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Friday 12th April

The Culture File Weekly 120419: RGKS Cribs #1, Anni Albers, Frank Patterson and Dr. Strangely Strange

A dip at Killiney with the 'post-exhibition' pioneers of RGKS Cribs #1, the loquacious threads of textile trailblazer, Anni Albers, the two careers of tenor, Frank Patterson, and the wonky delights of Ireland's notable contribution to the psychedelic folk genre, Dr. Strangely Strange

Culture File 'Likes': Dominic Moore

Cork Writer and puppeteer, Dominic Moore shares some of the books, tv music and scent that's drawn his attention

Thursday 11th April

Culture File: RGKS Cribs: Not Another Gallery Opening

Curators Rachael Gilbourne and Kate Strain have launched a series of anti-exhibitions called RGKS Cribs

Wednesday 10th April

Culture File: Ireland's Golden Tenor

The voice of Frank Patterson is celebrated in a new show starring family members, Des Keogh and Gerald Peregrine

Tuesday 9th April

Culture File: There Goes Dr Strangely Strange

Adrian Whittaker chronicles vintage psychedelic folk band, Dr Strangely Strange and their eternally wonky art.

Monday 8th April

Culture File: Anni Albers

The ever-relevant learnings of twentieth century artist, weaver, and materials soothsayer, Anni Albers.

Friday 5th April

The Culture File Weekly 050419: Contemporary African Art

A special edition on new art from Africa and the diaspora, seeking out artist and gallerists from Hoxton in East London to Victoria Island, Lagos, and meeting along the way Maryam Lawal, Asiko, Ayesha Feisal, Kojo Marfo, Emmanuel Unaaaji.

Culture File 'Likes': Director, Tom Creed

Opera and theatre director, Tom Creed, shares with us some of the things he's been consuming with relish...

Thursday 4th April

Culture File African Art Week: More HAART

Culture File visits the first show at African art gallery, HAART, to hear from Àsìkò, Aisha Failsal & Maryam Lawal

Wednesday 3rd April

Culture File African Art Week: HAART

House of Africa Art (HAART) is a 'combined arts platform' built in London by lawyer-turned-gallerist, Maryam Lawal

Tuesday 2nd April

Culture File African Art Week: Ade Adekola

Ade Adekola is an architect-turned-artist returned to Lagos after working in Silicon Valley, Berlin and beyond

Monday 1st April

Culture File's African Art Week: Hannah O'Leary

Sotheby's sale of Modern and Contemporary African Art is curated by Irishwoman, Hannah O'Leary

Friday 29th March

The Culture File Weekly 290319: Anne Imhof, Sile Denvir and Barry Kerry, Moses Rowen, The Madrugada

This Weekly, stories of Cork in the weirdness of the small hours, with The Madrugada; of London underground beneath Tate Modern with Anne Imhof, of Invern on a beach 100 years ago with Sile Denvir and Barry Kerry, and in New York City in a burning building, with designer, Moses Rowen.

Culture File 'Likes': Heather O'Leary

Sotheby's Head of Modern & Contemporary African Art, Heather O'Leary, on her favs in films, books, food and scent

Thursday 28th March

Culture File: Anne Imhof's Sex

Bring your ears to Sex, the four-hour-ish Tate Modern performance from German It-artist, Anne Imhof

Wednesday 27th March

Culture File: The Meeting of Pipes and Tubes

Painter-musician, Barry Kerry gathers on stage his paintings, along with pipers, singers and players for Continuum

Tuesday 26th March

Culture File: Moses Rowen & The Hitherto Unsolvable

Irish innovation designer, Moses Rowen, tackles problems as diverse as electric vehicles and keeping NYFD cool

Monday 25th March

Culture File: The Madrugada

Cork in the hours between midnight and dawn inspires a new show based on the writing of the singer, Mick Lynch

Friday 22nd March

The Culture File Weekly: Ustad Saami; Old Norse Myth; Dance Share

The microtonal sound of old Karachi drives a new collaboration from super-producer, Ian Brennan and Surti singer, Ustad Saami; a visit to the place puppetry and contemporary dance meet; and a trip to Ragnarok with Prof Helen O'Donoghue.

Culture File 'Likes': Georgina Jackson

Curator and Director of the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, Georgina Jackson shares her choices in film, books, music, food and scent

Thursday 21st March

Culture File: God Is Not A Terrorist

Ian Brennan on recording the last singer of 49-note, microtonal, pre-Islamic music, of Karachi's Ustad Saami

Wednesday 20th March

Culture File: Dance Share

Aoibhinn O’Dea is an artist whose work has happened in sculpture, puppetry, food, and most recently via dance

Tuesday 19th March

Culture File: Ragnarok 'n' Roll

Old Norse mythology, according to Prof Heather O’Donoghue, has had a lasting impact on western European culture

Friday 15th March

The Culture File Weekly 150319: All of the Rembrandts, srsly

In this special All-Rembrandt-All-The-Time edition, we travel to Amsterdam to join in the Netherland's celebrations of the 350th Anniversary of Rembrandt Van Rijn. For the event, the Rijksmuseum has on display every one of its Rembrandt holdings - a treasure through which curator and Rembrandt biographer, Jonathan Bikker leads Culture File.

Culture File 'Likes': Eoghan Nolan

Copywriter and brand wrangler at Brand Artillery, Eoghan Nolan shares some of the music, tv & smells he <3

Thursday 14th March

Culture File: Not all the Rembrants, but the greatest?

Rijksmuseum curator, Johnathan Bikker picks two favourites: the early Jeremiah (1630) & The Jewish Bride (1667)

Wednesday 13th March

Culture File: Some of the Rembrandts

Rijksmuseum curator & Rembrandt biographer, Jonathan Bikker, on what's to love about the Dutch Golden Age superstar

Tuesday 12th March

Culture File: Firehouse Shenanigans at the Rising (Redux)

Las Fallon on the double lives of the Dublin Fire Brigade during the events of Dublin 1916

Monday 11th March

Culture File: Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi

Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi use dozens of traditional instruments to cook up a distinctly untrad sound

Friday 8th March

The Culture File Weekly 080319: (Asylum Archive, Peter Brotzmann, Composers in the Classroom, The Dublin Apocalypse)

This weekly...tales from Ireland's Direct Provision system in the Asylum Archive, the Dublin Apocalypse illuminated Book of Revelations at TCD, composers in uniform and in the classroom with a Chamber Choir Ireland / Contemporary Music Centre mentoring program, and good horns in a bad world, with free jazz saxophonist, Peter Brotzmann.

Culture File 'Likes': Ailise Bulfin

Academic and eco-disaster aficionado, Ailise Bulfin shares some of the things that bring joy

Thursday 7th March

Culture File: Composers In The Classroom

Breaking the news to Irish students that all composers aren't necessarily dead. Or men.

Wednesday 6th March

Culture File: Peter Brötzmann

German free jazz saxophonist, Peter Brötzmann, on good horns in a bad world

Tuesday 5th March

Culture File: Asylum Archive

How Vukasin Nedeljkovic's attempt to chart his experiences of Direct Provision grew into a far bigger endeavour

Monday 4th March

Culture File: A Dublin Revelation

Laura Cleaver on the 14th-century artist (and possible foot fetishist) who gave us The Dublin Apocalypse

Friday 1st March

The Culture File Weekly 010319: Loitering Theatre, Brokentalkers, Aisling Kelliher, Louis Andriessen

The culture of surveillance this weekly, from a faceless robot scanning for signs of poetry in Loitering Theatre's latest tech spec, Brokentalkers theatre company's examination of prison life, Aisling Kelliher on how Chinese AI deals with privacy, plus the ghost of composer, Louis Andriessen's father steps out of the shadows to offer some advice.

Culture File 'Likes': Ann Cleare

An extended Culture File Likes for @NewMusicDublin with composer, instrument maker and Mad Men fanatic, Ann Cleare

Thursday 28th February

Culture File: China, China, China. China.

Our regular techspert, Aisling Kelliher on why Europe has no Silicon Valley, and more importantly, no Shenzhen

Wednesday 27th February

Culture File: Andriessen and Son, Composers

How composer, Hendrik inspired (in both natural and supernatural ways) his son, Louis to reconsider the orchestra

Tuesday 26th February

Culture File: Loitering Theatre v Surveillance Capitalism: The Rematch

Loitering Theatre on how to create a poetic robot and defend humanity's last private refuge - inside our heads

Monday 25th February

Culture File: Brokentalker's The Examination

Stand up and ex-prisoner, Willie White helps theatre company, Brokentalkers explore life in Ireland's prisons

Friday 22nd February

The Culture File Weekly 220219: Howard Goodall, Jennifer Walshe, Bishop Richard de Ledrede

This weekly, we'll be infiltrating the orchestra with free improvisation with the help of Jennifer Walshe; assessing the impact of Brexit on the creative industries, with Mr Bean composer, Howard Goodall, and celebrating the poetry of a 17th century psychopath, with avant-early ensemble, Anachronos.

Culture File 'Likes': Matthew Bourne

Creator of the 'male swans' Swan Lake, Matthew Bourne, shares some of his favourite things

Thursday 21st February

Culture File: Jennifer Walshe's Investigations

Composer, lover of the harmonic series and New Music Dublin star, Jennifer Walshe, on infiltrating the orchestra

Wednesday 20th February

Culture File: A 21st Century Passion

Composer, Howard Goodall on why he decided our new century needed its own brand new Passion.

Tuesday 19th February

Culture File: Howard Goodall

Composer and vociferous remainer, Howard Goodall, on what you really need to know about music, and about Brexit.

Monday 18th February

Culture File: Richard Ledrede's Red Book

Poems written in 14th century Kilkenny by a Franciscan Bishop inspired a new jazz early music project, Anakronos

Friday 15th February

The Culture File Weekly 150219: (Bauhaus, Ailise Bulfin

This weekly, we're joining the crowds of travelling scholars assessing the impact of the Bauhaus 100 years at the recent 'Bauhaus Effects' conference in Dublin and Ailise Bulfin, shares her research into eco-disaster as seen from Planet Hollywood.

Culture File 'Likes': Jumana Manna

Palestinian artist, Jumana Manna, shares some of the sounds, tastes, sights and smells she's be enjoying

Thursday 14th February

Culture File: Bauhaus Now (Part 3)

Fit and unfit activities for women students at the Bauhaus, with Ruth Baumeister of Aarhus School of Architecture

Wednesday 13th February

Culture File: Bauhaus Now (Part 2)

Dietrich Neuman on Space, Time, IKEA and the Bauhaus

Tuesday 12th February

Culture File: Bauhaus Now

How the dreams of a Weimar-era art school persist in our contemporary world. (1/3)

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