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    Gloria,  Adieu...

    Tim and the Gloria team thank the many listeners for the kind and appreciative messages received when the lyric schedule changed at the end of 2015. Don't worry, Tim looks forward to sharing his musical passions with you in other ways, in the not too distant future.

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    Gloria Sunday 2 June 2013



    Tim Thurston guides you through a millennium of sacred music featuring Gregorian chant, pure solo voices and choral masterpieces, framed around the glorious music of J.S. Bach.

    Played on Sunday June 2nd

    Track Title: Cibavit Eos
    Artist: Cantori Gregoriani – Fulvio Rampi
    Composer: Anon
    Record Label: Soli Deo Gloria
    Record Number: 222688-321/C

    Track Title: Sanctus – Ave Verum Corpus
    Artist: Blue Heron – Scott Metcalfe
    Composer: Dufay, Guillaume
    Record Label: Blue Heron
    Record Number: BHCD1001

    Track Title: Christus Qui Lux Es, Quomodo Cantabimus
    Artist: Magnificat – Philip Cave
    Composer: Byrd,William
    Record Label: Linn
    Record Number: CKD417

    Track Title: Veni Creator, Benedictus, O Sacrum Convivium
    Artist: Vocalconsort Berlin – James Wood
    Composer: Gesualdo, Carlo
    Record Label: Harmonia Mundi
    Record Number: HMC902123

    Track Title: Harp Entrada
    Artist: Andrew Lawrence-King, Harp
    Composer: Henestrosa, Luis Venegas De
    Record Label: Harmonia Mundi
    Record Number: HMU907316

    Track Title: Magnificat Secundi Toni
    Artist: Ensemble Vocal Europeen – Philippe Herreweghe
    Composer: Cardoso, Manuel
    Record Label: Harmonia Mundi
    Record Number: HMC901543

    Track Title: Magnificat Swv 494
    Artist: Collegium Vocale – Philippe Herreweghe
    Composer: Schutz, Heinrich
    Record Label: Harmonia Mundi
    Record Number: HMC901896

    Track Title: 4 Duets Bwv 802-805
    Artist: Ton Koopman – Dom St.Marien,Freiberg
    Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Record Label: Das Alte Werk
    Record Number: 256469281-7

    Track Title: Magnificat, Ave Verum Corpus
    Artist: Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum – Benjamin Nicholas
    Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
    Record Label: Delphian
    Record Number: DCD34102

    Track Title: 3 Hymns
    Artist: Choir Of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral – Mervyn Cousins
    Composer: Various
    Record Label: Priory
    Record Number: PRCD715

    Track Title: From Messe En L'Honneur Du Saint-Sacrament
    Artist: St John'S College, Cambridge – David Hill
    Composer: Jongen, Joseph
    Record Label: Hyperion
    Record Number: CDA67603

    Track Title: Corpus Christi Carol
    Artist: St Patrick'S Cathedral, Dublin – Stuart Nicholson
    Composer: Britten, Britten
    Record Label: Regent
    Record Number: REGCD396

    Track Title: Corpus Christi Carol
    Artist: John Hahessy (Elwes) – Boy Alto, Benjamin Britten – Piano
    Composer: Britten, Britten
    Record Label: Private
    Record Number: PRIVATE

    Track Title: Magnificat
    Artist: Taize
    Composer: Taize
    Record Label: Taize


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