Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

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Monday 21st January

Culture File: Ailbhe Ní Bhriain @ Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin

Ailbhe Ní Bhriain's latest takes its inspiration from early attempts to understand the places we now call museums

Friday 18th January

The Culture File Weekly 170119: (Dar Disku, Musicians' Nerves, Berlin Opticians, CES)

This weekly, Dar Disku bring our ears record shopping in Bahrain, we admire from a distance the flying taxis of the future (yeah, right), deal with musicians and their nerves, and discover the storied shopfront on Dublin's Capel Street that's lent its name to a new Dublin gallery with no shopfront at all.

Culture File 'Likes': Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll

Berlin Optician's Gallery's Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll shares some of the things she's been 'liking'

Thursday 17th January

Culture File: Plotting the future of transport and sex at CES 2019

The (possibly) imminent arrival of the 'aerial rideshare network' and other joys of the world's biggest tech fair

Wednesday 16th January

Culture File: Crate Crawling At The Souk

DJ duo, Dar Disko are resurrecting decades old middle eastern music and serving it up on the dancefloor

Tuesday 15th January

Culture File: Mr Cashman's Legacy

Berlin Opticians Gallery founder, Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll, on the inspiration of an optician she's never met

Monday 14th January

Culture File: Musicians' Nerves

Every musician has their own unique version of nerves and their own special coping strategies.

Friday 11th January

The Culture File Weekly 090119: Musical Likes

This weekly we gather some of the sound suggestions our guests have made over the past 12 months into a genre-hopping musical edition, featuring hat tips to audio from The Temptations' Psychedelic Shack to Borodin's Prince Igor...

Culture File: The Joy of Recluttering...with music (5/5)

Dad rocker, David Meagher, sing-songwriter, Farah Elle and pianist, Francesco Turrisi pitch their essential sounds

Thursday 10th January

Culture File: The Joy of Recluttering...with music (4/5)

Musical power purchasing suggestions from Eugene O'Brien, Julian Milkis, Conor Guilfoyle and Diane O'Connor

Wednesday 9th January

Culture File: Culture File: The Joy of Recluttering...with music (3/5)

Activist performer, Tonie Walsh, and blissfully perennial, BP Fallon and historian Shay Kinsella, suggest some musical pleasure to re-discover

Tuesday 8th January

Culture File: The Joy of Recluttering...with music

Music you need in your life according to musicologist, Ann Buckley, popster, Xanthony & printmaker, Niall Naessens

Monday 7th January

Culture File: Music in 2019? It's not all about subscriptions, y'know.

If you're thinking of buying (gasp!) some physical products (double gasp!) our guests have some suggestions...

Friday 4th January

The Culture File Weekly 040119: LA Stories Edition

In this special program from the archives, Luke Clancy brings us on a trip to Los Angeles and recalls his encounters with conceptual perfumers, recalcitrant window blinds, oranges espressos, the ghost of Buckminster Fuller, migrating monarch butterflies and more than a few five star Uber drivers.

Friday 28th December

The Culture File Yearly: 2018 Rewind

For one night only the Weekly becomes the Yearly, with an XXXL program jaunting from the sound of a tunnel under Belfast to the sound of Lagos, from the tango of art and high finance to gardening in Donegal, from a farewell to Jóhann Jóhannsson to a remembrance of Savita Halappanavar.

Monday 24th December

Culture File: A Christmas Childhood

Composer Tom Lane recalls childhood memories that inspired his choral setting of Patrick Kavanagh's A Christmas Childhood

Friday 21st December

Culture File 'Likes': Jack Fennell

Jack Fennell, editor of Tramp Press's A Brilliant Void Irish sci-fi anthology shares a few of his favourite things

The Culture File Weekly: December 21st

This weekly, life in the saddle with ex-courier and leading cyclogeographer, Jon Day, and a visit to Ostens, the little shop in Marylebone that wants to help you smell better, and a visit with pioneering Irish couturier-cum-gallerist, Ib Jorgensen

Thursday 20th December

Culture File: Ostens Perfume Playground

Laurent Delafon, co-founder of London perfumers, Ostens, on learning to celebrate perfume's basic ingredients.

Wednesday 19th December

Culture File: Cyclogeography (2/2)

Writer, academic, cyclist, Jon Day on the illegal underground sport beloved of cycle couriers

Tuesday 18th December

Culture File: Cyclogeography 1/2

Writer, academic, cyclist and former cycle courier, Jon Day on understanding the city by bike

Monday 17th December

Culture File: Ib Jorgensen

The several lives of Danish-born, Dublin-based couturier-turned-gallerist, Ib Jorgensson.

Friday 14th December

The Culture File Weekly 131218: (Jumana Manna, Haig Aivazian, Jack Fennell)

This Weekly, seed saving in a war zone with Palestinian artist, Jumana Manna, a detour to that place where basketball and war meet with sport artist, Haig Aivazian and the surprisingly long history of Irish Science Fiction with critic and anthologist, Jack Fennell.

Culture File 'Likes': Liam Gillick

Artist and critic, Liam Gillick shares some of the books, podcasts, tastes and smells that have been making life worthwhile...

Thursday 13th December

Culture File: Irish Science Fiction (Part 2)

The dangers of riding in a Chronotron, and other forgotten perils in Irish sci-fi with anthologist, Jack Fennell.

Wednesday 12th December

Culture File: Irish Science Fiction

Magnificent Fenians in their flying machines, CS Lewis' journeys to Mars, and other hidden joys of Irish SciFi.

Tuesday 11th December

Culture File: Basketball and Power

Beirut artist, Haig Aivazian explores contemporary connections between sport and war at Dublin's Douglas Hyde Gallery.

Monday 10th December

Culture File: Jumana Manna

Palestinian artist, Jumana Manna, on how a cache of seeds moved from Svalbard seed bank to a new home in Lebanon.

Friday 7th December

The Culture File Weekly 071218: Forensic Architecture, Claudia Kinmonth, Aisling Kelliher, Aleka

This weekly, where art and the law skirmish with Forensic Architecture, cattle and the traditional Irish horn spoon, the Romanian sound of 'duro' and Aisling Kelliher on the desirability of Alexa offering mental health assessments.

Culture File 'Likes': Claudia Kinmonth

Spoon fancier, Claudia Kinmonth shares some of the sounds, sights and smells she's been favouriting.

Thursday 6th December

Culture File: Mental Health Assessing AIs

How would you like Siri or Alexa or - heaven forbid - Google Assistant to make a mental health assessment of you?

Wednesday 5th December

Culture File: The Irish Horn Spoon

Cultural historian, Claudia Kinmonth on that unsung hero of the Irish cutlery drawer: the horn spoon.

Tuesday 4th December

Culture File: Forensic Architecture

Adding a little reality to the term 'independent enquiry' with Turner Prize nominated research group, Forensic Architecture

Monday 3rd December

Culture File: Songs of Love and Longing and 'Duro'

Dublin-based singer, Aleka is blending the folk music of her Romanian heritage with contemporary Irish jazz.

Friday 30th November

The Culture File Weekly 291118: Tonie Walsh; Liam Gillick

This weekly, two old hands trying on new gloves, as we meet DJ and gay rights activist, Tonie Walsh in rehearsals for I Am Tonie Walsh, a one-man show about his life in the movement and Liam Gillick getting ready for a his latest Dublin exhibition, and noticing how fully the 'portfolio' life of the artist was pilfered by neoliberalism.

Culture File 'Likes': Aleka

Polish-born, Irish-based jazz singer, Aleka, shares a few of her favourite things.

Thursday 29th November

Culture File: The Hello Machine

Why old technologies best explain new technologies, according to artist and media archaeologist, Rachel Hanlon.

Wednesday 28th November

Culture File: Liam Gillick's Art to Turn Your Back On (Part 1)

The artist, the gig economy and the myth of creativity with the artist, author and curator, Liam Gillick.

Tuesday 27th November

Culture File: Liam Gillick's Art to Turn Your Back On

Artist Liam Gillick on why he was delighted with the ways people started ignoring his art.

Monday 26th November

Culture File: I Am Tonie Walsh

Tonie Walsh and director Tom Creed bring the story of Tonie's life as a gay rights activist and DJ to the stage.

Friday 23rd November

The Culture File Weekly 231118: Sven Anderson, Danielle Clarke, Helen O'Dea, Motion-tracking kisses

This weekly, the sound of the city with American-born Dublin-based artist Sven Anderson, a re-think of what a cookbook is all about, with UCC's Danielle Clarke, adding some technology to the kiss at Dublin's Science Gallery and how to be a superhero, according to Dublin DJ Helen O'Dea.

Culture File 'Likes': Tonie Walsh

DJ and start of I Am Tonie Walsh share with us his current listening, watching and sniffing essentials.

Thursday 22nd November

Culture File: Irish Women's Cookbooks

Reevaluating early modern cookbooks - and their authors - with Professor Danielle Clarke of UCC

Wednesday 21st November

Culture File: Sven Anderson's Field Recordings

How would you like your town to sound? Artist and Urban Acoustic Planner, Sven Anderson has some suggestions.

Tuesday 20th November

Culture File: Helen O'Dea, Superhero

Dublin DJ Helen used to dream of being a ninja. At Sam Lee's Kung Fu School her dream came true.

Monday 19th November

Culture File: Emotion Capture

French artist, Arthur Gouillart is currently showering Dublin's Science Gallery with kisses - created via tongue motion capture

Friday 16th November

The Culture File Weekly 151118: Ronan Guilfoyle, Fiona Dalton, Isabelle Clement, Cetshwayo kaMpande)

This weekly, a long-awaited spin for Ireland's long-lost first jazz 78, the song of the mushrooms, rethinking mobility, and how a sad relic of Cetshwayo kaMpande, the last king of the Zulus, came to rest in Milford House, Co Carlow.

Culture File 'Likes': Shay Kinsella

Carlow-based historian, Shay Kinsella, share his choices of words, images, sounds and smells

Thursday 15th November

Culture File: John Alexander and The Last King of The Zulus

Untangling the booty and its stories at the seat of the Alexanders, Milford House, Co Carlow.

Wednesday 14th November

Culture File: Irish Jazz's Secret History

The first ever Irish jazz record gets a spin.

Tuesday 13th November

Culture File: Mushroom Worksongs

Artist, Fiona Dowling and composer, George Higgs' Worksongs project creates a soundtrack for foraging mushrooms

Monday 12th November

Culture File: Wheels for Wellbeing

Are we designing transport in our towns around a limited idea of what people who cycle need?

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