcaster.'..........Thank you Mark......Tenner in the post!!

Other messages......

His morning show on Lyric is quite simply the best radio in Ireland. He has such a perfect delivery. An encyclopaedia of clever dadjokes and puns but with a light touch, never hanging on for the applause. Reminds me of a jolly, self-deprecating Colonel Mustard.   Jonathan McCrea

...Thanks very much for all the good cheer every morning Marty and never going on about all the bad news out there!! You are a tonic to be sure!! ........Patricia in Offaly

....Good morning Marty, I am a nurse working on night duty and listen to lyric through the night. Always glad to hear your dulcet tones at 7am as I know I will be off duty soon. .... Keep up the good work and music and the 'corny' jokes....Moira in Dublin 6



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