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Gloria Sunday 16 June 2013

Gloria,  Adieu...

Tim and the Gloria team thank the many listeners for the kind and appreciative messages received when the lyric schedule changed at the end of 2015. Don't worry, Tim looks forward to sharing his musical passions with you in other ways, in the not too distant future.

The Gloria webpage archive remains active and up to 50 past Gloria programmes may be accessed by going to the following page and typing the word Gloria into the Search the Player box: (link to listen back)!

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A list of all the music which has been played on Gloria over the years will be made available shortly
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Tim Thurston guides you through a millennium of sacred music featuring Gregorian chant, pure solo voices and choral masterpieces, framed around the glorious music of J.S. Bach.

Music Played on June 16th...

Track Title: Alma Redemptoris Mater, Regina Coeli
Artist: St Alban'S Chamber Choir – David Hansell
Composer: Anon
Record Label: Lammas
Record Number: LAMM173

Track Title: Albanus Roseo Rutilat
Artist: Orlando Consort
Composer: Dunstaple, John
Record Label: Metronome
Record Number: METCD1009

Track Title: From Missa Sancti Anthonii De Padua
Artist: Pomerium – Alexander Blachly
Composer: Dufay, Guillaume
Record Label: Dgarchiv
Record Number: 447772-2

Track Title: 2 Salve Regina, Aria
Artist: Il Pegaso – Maurizio Croci
Composer: Monteverdi, Claudio
Record Label: Brilliant
Record Number: 94286

Track Title: 2 Ave Regina, Sonata Al Santo Sepolcro
Artist: Monica Mauch, Ensemble Caprice
Composer: Fux, Johann Joseph
Record Label: Atma
Record Number: ACD22347

Track Title: 3 Motets
Artist: Dresdner Kammerchor – Hans-Christoph Rademann
Composer: Schutz, Heinrich
Record Label: Carus
Record Number: 83232

Track Title: Concerto After Vivaldi – Bwv595
Artist: Kare Nordstoga – Silbermann – Arlesheim Cathedral
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Record Label: Lawo
Record Number: LWC1035

Track Title: From Grosse Messe Op.85
Artist: Netherlands Chamber Choir – Uwe Gronostay
Composer: Draeseke, Felix
Record Label: Globe
Record Number: GLO5147

Track Title: 4 Laudes For St Antoine De Padoue
Artist: Men Of St John'S College, Cambridge – Christopher Robinson
Composer: Poulenc, Francis
Record Label: Priory
Record Number: PRCD814

Track Title: From The Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom
Artist: Tenebrae – Nigel Short
Composer: Levine, Alexander
Record Label: Signum
Record Number: SIGCD316

Track Title: Ave Regina, Drop,Drop,Slow Tears
Artist: Truro Cathedral Choir – Christopher Gray
Composer: Stopford, Philip
Record Label: Regent
Record Number: REGCD400

Track Title: Dominus Regit Me – Psalm 23
Artist: Flemish Radio Choir – Bo Holten
Composer: Holten, Bo
Record Label: Dacapo
Record Number: 8226062


Bach Organ Music

Bach Organ Music on Gloria 2012-2013

We have now completed our second four-year journey through the complete Sacred Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach on Gloria. For the next Church Year, beginning on the first Sunday in Advent 2012 I intend, each week, to play his organ music. Many of the Chorale Preludes are of course also specific to particular Sundays and I will precede with appropriate Cantatas by Buxtehude and Schütz.

Just as the Cantatas astonish with one unknown musical delight after another, the organ works are known to a tiny proportion of music lovers. I fear the airwaves are not overful of the sound of the King of Instruments - even by the King of Composers! Even rarer are performances of the superb works of his greatest predecessors.

I don't plan to play all the works but there will be at least fifteen minutes of Bach organ music every Sunday morning - around 9 am - midway in the 1000 year musical journey.

-Tim Thurston

Click here to download Tim's list of Complete Bach Organ Works



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