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Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

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Thursday 12th December

Culture File: Enduring Recipes Redux

Uncovering the lives of women in Early Modern Ireland, via recipe collections, with Prof Danielle Clarke

Wednesday 11th December

Culture File: Marise Gaughan's Still Processing

Comedian Marise Gaughan, on trying to understand trauma and dating troubles via standup

Tuesday 10th December

Culture File: Jaki Leibzeit's Secrets of Rhythm

Irish drummer, Bryan O'Connell, on cult Can drummer, Jaki Leibzeit and his musical journeys.

Monday 9th December

Culture File: The evolution of rosary beads?

The Hydrean, an object that choreographer, Michael Klein designed to help dancers prepare, becomes a new tool for connecting with ourselves and the world about us.

Friday 6th December

The Culture File Weekly 061219: David 'Ziggy' Greene; Finghin Collins; Eoghan Nolan

This time we are on location with Private Eye's illustrator-reporter, David Ziggy Greene, there's a whole lorra Beethoven in Galway 2020, according to pianist Fighnin Collins, and our columnist, Eoghan Nolan returns, briefly, with another slightly unreasonable point of view on brevity.

Culture File 'Likes':

Russian theatre director, Kat Soloviev on a some of the music, podcast, tastes and scents that bring joy.

Thursday 5th December

Culture File: Finghin's Shingle

Soundscapes is the year-long classical music strand of Galway's year as European Capital of Culture, directed by pianist, Finghin Collins

Wednesday 4th December

Culture File: Seen and Heard, Part 2

On a recent winters evening, Private Eye's graphic reporter joined a travelling library that caters for London's homeless (Part 2 of 2)

Tuesday 3rd December

Culture File: Seen and Heard

David 'Ziggy' Greene's Private Eye strips use illustration to catch the shards of life that fall through the cracks in mainstream journalism. (Part 1 of 2)

Monday 2nd December

Culture File: Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point of View 2.4

Copywriter Eoghan Nolan's latest SUPOV explores, briefly, the virtues and the limits of brevity

Friday 29th November

The Culture File Weekly 281119: Dave Flynn, Daphne Wright, Peter Sheridan, Queuing

In this week's program, a visit to the state guest house at Farmleigh to hear what Samuel Beckett taught Phillip Glass and to discover the quintessential Dublinness of Beckett with writer and performer, Peter Sheridan. Also, how Daphne Wright's sculpture is remaking the world in clay, and the mysteries of queuing.

Culture File 'Likes': Dave Flynn

Director of the Memory Orchestra and composer in residence at Farmleigh, Dave Flynn shares his current listening, reading, eating and smelling pleasures.

Thursday 28th November

Culture File: How to Win At Queuing

Whether you’re there to see Pikachu or Naomi Klein, what is the real reward for waiting in line?

Wednesday 27th November

Culture File: Beckett's Dublin, Dublin's Beckett

Writer, Peter Sheridan on the quintessential Dubliness of Samuel Beckett

Tuesday 26th November

Culture File: Beckett's Glass Guitar

An old, brown bookshelf crammed with Beckett first editions inspires composer, Dave Flynn to mount a Beckett/Glass performance

Monday 25th November

Culture File: A Quiet Mutiny

Overlooked objects - a shopping trolly, a child’s buggy, an old football - are all conscripted into sculptor, Daphne Wright's new work

Friday 22nd November

The Culture File Weekly 221119: Precision Farming, Paul G Smyth, Darn Skippy, Sounding The Feminists

This weekly, news of datafication down on the farm, news of woman composers no longer overlooked at the National Concert Hall, the life-altering power of free improvised music, and the rise again of Zandra Queen of Jazz, an Irish jazz sax player whose heyday was in the 1930s Berlin

Culture File 'Likes': Hugh Cooney

Artist, comedian, storyteller, and more, Hugh Cooney shares some details of his consumption patterns

Thursday 21st November

Culture File: Resounding the Feminist at The NCH

Resound is the title of the latest part of a five-year project to project to right some of the historical wrongs suffered by women in music

Wednesday 20th November

Culture File: Music and The Present Tense (Remix)

Improvising pianist, Paul G Smyth on time, improv and the ILAC Centre Library

Tuesday 19th November

Culture File: Zandra: Queen of Jazz

The story of a groundbreaking Irish musician in the 1920s has seeded Darn Skippy's new show, Zandra Queen of Jazz

Monday 18th November

Culture File: Aisling Kelliher on Precision Farming

Innovations from strawberry picking robots, to drone fleets for hire and exoskeletons for farmers are shaping a new world down on the farm, according to Prof Aisling Kelliher.

Friday 15th November

The Culture File Weekly 141119: Eco-literacy for the arts; The joy of letterpress; The Amber Light; and Eoghan Nolan

This time, Cathy Fitzgerald aims to give artists the tools they need to think and make about ecology; Dave Bloom on the culture of whisky is Scotland; Jamie Murphy's joy in printing; and Eoghan Nolan's distress at the ever-expanding Winterval holiday footprint.

Culture File 'Likes': Tom Joyce

Artist-blacksmith, Tom Joyce, shares some of his reading, listening and watching favourites

Thursday 14th November

Culture File: A Salvage Press

Letterpress printer and fine press book maker, Jamie Murphy of @TheSalvagePress on the irresistible lure of printing done right.

Wednesday 13th November

Culture File: Where Is The Firewater?

In his film, The Amber Light, Scotch evangelist Dave Broom looks at the way whisky flows through and colours poetry, prose and song in Scotland

Tuesday 12th November

Culture File: Slightly Unreasonable Point of View 1.9

For his latest epistle from the frontline of mild misgivings, Eoghan Nolan takes on the astoundingly elastic period of Winterval festivities

Monday 11th November

Culture File: Eco-literacy

Do artists have the right kinds of tools to imagine new ways of living for the earth and its inhabitants?

Friday 8th November

The Culture File Weekly 081119: Ben Grosser, Hugh Cooney and Charlotte Cory

In this week's program, American software artist, Ben Grosser has some suggestions for escaping the chains of social media, comedian Hugh Cooney attempts to get the fires of Irish storytelling lit, and the stranges ways in which wallpaper surrounds the life of designer, Charlotte Cory.

Culture File 'Likes': Charlotte Cory

Artist, writer and wallpaper of designer, Charlotte Cory shares some of the things she enjoying this winter

Thursday 7th November

Culture File: Order of Magnitude

Software artist, Ben Grosser decodes the rhetoric of endless growth that fills the online world.

Wednesday 6th November

Culture File: Mindful Facebooking

Artist-programmer, Ben Grosser's works, such as browser plugin, Facebook Demetricator, foster more conscious online lives

Tuesday 5th November

Culture File: Hugh Cooney Tells Tales

The latest incarnation of artist, comedian and performer, Hugh Cooney is as a Seanachaí

Monday 4th November

Culture File: Charlotte Cory’s Visitorians

How the Victorian passion for cartes de visite provided a preview of selfie culture - and the inspiration for a line of wallpaper!

Friday 1st November

The Culture File Weekly 311019: Niall Sweeney, Ballyness Bay, Eoghan Nolan

This week, Niall Sweeney on harnessing ancient magic for contemporary design work, we transport our microphones -- and your ears -- way out west, to one of the most beautiful parts of Donegal, and Eoghan Nolan speaks up for the 'techno-sowhats', in his latest Slightly Unreasonable Point of View.

Culture File 'Likes': Dairine Ní Mheabhra

Cellist, conductor and musical director of the Irish Art Song project, Da´irine Ni´ Mheadhra shares a few of her favourite things.

Thursday 31st October

Culture File: Niall Sweeny's Accidental Icons

Artist and designer, Niall Sweeny on the magic that happens when you place two dots just right, and other aspects of his practice

Wednesday 30th October

Culture File: Looking Down On Ballyness Bay

Ballyness Bay-local, Sean O’Ghaoithin, takes your ears for a dusk walk over the dunes.

Tuesday 29th October

Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point of View 1.8

Eoghan Nolan is assailed by ambivalence about the faltering march of tech

Friday 25th October

The Culture File Weekly 251019: Toki Pona; Pinterest; Sustainable Stages

This weekly, Prof Aisling Kelliher on why treating users like humans just might be making Pinterest the best company on the internet; artist and builder Christy Collard who makes music festivals a little less harsh on the planet and painter Eoin McHugh on his show, Loje, Jelo, Laso, which takes its title from the constructed language, Toki Pona

Culture File 'Likes': Bríd Ní Ghruagáin

Mezzo-soprano, Bríd Ní Ghruagáin, shares some of the sounds, sites, tastes and smells she's been enjoying

Thursday 24th October

Culture File: Eoin McHugh's Loje, Jelo, Laso

Painter, Eoin McHugh has been exploring invented languages, from Hildegard von Bingen's lingua ignoata to Toki Pona

Wednesday 23rd October

Culture File: Pinterest's Artisanal Data

One of the folksiest tech companies, the online scrapbooking site, Pinterest, has been tweaking how it sees you

Tuesday 22nd October

Culture File: The Old Road

Skip the bypass and follow instead 'the old road' - that's the wellness strategy of historian, Jo Kerrigan. (Repeat)

Monday 21st October

Culture File: Rewilding The Festival

Artist and builder, Christy Collard is experimenting with green-build approaches to creating the temporary music cities that spring up each summer

Friday 18th October

The Culture File Weekly 181019: Up In The Air Edition

This Weekly, we scan the sky for the secrets that the common crane once shared with humanity, according to conservationist Lorcan O'Toole; we visit Emily Aoibheann's aerial performance skills; and input the coordinates for Tatooine, in the company of Cork-born artist George Bolster, who's been observing the search for extraterrestrial life at SETI.

Culture File 'Likes': Rachael Lavelle

Composer, singer and ice water enthusiast, Rachel Lavelle shares some of the music, film, books, food and scents that are bringing her joy

Thursday 17th October

Culture File: Cranespotting

Conservationist, Lorcan O'Toole on the lost, and occasionally stolen wisdom of the once-common crane

Wednesday 16th October

Culture File: Undoing Extinction in Donegal

Golden Eagle Trust's Lorcan O’Toole on the hidden reasons, cultural and occasionally mythological, that we've been glad to see the back of some species

Tuesday 15th October

Culture File: Secrets of Tatooine

Cork-born artist, George Bolster, has spent recent years observing the search for extraterrestrial life at SETI

Monday 14th October

Culture File: Emily Aoibheann

Dublin Aerialist, Emily Aoibheann shows blend choreography, performance art and circus skills into a theatrical language that is all her own

Friday 11th October

The Culture File Weekly 101019: Da´irine Ni´ Mheadhra; Aidan Foley, Eoghan Nolan; Tom Joyce

Da´irine Ni´ Mheadhra kickstarts the Irish Art Song repertoire; blacksmith-artist-philosopher, Tom Joyce spies the universe in an atom of iron; Aidan Foley explains what mastering can do for a song, and Eoghan Nolan taps his foot impatiently as he awaits the delivery of our promised jetpacks

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