Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

Monday - Friday 4pm-7pm


Monday 21st October

Culture File: Rewilding The Festival

Artist and builder, Christy Collard is experimenting with green-build approaches to creating the temporary music cities that spring up each summer

Friday 18th October

The Culture File Weekly 181019: Up In The Air Edition

This Weekly, we scan the sky for the secrets that the common crane once shared with humanity, according to conservationist Lorcan O'Toole; we visit Emily Aoibheann's aerial performance skills; and input the coordinates for Tatooine, in the company of Cork-born artist George Bolster, who's been observing the search for extraterrestrial life at SETI.

Culture File 'Likes': Rachael Lavelle

Composer, singer and ice water enthusiast, Rachel Lavelle shares some of the music, film, books, food and scents that are bringing her joy

Thursday 17th October

Culture File: Cranespotting

Conservationist, Lorcan O'Toole on the lost, and occasionally stolen wisdom of the once-common crane

Wednesday 16th October

Culture File: Undoing Extinction in Donegal

Golden Eagle Trust's Lorcan O’Toole on the hidden reasons, cultural and occasionally mythological, that we've been glad to see the back of some species

Tuesday 15th October

Culture File: Secrets of Tatooine

Cork-born artist, George Bolster, has spent recent years observing the search for extraterrestrial life at SETI

Monday 14th October

Culture File: Emily Aoibheann

Dublin Aerialist, Emily Aoibheann shows blend choreography, performance art and circus skills into a theatrical language that is all her own

Friday 11th October

The Culture File Weekly 101019: Da´irine Ni´ Mheadhra; Aidan Foley, Eoghan Nolan; Tom Joyce

Da´irine Ni´ Mheadhra kickstarts the Irish Art Song repertoire; blacksmith-artist-philosopher, Tom Joyce spies the universe in an atom of iron; Aidan Foley explains what mastering can do for a song, and Eoghan Nolan taps his foot impatiently as he awaits the delivery of our promised jetpacks

Culture File 'Likes': Aljosa Smolic

TCD-based academic and VR explorer, Prof Aljosa Smolic on some of the sounds, sights and smells to which he's partial

Thursday 10th October

Culture File: Tionscadal na nAmhrán Ealaíne Gaeilge

Da´irine Ni´ Mheadhra's latest project adds 50 new entries to the once-sparse repertoire of Art Song in the Irish language

Wednesday 9th October

Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point of View 1.7

Brand Wrangler, Eoghan Nolan on the disappointingly late arrival of our promised future utopia

Tuesday 8th October

Culture File: Mastering With The Master

From Gospel to Chimurenga, and from Christy Moore to My Bloody Valentine, master audio engineer, Aidan Foley has tweaked 'em all

Monday 7th October

Culture File: Come on You Iron!

Sculptor and blacksmith Tom Joyce on the deep relationship between iron, the cosmos, and the human condition

Friday 4th October

The Culture File Weekly 041019: Femme Fatale, Kaleidoscope, Spare Room, The Haircut

In Cork the Spare Room project hosts art and activism in a previously loved bank; in Dublin, a decade of classical music club night, Kaleidoscope; Wayne Jordan's show for younger audiences, The Haircut, and a hotel room containing Nico and Valerie Solanas in Polly Wiseman's Femme Fatale

Culture File 'Likes': Sean Carpio

The cherished music, film, books and scents of Galway Jazz Festival performer and member of the band, Bog Bodies, Sean Carpio

Thursday 3rd October

Culture File: The Nasty Leader and his Coiffure

Director, Wayne Jordan and composer, Tom Lane, team up for a contemporary musical take on the story of Labhraidh Loingseach

Wednesday 2nd October

Culture File: Polly Wiseman's Femme Fatale

Actor and playwright, Polly Wiseman's speculative drama, Femme Fatale, creates an imaginary meeting between Nico and would-be Warhol assassin, Valerie Solanas

Tuesday 1st October

Culture File: KaleidoTEN

Is the closure of small Dublin venues making musical innovations like the now a decade old classical club night, Kalediscope, ever harder?

Monday 30th September

Culture File: Property Matters

The decline of the high street bank has been something of a boon for activist art, most recently with the opening of Spare Room project in Cork

Friday 27th September

The Culture File Weekly 270919: Rachael Lavelle, Rachel Grimes, Rachel's

It's an all Rachels affair this weekly, even if one of them is a Rachael, songwriter, Rachael Lavelle. The Dubliner introduces us to the place of cold water immersion in musical composition, while Kentucky pianist and composer, Rachel Grimes talks about her opera The Way Forth and pondering if it was indeed a good idea to call her band, Rachel's...

Culture File 'Likes': Rachel Andrews

To close our week of Rachels, Culture File's resident Rachel correspondent, Rachel Andrews shares some of the film, tv, and literary Rachels in she's been enjoying.

Thursday 26th September

Culture File: Rachel's Way Forth (Part 2 of 2)

Exploring the United States' violent past in a debut opera from pianist and composer, Rachel Grimes

Wednesday 25th September

Culture File: Rachel's Rachel (Part 1 of 2)

Rachel Grimes, mainstay of the pioneering band, Rachel's, on creating a live score for an ominously resonant Weimar-era silent film

Tuesday 24th September

Culture File: Rachael Lavelle Takes A Dip

The Wim 'The Iceman' Hoff method of musical composition, with Dublin composer and singer, Rachael Lavelle @rachael_lavelle @RTElyricfm @lyriclorcan

Monday 23rd September

Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point of View 1.6

Brand Wrangler @brandartillery, Eoghan Nolan on the implications of naming names @RTElyricfm @lyriclorcan

Friday 20th September

The Culture File Weekly 200919: The Dock on Culture Night; Contemporary Horror's Victorian roots; Pat Egan

Gothic specialist, Dr Ailise Bulfin's guide to how Victorian literature still shapes our 21st-century understanding of the world, the man with his name above the shop for nearly 50 years of Irish music history, as well as The Arignaramus and everything else Carrick-on-Shannon's The Dock arts centre offered up for Culture Night.

Culture File 'Likes': David Tobin

Irish-Iranian violinist, David Tobin, shares some of his favourite reading, listening, watching, eating and smelling...

Thursday 19th September

Culture File: Culture Night in Carrick-on-Shannon

A taste of what you can expect if you plan to spend @CultureNight 2019 in Carrick O'Shannon. Other Irish towns and villages are also available... @thedockarts @TheReadingRoomB @WayneDenniston @ConorLambert @lyriclorcan @RTElyricfm

Wednesday 18th September

Culture File: The Threatened Child (Part 2)

How horror tropes of the Victorians persist at the 21st-century box office.

Tuesday 17th September

Culture File: The Threatened Child

The child in peril is a staple of Nordic drama and Netflix boxsets, but why? Dr Ailise Bulfin looks to 19th-century literature for some answers... @lyriclorcan @RTElyricfm

Monday 16th September

Culture File: Pat Egan, Sound seller

Concert promoter, Pat Egan on Marley, money and 'a few tickets for the lads' @lyriclorcan @RTElyricfm

Friday 13th September

The Culture File Weekly 130919: Mariele Neudescker, David Tobin, IoD, AR Beckett

This weekly, fiddling and football in the life of prodigy, David Tobin, German artist, Mariele Neudescketr's icy worldview, the artist group staging a dowsing revival, and Samuel Beckett gets fitted with some Augmented Reality glasses.

Culture File 'Likes': Sorcha O'Brien

Academic and curator, Dr Sorcha O'Brien shares some of her favourite things

Thursday 12th September

Culture File: Doncaster Rovers' Loss Is Daniel Barenboim's Gain

If it wasn't for the violin, Irish-Iranian soloist, David Tobin might be playing regular English League One Football by now. @EFL_LeagueOne @NCH_Music @drfc_official @DBarenboim @DivanOrchestra @lyriclorcan @RTElyricfm

Wednesday 11th September

Culture File: Dowsing In The 21st Century

Cork-based artist group, Institute of Dwelling welcomes sceptics and true believers to their ongoing dowsing project. @skibbartsfest @lyriclorcan @RTElyricfm

Tuesday 10th September

Culture File: It's What Sam Would Have Wanted

Augmented Play is an AR gamers take on Samuel Beckett's original 1963 theatre piece, Play. @DrSmolic @VSENSE_TCD @tcd_scss @volograms @neillodwyer @DramaTCD @RTElyricfm @lyriclorcan

Monday 9th September

Culture File: Mariele Neudecker Journeys North

Donald Trump isn't the only artist under the spell of Greenland... @limerickgallery @lyriclorcan @RTElyricfm

Friday 6th September

The Culture File Weekly 060919: Rev Vince Anderson, Wallpaper, Duo Chagall, Eoghan Nolan

This weekly, the stories the wallpaper could tell, with 'paper sleuth, David Skinner, bandleader, Rev Vince Anderson's Church of the Dirty Gospel, decoding the phrase 'Latin music' and Eoghan Nolan's latest Slightly Unreasonable Point of View @RTElyricfm

Culture File 'Likes': Megumi Masaki

Pianist and academic @megmasaki shares her delights in film, music, books, food and smells @RTElyricfm

Thursday 5th September

Culture File: The Wallpaper Detective

Releasing stories told by layer after layer of wallpaper is the mission of hang historian, David Skinner @14HenriettaSt

Wednesday 4th September

Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point of View 1.5

Brand wrangler @brandartillery, Eoghan Nolan, on the wheel's constant reinvention

Tuesday 3rd September

Culture File: What We Talk About When We Talk About Latin Music

The Autumn Sounds concerts by Duo Chagall might change your notion of 'Latin' music @opwfarmleigh @MarcoRamelli @aragiwi

Monday 2nd September

Culture File: The Church of The Rev Vince

Every Monday @reverendvince & his band hold down New York's longest-running residency with their musical ministry

Friday 30th August

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Remix): The True Meaning of Horror

Once upon a time, zombies, werewolves and vampires weren't quite seemly passions in the English Dept. But things have changed, and now the shelves have filled (magically) with books decoding the undead and their kin. And among them, you'll find the writings of Culture File's guide to the macabre and its meanings, Darryl Jones

Friday 23rd August

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Repeat): Art in Africa

In search of new art from Africa and the diaspora, Culture file visits artist and gallerists from Hoxton in East London to Victoria Island, Lagos, and meeting along the way Maryam Lawal, Asiko, Ayesha Feisal, Kojo Marfo, Emmanuel Unaaaji.

Friday 16th August

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Repeat): Silence & Sleep

The search for sleep and the quest for silence, with poet and author, Jane Brox, and artist, Michelle Doyle

Friday 9th August

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Repeat): The Culture File Debate At Farmleigh

For RTÉ lyric fm's 20th Birthday celebration Culture File invited a panel of guests -- composers Jane O'Leary, and Garrett Sholdice, traditional and world musician Emer Mayock & singer and educator, Michelle O’Rourke -- to talk about the life of music-makers in contemporary Ireland.

Friday 2nd August

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Remix): Peter Whelan & The IBO's HIP

Peter Whelan, artistic director of Irish Baroque Orchestra, on the surprisingly long history of Historically Informed Performance, and his own researches into the music of 17th and 18th century Dublin, which bring back into the light lost musicians, such as Johann Kusser and Matthew Dubourg

Friday 26th July

The Culture File Weekly 250719: GIAF2019, Kitchen Power, Eoghan Nolan

What we can learn about thinking from the Antiques Road Show, the voices of rural electrification in Castlebar, the voices of Irish opera in Galway, and a breakneck speed tour of Galway International Art Festival essentials.

Culture File 'Likes': Alan Meredith

Architect and furniture maker, Alan Meredith favourite things.

Friday 19th July

Culture File: How To Build An Invisible Concert Hall

For their 'Klassik am Odeonsplatz' outdoor concert series this year in Munich, the BRSO tried some new technology

Culture File 'Likes': Karen Power

The Cork composer and sound artists shares some of her favourite tv, music and tastes and smells

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