Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

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Tuesday 21st November

Culture File: Tim Robinson's Ecofeminism

We can re-learn to understand the world through Connemara-based artist, Tim Robinson's work, says Maureen O’Connor

Monday 20th November

Culture File: #wakingtheimprovisers

A new festival, Ban Bam, highlights female musicians playing jazz, improvised and experimental music.

Friday 17th November

The Culture File Weekly 17.11.17 (Veronika Harcsa, Louis Scully, Niamh Barry, Dave Flynn's Memory Orchestra)

This weekly, we're in North Co. Dublin to glimpse the glowing art of sculptor, Niamh Barry, we visit the big studio in Donnybrook with the RTE NSO and the Memory Orchestra, meet nightlife kingpin, Louis Scully, and hear some extended vocal technique from Hungarian jazznik, Veronika Harcsa.

Culture File 'Likes': Veronika Harcsa

Hungarian vocalist, Veronika Harcsa, on some of the things she's (mentally) clicked like on recently.

Thursday 16th November

Culture File: Live From Studio 1 with the Memory Orchestra

Composer, Dave Flynn and fiddler, Niamh Varian-Barry bring a collection of replica bronze age horns to Donnybrook

Wednesday 15th November

Culture File: Discotekken with Louis Scully

DJ, music promoter (and potential Dublin Night Mayor) Louis Scully's musical kingdom

Tuesday 14th November

Culture File: Veronika Harcsa Voices her Concern

Hungarian vocalist, Veronika Harcsa, on using the voice to escape from our digital sound prison

Monday 13th November

Culture File: Ancient Lights

Amid the fruit-growing fields of North Co. Dublin, artist Niamh Barry and her team blend ancient and contemporary tech

Friday 10th November

The Culture File Weekly, 10.11.17 James Turrell's Berlin chapel, Brandon Labelle's sound worlds, Lucy Wright's Digital Folk Project, Pavel

This weekly, we process from a graveyard in Mitte where American artist James Turrell has been hacking the sunset, to the sound worlds of Brandon Labelle, the Mudcat Cafe with Lucy Wright of the Digital Folk Project, and the organ loft with Czech console master, Pavel Kohout.

Culture File Likes: Louis Scully

The Dublin DJ and Discotekken music promoter shares some of things with which he likes to fill his eyes, ears and belly

Thursday 9th November

Culture File: Brandon Labelle's Minor Acoustics

Listening might be an effective way to help us approach our global crisis, speculates sound artist and theorist, Brandon Labelle

Wednesday 8th November

Culture File: James Turrell Lichtinstallation Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof

Sunset in Berlin sees the coming to life of James Turrell's lightwork in a Mitte cemetery

Tuesday 7th November

Culture File: Lucy Wright and the Digital Folk Project

What does 'oral tradition' mean when players are as likely to learn a tune from Youtube as at a pub session?

Monday 6th November

Culture File: Pavel at the Console

Czech organ virtuoso, Pavel Kohout, make his debut on Christchurch Cathedral's instrument.

Friday 3rd November

The Culture File Weekly 03.11.17 (Tucal 2017, Eva Stotz, Han Bennink & The Instant Composers Pool)

This weekly we fly to the free jazz hothouse of 1960s Holland with the Instant Composer Pool's Han Bennink, time-travel way back to 2010, when German filmmaker, Eva Stotz first started couchsurfing, and beam down to Galway's Tulca 2017 to ask 'where have all the hippies gone?'

Culture File 'Likes': Kurt Andersen

Kurt Andersen, author of Fantasyland and presenter of NPR's Studio 360 on his week of 'likes'.

Thursday 2nd November

Culture File: Remembering Misha

Free jazz percussionist, Han Bennink, on his life in music with Misha Mengelberg and the Instant Composers Pool

Wednesday 1st November

Culture File: The Hippy Dream Reanimated at Galway's Tulca 2017

Searching for the ghosts of lost hippies with Matt Packer, curator of Galway's yearly festival of visual arts

Tuesday 31st October

Culture File: The Endless Voyages of Eva Stotz

Couchsurfing and tap-dancing come together in the career of German filmmaker, Eva Stotz

Friday 27th October

The Culture File Weekly 27.10.17 (Kurt Andersen in Fantasyland, Sylvia L'Ecuyer in Wagnerland)

This weekly, American writer, Kurt Andersen reports to us from Fantasyland, his nightmare contemporary USA, in which entertainment and reality have finally merged. And musicologist & opera writer, Sylvia L'Ecuyer, decodes good and evil in updating opera

Culture File Likes: Jenny Thomas

Jenny M Thomas of Australian new folksters Bush Gothic shares some of the things she's clicked 'like' on lately

Thursday 26th October

Culture File: Right and Wrong Ways To Update Opera

Musicologist and Wexford opera regular, Sylvia L'Ecuyer, on the risky art of gussying-up Mozart and Wagner

Wednesday 25th October

Culture File: The End of Reason

US author, Kurt Andersen, completes his takedown of the 'nuts and crackpots' of what his latest book calls 'Fantasyland'

Tuesday 24th October

Culture File: The Birth of Fantasyland

Author, Kurt Andersen, on how the credulity of America's first Europeans led, inevitably, to the Trump presidency

Monday 23rd October

Culture File: Buffalo Bill, Donald Trump and the birth of Fantasyland

Kurt Andersen's new 500 year history of American explores how reality and entertainment merged in the New World

Friday 20th October

The Culture File Weekly 20.10.17 (Jonathan Meese, Anneleen Boeme, Aisling Kelliher)

This weekly, we're in Berlin with German artist-provocateur, Jonathan Meese; on the new frontiers of jazz with Anneleen Boeme and deep inside the matrix as Aisling Kelliher marks our card for the AI-filled future

Culture File Likes: Aisling Kelliher

Our tech correspondent shares some of the stuff she'd be clicking 'Like' on, including a guidebook to tyranny

Thursday 19th October

Culture File: What exactly is wrong with AI?

Culture File techspert, Aisling Kelliher, on learning to love, cherish and discipline the AI in your life

Wednesday 18th October

Culture File: The jazz mission of Anneleen Boehme

Belgian double bassist, Anneleen Boehme, is in search of new, more diverse audiences for jazz

Tuesday 17th October

Culture File: Jonathan Messe's (and his mum's) Dictatorship of Art

The German artist briefs us on what's preventing the dictatorship of art that he and his mum are working towards

Monday 16th October

Culture File: Meese's Berlin Revenge

German artist, Jonathan Meese's 'loving demolition' of Wagner Parsifal finally gets a German production

Friday 13th October

The Culture File Weekly 13.10.17 (Tamara Saulwick, Paddy Mann, Silver Linings LARP, whey alcohol)

This weekly, it's all about endings, with Tamara Saulwick's memorial interviews performance, Endings, the imagined life of a nursing home in Silver Lining, and the not-at-all dirty secret of whey alcohol

Culture File Likes: Justin Green

Cork hotelier and gin distiller, Justin Green, shares some of the reading, listening and eating experiences that delight him

Thursday 12th October

Culture File: LARPING old age (Part 2)

Silver Lining, a live action role play (LARP) game, offers a kind of engaged play the organisers call LARPtivism

Wednesday 11th October

Culture File: LARPing Old Age

In Valdelaguna, Spain, players of a game called Silver Lining are exploring life, death & love in a retirement home

Tuesday 10th October

Culture File: Crackles, Pops and Endings

Exploring loss with help from hissy reel to reel recorders and crackly vinyl in Tamara Saulwick’s Endings

Monday 9th October

Culture File: The old new world of whey alcohol

Milk-based alcohol has ancient roots and remains very common - so why are we coy about it, wonders Justin Green

Friday 6th October

The Culture File Weekly 06.10.17 (Mastering songwriting, the 21st century trumpet, horror sound)

This weekly, we spend some time with Duke Special and Carl Corcoran at a brand new Masters in songwriting at University of Limerick, hear how blowing into a trump is only one way to make it produce music, and unpack the new recipe for heebeegeebees-inducing movie music

Culture File Likes: Liam Carson

Imram festival director, Liam Carson shares some books, shops, youtube videos he's been enjoying this week

Thursday 5th October

Culture File: The New Trumpet

Norwegian composer and trumpeter, Hilde Marie Holsen, on her unique blend of brass and electronics

Wednesday 4th October

Culture File: Hearing all the feels

Caitriona Walsh has been researching film composers who use new ways of making our bodies respond at the cinema

Tuesday 3rd October

Culture File: The Hallowed Words of Michael Longley

Singer-songwriter, Duke Special's latest album, Hallow, is based on the writings of Northern poet, Michael Longley

Monday 2nd October

Culture File: Mastering Songwriting with Carl Corcoran

A brand new Masters in songwriting at UL's Irish Academy of World Music and Dance welcomes its first students

Friday 29th September

The Culture File Weekly 29.10.17 (Alan Butler, Jenny Thomas, Gavin Fitzgerald, The Judgement of Paris: The Rematch)

This weekly a deep dive into the NURBs with artist Alan Butler, who creates his art within the game, Grand Theft Auto V, there's more skirmishes in a France v California wine battle, a confession on The Truth About Irish Hiphop and a 2017 Wild Colonial Boy

Culture File: Gavin Fitzgerald's Culture Picks

Culture File: Gavin Fitzgerald The director of Notorious and The Truth About Irish Hiphop decodes his content shopping list

Thursday 28th September

Culture File: Bush Gothic

Singing fiddler, Jenny Thomas, reimagines Waltzing Matilda, The Wild Colonial Boy, and other Australian staples

Wednesday 27th September

Culture File: The Truth About Irish Hiphop (Abrgd.)

Documentary maker, Gavin Fitzgerald, on how the preeminent sound of urban America became a naturalised Irish music

Tuesday 26th September

Culture File: Down and Out in Dublin and Los Santos

The hard knock life of a street photographer in the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto, with artist, Alan Phelan

Monday 25th September

Culture File: Another Judgment of Paris

Irish noses re-enact the occasion in Paris in 1976 when some of France's greatest wine experts were caught rapid

Friday 22nd September

The Culture File Weekly: Woyzeck in Winter, Elizabeth Magill, Justin Hurwitz, The Mae Trio

This weekly we cross the snowy musical landscape of 19th century Germany with Conall Morrison, walk Elizabeth Magill's Headland, put in a call to La La Land composer, Justin Hurwitz, and get notes on harmony from The Mae Trio

Culture File Likes: Conall Morrison

The director of @DubTheatreFest's Woyzeck in Winter shares his favorite things, including the guilty smell of cigar smoke.

Thursday 21st September

Culture File: Elizabeth Magill's Vernissage

The Antrim painter meets us @limerickgallery where she's watching over the hang for her exhibition, Headlands

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