Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

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Tuesday 13th November

Culture File: Mushroom Worksongs

Artist, Fiona Dowling and composer, George Higgs' Worksongs project creates a soundtrack for foraging mushrooms

Monday 12th November

Culture File: Wheels for Wellbeing

Are we designing transport in our towns around a limited idea of what people who cycle need?

Friday 9th November

The Culture File Weekly 081118: (Naessens & Turner, Edmar Castenada, Aisling Kelliher)

This weekly, Kerry-based printmaker, Niall Naessens encounters JMW Turner in the Brandon landscape, New York-based Harpist, Edmar Castenada explains the Colombian folk music at the heart of his jazz, and our regular techspert, Aisling Kelliher, brings news of a future for computing...with limits.

Culture File 'Likes': Darryl Jones

Horrodemic, Prof Darryl Jones of Trinity College, Dublin, shares some of his favourite film, reading, podcasts and scents.

Thursday 8th November

Culture File: Computing Within Limits with Aisling Kelliher

Prof Aisling Kelliher on Computing Within Limits, a movement to realign technology for a finite world.

Wednesday 7th November

Culture File: Julie Aldridge's Journeys in Alchemy

'Alchemical musings from the edge of Beara ' is the promise of Julie Aldridge's exhibition 'A Hag With Wings'

Tuesday 6th November

Culture File: Edmar Castaneda's Beautiful Game

Why it's only half fair to call Colombian jazz innovator, Edmar Castaneda, the Messi of the Harp...

Monday 5th November

Culture File: Good Morning Mister Naessens

Niall Naessens print response to the Turner watercolours in the Vaughan bequest come home to Kerry

Friday 2nd November

The Culture File Weekly 021118: (Samhain Horror Special)

What can we learn about our times from our vampires? How does a zombie in late capitalism differ from his Haitian ancestors, made famous in film s like White Zombie (1932)? Prof Darryl Jones, our guest this weekly, decodes these and other mysteries of the horror genre in a Culture File Weekly Samhain special.

Culture File 'Likes': Gabhann Dunne

Painter, Gabhann Dunne shares with us his prefs in movies, music, food and scents...

Thursday 1st November

Culture File: Interrogating the Undead (Part 3)

Darryl Jones on the decline of cinematic horror and the rise of transmedia storytelling via the Slender Man meme...

Wednesday 31st October

Culture File: Interrogating the Undead (Part 2)

For Samhain, Darryl Jones, Prof of English, TCD, offers a zombie account of the gig economy

Tuesday 30th October

Culture File: Interrogating the Undead

Horrordemic, Darryl Jones probes characters from Dracula to Slender Man to surface the anxieties of our times

Friday 26th October

Culture File 'Likes': Fiona Dalton

Fiona Dalton, singer and creator of Dalton's Musical History Tour, shares some of books, podcasts, films and music worth catching.

Thursday 25th October

Culture File: Did a trip to Ireland inspire Klein International Blue?

Klein-watcher, Nuit Banai on the origin story of artist, Yves Klein's foray into colour branding

Wednesday 24th October

Culture File: Touch Me in the Gallery

Dublin's Science Gallery's latest sci-art mash exhibition explore Intimacy, from consent to the technologies of hugging and kissing

Tuesday 23rd October

Culture File: 'Damn Rebel Bitches'

'Damn Rebel Bitches' perfume is part of Sara Sheridan's mission to memorialise historic Scottish women

Monday 22nd October

Culture File: Where are the (Scottish) Women?

Novelist Sara Sheridan is creating a speculative atlas of Scotland, imagining monuments to women, yet to be built

Friday 19th October

The Culture File Weekly 181018: Huw Warren, Ann Buckley, Woman-Centred Design, Brutalism

This Weekly, shape-shifting pianist, Huw Warren, music set free from medieval manuscripts at Dublin's Chester Beatty, a design thinking approach to manspreading, a visit to the Cabra architectural wonder they call 'Normal House', along with a rethink of brutalist architecture. It's misunderstood, y'know.

Culture File 'Likes': Sean O Gaoithin

Herbalist and Head Gardener at Glenveagh National Park, Sean O Gaoithin, shares his Culture File ' Likes '.

Thursday 18th October

Culture File: Turning 'MS 127' into music

TCD musicologist, Ann Buckley and her singers have been turning a part of the Chester Beatty bequest into sound

Wednesday 17th October

Culture File: Huw Warren's Balancing Act

Pianist, Huw Warren moves from Bossa to Bach learning that less is more. Except in those cases where more is more

Tuesday 16th October

Culture File: What Is A Normal House?

A Dublin architectural jaunt, from the domestic project called Normal House to the Brutalist giants of TCD

Monday 15th October

Culture File: Woman-Centred Design

Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard and Sarah Homewood, on designing for a woman, rather than for women

Friday 12th October

The Culture File Weekly 121018: Irish Herbalism, Women in Cycling, The Saurophone

In this Weekly's gathering, the Irish herbalist revival of Sean O Gaoithin, who has turned his Donegal cottage garden into a library of plant lore. In East London, we meet the activists working to get more women cycling, and in Galway, the Finnish musical inventor, Yrjänä Sauros, stokes up the single-stringed noise machine he calls 'The Saurophone'

Culture File 'Likes': The Raving Grannies

Galway Arts activists, Ann O'Dea and Margaretta Darcy share their personal preferences in sights, sounds and smells

Thursday 11th October

Culture File: Mobility InEquality

Voices at the Women and Cycling conference in London, on the obstacles and solutions to getting more women cycling

Wednesday 10th October

Culture File: Mr Sauros's Saurophone

Yrjänä Sauros, inventor virtuoso of the saurophone, brings his one-stringed creation to Galway Jazz festival

Tuesday 9th October

Culture File: Secrets of A Donegal Garden (2/2)

Sean O Gaoithin, Head Gardener at Glenveagh National Park, on cultural memory recovery in a Donegal garden.

Monday 8th October

Culture File: Secrets of A Donegal Garden (1/2)

Séan O Gaoithin tends a small plot of land around his cottage in Falcarragh planted with ancient botanical story.

Friday 5th October

The Culture File Weekly 051018: Radio.String.Quartet, Prisoner of Conscience, Sadie Red Wing, JS Bach

This weekly, Vienna's Radio.String.Quartet strain the meaning of jazz, Russian art-punk provocateurs, Pussy Riot, are celebrated in a choral song cycle, designer, Sadie Red Wing advocates for Native American graphic design, and we find out why the hardest working man in show business was not James Brown, by JS Bach.

Culture File 'Likes': Conor Guilfoyle

Drummer and jazz professor, Conor Guilfoyle endorses his current favourite documentaries, music, books and food

Thursday 4th October

Culture File: radio.string.quartet at Galway Jazz Festival

Vienna's radio.string.quartet are slapping, tapping, hammering and sampling jazz into strange, unexpected shapes

Wednesday 3rd October

Culture File: A Day in The Life of JS Bach

Composer, Gerry Murphy on a day in the life of Kapellmeister of Thomaskirche, Leipzig, the industrious Herr Bach

Tuesday 2nd October

Culture File: Sadie Red Wing's Design Mission (DRS 2018)

Designer, Sadie Red Wing on tribal visual sovereignty and making visible Native American graphic design.

Monday 1st October

Culture File: Jennifer Jolley's Prisoner of Conscience

Composer, Jennifer Jolley's Pussy Riot-inspired song cycle, Prisoner of Conscience gets its Irish premiere

Friday 28th September

The Culture File Weekly 280918: Sweety of Milano, Prof Homi Bahbah, Aleesa Cohene

This weekly, artist, Aleesa Cohene on bringing scent to contemporary art, Prof Homi Bahbah on the language of rights and how it is responding to our shifting world, and a gathering of Italy's most celebrated pastry chefs in Milan.

Culture File 'Likes': Eugene O'Brien

Writer, Eugene O'Brien whose latest opens in Dublin Theatre Festival 2018, shares some of his cultural leanings.

Thursday 27th September

Culture File: Aleesa Cohene's Journey into Scent

Canadian artist, Aleesa Cohene on introducing scent to her work and creating a perfume for Gertrude Stein. (2/2)

Wednesday 26th September

Culture File: Aleesa Cohene's Journey into Scent

Canadian artist, Aleesa Cohene on perfume and the barely begun role of scent in contemporary art. (1/2)

Tuesday 25th September

Culture File Extra: Dignity in Distress (Extended version)

Prof Homi Bhabha, of the Department of English at Harvard University, on the language of rights and the rhetoric of today's anti-migrant politics.

Culture File: Dignity in Distress

Prof Homi Bhabha, of the Department of English at Harvard University, on the language of rights and the rhetoric of today's anti-migrant politics.

Monday 24th September

Culture File: Italy's Grand Masters of Cake

Fancy a quick taste of some 'grandi dolci di grandi maestri' at this year's Sweety of Milano pastry chefs' gathering?

Friday 21st September

The Culture File Weekly 200918: The Chester Beatty Library Special

This weekly, explore The Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, meeting 'Slow Art' evangelists, Jenny Siung and Bairbre-Ann Harkin, Silk Road Café chef-proprietor, Abraham Phelan, as well as early music explorer, Laoise O'Brien and CBL curator, Jill Unkel, on a mission to create a soundtrack for a treasure from The Chester Beatty's collections.

Culture File 'Likes': Laoise O'Brien

Early music explorer, Laoise O'Brien creates a soundtrack for one of her 'likes' from Chester Beatty's collections.

Thursday 20th September

Culture File: Abraham's Silk Road

Abraham Phelan's cooking at the Silk Road Café is inspired by the Chester Beatty's wonderous global collections.

Wednesday 19th September

Culture File: Slow Art at The Chester Beatty

'Slow Art' evangelists, Bairbre Ann Harkin and Jenny Siung, on new way to use a gallery.

Tuesday 18th September

Culture File: Stories From The Old World

Dave Flynn's latest album tracks the composer's experiments in bringing traditional music techniques into the concert hall.

Monday 17th September

Culture File: What Do Things Think? (DRS 2018)

Jane Norris thinks changing our relationships with materials can improve the rapport between humans and their environment.

Friday 14th September

Culture File 'Likes': BP Fallon

'Rock 'n' roll ne'er-do-well' and lately vinyl star, BP Fallon shares some of the literature, TV, music and foods he's been enjoying

The Culture File Weekly 130918 (Aisteach, Garth Knox, 110 Spoons, De-snobbing design)

This weekly, Jennifer Walshe's imaginary Irish avant-garde goes live in Sligo, 110 spoons help uncover the story of the Irish girls who left Skibbereen at the height of the famine, Glenn Adamson on how we need 'fewer, better things' and Garth Knox brings contemporary improv to 17th-century viola d'amore for New Music Dublin: Desfrosted.

Thursday 13th September

Culture File: Desnobbing Design

'Fewer, Better Things' is the rallying cry of a new book from curator and design historian, Glenn Adamson.

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