Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

Monday - Friday 4pm-7pm


Monday 21st May

Culture File: The Nature of Things

Dublin-based smell hunter, Benoit Nicol, on the travels behind his natural oils startup, The Nature of Things

Friday 18th May

Culture File 'Likes': David Power

Current keeper of the legendary 18 Moloney chanter, piper David Power shares his current 'likes'

The Culture File Weekly: May 18

This weekly: the Baltimore Fiddle Fair, piper, David Power and clarinetist, Julian Milkis

Thursday 17th May

Culture File: The Woody Problem

Clarinettist, Julian Milkis, on a spiked project with Woody Allen and the politics of listening

Wednesday 16th May

Culture File: Memories of Benny Goodman

Clarinetist, Julian Milkis, recalls the stares and flashing fingers of his mentor, Benny Goodman.

Tuesday 15th May

Culture File: Baltimore Fiddle Fair 2018

Sam Amidon, The Haas Sisters, organiser Declan McCarthy and other voices of the 26th edition of the trad gathering.

Monday 14th May

Culture File: The Piper, The Fairy Queen and the Eighteen Moloney

Piper, David Power and Camarata Kilkenny, meld uilleann pipes with Baroque music in The Piper and the Fairy Queen.

Friday 11th May

The Culture File Weekly: May 11th

This weekly, Brian O'Doherty/Patrick Ireland, Christos Papadopoulos and Phelim Drew

Culture File 'Likes': Seun Kuti

Current keeper of the Afrobeat flame, Seun Kuti, shares a selection of his favourite words, sounds, tastes and smells.

Thursday 10th May

Culture File: Painting and Undecorating at Sirius Arts Centre

Sirius Arts Centre director, Miranda Driscoll tours the restoration work on some long-hidden murals at the centre

Wednesday 9th May

Culture File: The Wisdom of Flocks at DDF2018

Choreographer, Christos Papadopoulos on his Ion, a dance work informed by flocking behaviours in the natural world

Tuesday 8th May

Culture File: Down and Out Up and On

Phelim Drew's triumphant adaptation of Orwell's memoir Down and Out in Paris and London gets a revival up in Dublin.

Friday 4th May

The Culture File Weekly: May 4th

This weekly, Seun Kuti and Guests Appearance

Culture File 'Likes': THEATREclub

Sharing with us some of the cultures they've been enjoying, consuming recently are Grace Dyas and Barry O'Connor, of Dublin theatre company, THEATREclub.

Thursday 3rd May

Culture File: Guest Appearance

A one-night exhibition at TCD's Museum Building is determined to intrigue, entertain, and, possibly, to deceive

Wednesday 2nd May

Culture File: Tap Tap Tap

Artist Sebastiane Hegarty has been listening to Cornwell's Lizard Peninsula, a location layered with sound history

Tuesday 1st May

Culture File: Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 (Part 2)

Fela Kuti created the political music of Afrobeat in the 70s, but for his son, Seun, realities it questions remain

Monday 30th April

Culture File: Seun Kuti and Egypt 80

Seun Kuti on protecting and extending the musical and political power of Afrobeat, the music his father, Fela created.

Friday 27th April

The Culture File Weekly: April 27th

This Weekly, Food Sovereignty, The Real Americans and An Ocean of Static

Culture File 'Likes': Miranda Driscoll

Miranda Driscoll, director of Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, on some of the things she's been podcasting, reading, watching, and otherwise enjoying.

Thursday 26th April

Culture File: Jun Borras

La Via Campesina-founding member, Jun Borras on the global movement that gave birth to the term 'Food Sovereignty'

Wednesday 25th April

Culture File: What is Food Sovereignty?

Visitors to a 'food sovereignty' fair at Maynooth, explore the political power of agriculture around the world.

Tuesday 24th April

Culture File: Sea of Static

Digital literature creator, JR Carpenter on verse that owes as much to JavaScript, as the history of literature

Monday 23rd April

Culture File: The Real American?

Writer-performer, Dan Hoyle on his one-man show about his journey from San Francisco into the heart of 'Trumpland'

Friday 20th April

The Culture File Weekly: April 20th

This weekly, EVA International's Inti Guerero; MAM's Tara Derrington & pianist Thérèse Fahy's Tombeau for Debussy

Culture File 'Likes': Dan Hoyle

San Francisco practitioner of journalistic theatre, Dan Hoyle, shares his current favourite sights, sounds and smells.

Thursday 19th April

Culture File: Debussy Latest Tombeau

Irish pianist, Thérèse Fahy, on her project to create a new tribute to Claude Debussy from contemporary Irish composers.

Wednesday 18th April

Culture File: MAMs United

Mother Artists Makers (MAM) co-founder, Tara Derrington, on supporting mothers in the creative industries.

Tuesday 17th April

Culture File: Art and Power (Inti Guerrero, part 2)

A journey in EVA artists, from Lagos to the Yangtze River, by way of the Nevada desert, with curator Inti Guerrero

Monday 16th April

Culture File: What we talk about when we talk about curating...

The latest long-haul frequent flyer to take on the challenge of EVA is Colombian curator, Inti Guerrero.

Friday 13th April

The Culture File Weekly: April 13th

This weekly, migrating artists Frank Bowling and Francesco Turrisi

Culture File Likes: Inti Guerrero

Inti Guerrero, curator of EVA International 2018, shares his Culture File 'Likes'

Thursday 12th April

Culture File: The Tamburello and the Minstrel Banjo

Francesco Turrisi on the quirks of the piano, and his brand new collaboration with another multi-instrumentalist musical explorer, Rhiannon Giddens.

Wednesday 11th April

Culture File: Francesco Turrisi's Migrations

Italian-born, Irish-based multi-instrumentalist and composer, Francesco Turrisi, on the musical travels of his latest CD, Northern Migrations.

Tuesday 10th April

Culture File: Frank Bowling's Triangular World

Anna Schneider, on the 'triangular consciouness' of Guyana-born, London and New York-based painter, Frank Bowling

Monday 9th April

Culture File: Joan Woods Perfume Mission

Nobody was more surprised than Waters + Wild’s Joan Woods when she became a perfumer: she’s always disliked perfume…

Friday 6th April

The Culture File Weekly: April 6th

This weekly, the Irish Perfume Edition

Culture File 'Likes': Perfume Special

Stars of the Irish perfume scene share the scents they most like to spray.

Thursday 5th April

Culture File: An Ennis of the Imagination

Paris-based Clare perfumer, Meabh Mc Curtin, on remembering her Irish childhood - in scent

Wednesday 4th April

Culture File: The Scent of Galway?

We continue our tiny dive into the new world of Irish perfume at Cloon Keen Atelier, Galway.

Tuesday 3rd April

Culture File: A Brand New Perfume Culture

A week of Irish perfumery begins with a man who visitors to Dublin's Parfumarija scent mecca know simply as 'Freddie'

Friday 30th March

The Culture File Weekly: March 30th

This weekly Max Haiven, Ann Buckley & Xnthony

Culture File 'Likes': Ann Buckley

Medieval musicologist, Ann Buckley, shares some of the words and music that delight her.

Thursday 29th March

Culture File: The Saints and The Scholar

Contemporary musicians to interpret medieval hymn books with help from TCD musicologist, Ann Buckley.

Wednesday 28th March

Culture File: The Art and Money Tango (Part 2)

Max Haiven on how art helps us demystify money.

Tuesday 27th March

Culture File: The Art and Money Tango (Part 1)

Max Haiven on the rise of money as a subject in art, and art as a form of money, an asset class for the super-rich.

Monday 26th March

Culture File: Rebranding Roscommon with Xnthony

Anthony Keigher, the creator of performance art pop sprite, Xnthony, has the scheme to rebrand Roscommon.

Friday 23rd March

The Culture File Weekly: March 23rd

This weekly, David Klavins, Sustainable Futures, Pluriligualism

Culture File 'Likes': Landless

Meabh Meir and Ruth Clinton, 50% of all-woman vocal group, Landless, share their culture pleasures.

Thursday 22nd March

Culture File: Sustainable Futures

Claire Ryan, curator of Sirius Arts Centre's current Sustainable Futures season, on earth, art and eco-ethics.

Wednesday 21st March

Culture File: David Klavins and Nils Frahm Reinvent The Piano

Hungarian-based, German piano maker has been correcting some of the faults with the 'frozen' design of the piano.

Tuesday 20th March

Culture File: Plurilingual poetry

Suffering from Ennui? Feeling a tad Heimweh? Got a grá for something sweet? Why are there some words that forever defy translation?

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