Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

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Friday 16th August

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Repeat): Silence & Sleep

The search for sleep and the quest for silence, with poet and author, Jane Brox, and artist, Michelle Doyle

Friday 9th August

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Repeat): The Culture File Debate At Farmleigh

For RTÉ lyric fm's 20th Birthday celebration Culture File invited a panel of guests -- composers Jane O'Leary, and Garrett Sholdice, traditional and world musician Emer Mayock & singer and educator, Michelle O’Rourke -- to talk about the life of music-makers in contemporary Ireland.

Friday 2nd August

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Remix): Peter Whelan & The IBO's HIP

Peter Whelan, artistic director of Irish Baroque Orchestra, on the surprisingly long history of Historically Informed Performance, and his own researches into the music of 17th and 18th century Dublin, which bring back into the light lost musicians, such as Johann Kusser and Matthew Dubourg

Friday 26th July

The Culture File Weekly 250719: GIAF2019, Kitchen Power, Eoghan Nolan

What we can learn about thinking from the Antiques Road Show, the voices of rural electrification in Castlebar, the voices of Irish opera in Galway, and a breakneck speed tour of Galway International Art Festival essentials.

Culture File 'Likes': Alan Meredith

Architect and furniture maker, Alan Meredith favourite things.

Friday 19th July

Culture File: How To Build An Invisible Concert Hall

For their 'Klassik am Odeonsplatz' outdoor concert series this year in Munich, the BRSO tried some new technology

Culture File 'Likes': Karen Power

The Cork composer and sound artists shares some of her favourite tv, music and tastes and smells

Thursday 18th July

Culture File: How To Build An Invisible Concert Hall

For their Klassik am Odeonsplatz outdoor concert series this year in Munich, the BRSO tried some new technology

Wednesday 17th July

Culture File: Nature Unplugged

Bavarian artist, Franziska Agrawal's practice regularly crosses from industrial design, ice sculpture and even yoga projects

Tuesday 16th July

Culture File: El Anatsui: Triumphant Scale

Remapping the art world with the late curator, Okwui Enwezor's farewell show at the Haus der Kunst, Munich

Monday 15th July

Culture File: Remaking The Piano

You might say David Klavins has reinvented the wheel or built a better mousetrap...if he wasn't a piano-maker

Friday 12th July

The Culture File Weekly: Football, football, football (and some furniture)

A football forward edition this time, with contributions from the artists, writers, academic and critics who took part in the Art of Football conference in Dublin. Plus, the love of oak, with architecture-turned woodturner, Alan Meredith.

Culture File 'Likes': Gavin Fahey

Artist/street football evangelist, Gavin Fahy on his favourite listening, reading, watching, tasting & smelling

Thursday 11th July

Culture File: The Turning World of Alan Meredith

Alan Meredith brings his architectural studies into the world of wood turning at his Mountmellick studio

Wednesday 10th July

Culture File: Football and The Lived Experience of Time

What we think about when we think about football, according to football philosopher, Simon Critchley

Tuesday 9th July

Culture File: A Beautiful Game?

Soccerdemic, Ridvan Askin on the relationship between beauty and soccer

Monday 8th July

Culture File: Football and The Philosophy of Play

Dutch philosopher, Nathanja Van Den Heuvel on sport as a space of unexploited possibilities for human flourishing

Friday 5th July

The Culture File Weekly 050719: Gavin Fahy, Mary Goggin, Eoghan Nolan

This weekly, the Dublin artists who work under the title, UEFA, and combine their art practice with football; the almost unsurvivable wild life of Irish American actor and writer, Mary Goggin and Eoghan Nolan's Slightly Unreasonable Point of View on slogans.

Culture File 'Likes': Eva Richardson McCrea

Favoured words, images, tastes and smells from the Dublin artist, Eva Richardson McCrea

Thursday 4th July

Culture File: Heroin, Hooking And (Much Later) Happiness

The long, strange road to recovery is retraced in Irish American actor & writer, Mary Goggin's one-woman show

Wednesday 3rd July

Culture File: The Art of Football

A Dublin collective working under the name, UEFA, is exploring the social possibilities of Association Football

Tuesday 2nd July

Culture File: The Story of Vegetarianism So far...

Ian McDonald on his now complete epic audio history of people who don't eat animals

Monday 1st July

Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point View 1.3

Eoghan Nolan on the rowdy virtues of a good slogan.

Friday 28th June

The Culture File Weekly 280619: Dreamcycles, Michael Dervan, Eric Luke, Christine Jones and Emmet Kirwan

This weekly, is Irish opera enjoying a boom? One-at-a-time theatre in the streets of Cork City, how to photography Bob Marley's dreads, Dreamcycles with the sound of the urban landscape of late capitalism.

Culture File 'Likes': Frank Sweeney

Artist, composer and sound designer, Frank Sweeney tips his hat to Shoplifters, Franco 'Bifo' Berardi, Michael O'Shea and Kimchi

Thursday 27th June

Culture File: Dreamcycles

Artist and musician, Jennifer Moore on conjuring the unphotographable of contemporary Dublin and its spaces.

Wednesday 26th June

Culture File: I Shot The Sherrif (But I Swear I Used An SLR)

Photographer, Eric Luke on one hard-won frame captured in Dalymount Park, Dublin, July 1980

Tuesday 25th June

Culture File: The Rise of Irish Opera

Music critic and columnist, Michael Dervan on Walshe, Barry, Dennehy & other composers of the Irish opera boom

Monday 24th June

Culture File: Theatre For One

One of the biggest hits of this year's Cork Midsummer Festival also had its smallest audiences...

Friday 21st June

The Culture File Weekly 210619: The Blunden Twins, Wildeblood, Ivitation to Wander, Bosca Beatha

This weekly, sauna philosophy in the Wicklow hills, the power of Penguin via Peter Wildeblood's prison memoir, the residues of Castle Blunden head off to their new homes, and composer, Karen Power takes us on a global sonic wander...

Culture File 'Likes': Eamonn Quinn

Louth Contemporary Music Society's artistic director, Eamonn Quinn shares some of his favourite sites, sounds, tastes and smells.

Thursday 20th June

Culture File: Wildeblood Remembered, and imagined

A 1950s Penguin edition of the pioneering gay memoir, Against The Law, continues to inspire bibliophile, Leo Lucas

Wednesday 19th June

Culture File: An Invitation to Wander into Sound

Composer, Karen Power & collaborators, including soprano Michelle O'Rourke, make you an offer you shouldn't refuse

Tuesday 18th June

Culture File: Shirley Fitzpatrick's Bosca Beatha

Shirley Fitzpatrick calls the moveable sauna she built with her own two hands 'the box of life'

Monday 17th June

Culture File: The Residues of Castle Blunden

The Blunden Twins are stoically overseeing a sale of cherished childhood objects from their childhood home.

Friday 14th June

Culture File Weekly 140619: Frank Bowling, Nazis at the Bauhaus, Eoghan Nolan, Hoe Street Central Bank

This weekly, the belated vindication of the painter, Frank Bowling, the belated vilification of the Bauhaus, Eoghan Nolan on the neat trick of having ideas, and in Walthamstow, London, two artists commit the ultimate bank job

Culture File 'Likes': Kathryn Milligan

Art historian and Walter Osborne scholar, Kathryn Milligan shares some moments from her cultural life

Thursday 13th June

Culture File: Frank Bowling's Moment

Celebrating Frank Bowling, a painter whose time has finally come -while he's still around to enjoy it!

Wednesday 12th June

Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point View 1.2

In his latest epistle to the clueless, Eoghan Nolan has some ideas on ideas

Tuesday 11th June

Cuture File: Hoe Street Central Bank

Artist/filmmaker team, Hilary Powell & Dan Edelstyn are creating art and abolishing debt in a disused London bank

Monday 10th June

Culture File: Why Celebrate The Bauhaus?

Some inconvenient truths about the Bauhaus and the Nazis, with NCAD's David Crowley.

Friday 7th June

The Culture File Weekly 070619

This weekly...untangling the lives and art of the 'Irish' painters, John Lavery & Walter Osborne; the even more tangled lives of guitarists, John Williams and Andres Segovia. And, take your ears to Open Ear festival of experimental sound on Sherkin Island.

Culture File 'Likes': Des Keogh

Actor, Des Keogh, on his favourite sights, sounds, tastes and smells

Thursday 6th June

Culture File: Open Ear #4

'Everybody here is doing something experimental,' says co-programmer, Vicky Langan at Sherkin's Open Ear fest

Wednesday 5th June

Culture File: Segovia v Williams: The Rematch

Guitarist, Michael O'Toole on how Andrés Segovia and John Williams helped create the instrument we know today

Tuesday 4th June

Culture File: The Summer of Lavborne

A season of Walter Osborne and John Lavery at Limerick's Hunt Museum untangles the threaded lives of the painters

Friday 31st May

The Culture File Weekly 300519: Shannon Mattern, Christopher Frayling, Clare Sands & COnal Creedon, Ballydehob Arts Museum.

This weekly, we are in Ballydehob, remembering the Summer of Love, or thereabouts, onwards into the 'datafied dreamworld' of 5G as decoded by Shannon Mattern, Christopher Frayling makes a case for learning through art, and we descend to a rare basement in Cork that is the recording studio of Clare Sands

Culture File 'Likes': Patrick Rafter

Fiddler/violinist and T-bone aficionado, Patrick Rafter dishes on his favourite media, tastes and smells

Thursday 30th May

Culture File: Learning Through Art

Art education needs to emphasise on what Herbert Read called 'learning through art' says Prof Christopher Frayling

Wednesday 29th May

Culture File: Does 5G Feature A Pause Button?

Shannon Mattern, of New York's New School, has been studying the 'datafied dreamworld' of 5G mobile internet tech.

Tuesday 28th May

Culture File: Subterranean Homesick Blues

In a rare basement underneath Cork, songwriter Clare Sands has been collaborating with local writer, Conal Creedon

Monday 27th May

Culture File: From The Flowerhouse to Ballydehob Arts Museum

Brian Lalor, founder of Ballydehob Arts Museum, is making a home for West Cork's material culture of the late 60s.

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