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Gloria Sunday 20 October 2013

Gloria,  Adieu...

Tim and the Gloria team thank the many listeners for the kind and appreciative messages received when the lyric schedule changed at the end of 2015. Don't worry, Tim looks forward to sharing his musical passions with you in other ways, in the not too distant future.

The Gloria webpage archive remains active and up to 50 past Gloria programmes may be accessed by going to the following page and typing the word Gloria into the Search the Player box: (link to listen back)!

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A list of all the music which has been played on Gloria over the years will be made available shortly
Thank You.


A new recording of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis, Samuel Barber's popular Agnus Dei and impassioned music by Hildegard of Bingen, Gesualdo and a Byrd Mass.

Music Played on October 20th


Track Title: Kyrie, Pater Noster, Oratio
Artist: Ensemble Organum – Marcel Peres
Composer: Hildegard Of Bingen
Record Label: Harmonia Mundi
Record Number: HMC901626


Track Title: From Requiem
Artist: Cappella Pratensis – Stratton Bull
Composer: De La Rue, Pierre
Record Label: Challenge
Record Number: CC72541


Track Title: Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus Dei + 2 Inst Dowland
Artist: The King'S Singers, Concordia
Composer: Byrd, William
Record Label: Signum
Record Number: SIGCD061


Track Title: Tribulationem, Ave Dulcissima Maria + 2 Inst Maione
Artist: Concerto Soave – Jean-Marc Aymes
Composer: Gesualdo, Carlo
Record Label: Zigzag
Record Number: ZZT319


Track Title: Laetatus Sum – Ps. 121, Ich Bin Ein Guter Hirte
Artist: Weser-Renaissance Bremen -  Manfred Cordes
Composer: Pfleger, Augustin
Record Label: Cpo
Record Number: CPO777801-2


Track Title: From The Last Judgement
Artist: Musica Fiata, La Capella Ducale – Roland Wilson
Composer: Buxtehude, Dietrich
Record Label: Vivarte
Record Number: 82876782652


Track Title: Aus Tiefer Not – Bwv 686, Bwv687
Artist: Margaret Phillips – Trost – Waltershausen
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Record Label: Regent
Record Number: REGCD276


Track Title: Prelude In A Minor – Bwv 569
Artist: Margaret Phillips – C.Muller – Leeuwarden
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Record Label: Regent
Record Number: REGCD328


Track Title: Kyrie From Missa Solemnis
Artist: Collegium Vocale/Philippe Herreweghe
Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig Van
Record Label: Phi
Record Number: LPH007


Track Title: Psalm 45 – My Heart Is Inditing Of A Good Matter
Artist: Liverpool Cathedral – David Poulter
Composer: Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
Record Label: Priory
Record Number: PRCD1079


Track Title: Agnus Dei
Artist: Chorus Sine Nomine – Johannes Hiemetsberger
Composer: Barber, Samuel
Record Label: Gramola
Record Number: 98913


Track Title: Veni Sancte Spiritus
Artist: Dresdner Motettenchor – Matthias Jung
Composer: Tucapsky, Antonin
Record Label: Querstand
Record Number: VKJK1232












































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