Daybreak with Evonne Ferguson

Daybreak with Evonne Ferguson

Saturday, 7 - 10am


Saturday 28th April

Nature File - The Cuckoo.

The weeks around late April and early May, when the Cuckoo has just returned from Africa and begins calling out over Irish meadows, tend to coincide with a period of ...

Saturday 21st April

Nature File - Irish Deer.

Anja Murray speaks about Irish Deer.

Saturday 14th April

Nature file - Woodland in spring.

Wintry woodlands begin the annual eruption of wildflowers in April with Bluebells, Wood anemone, Primroses and Wild garlic. This show will explore the dynamics of the woodland floor in early ...

Saturday 7th April

Nature File - The Woodcock.

Woodcock start to perform their aerial courting displays at this time of year, where the male flies about at dawn and dusk each day to show off his stamina and ...

Saturday 31st March

Nature File - Eggs.

Eggs are the ultimate symbol of potential and of new life. This episode explores all the ways in which eggs are designed to survive, from eggs in burrows to camouflaged ...

Saturday 24th March

Nature file with Anja Murray - The Hare!

This week it's all about the mad March Hare..

Saturday 17th March

Nature File with Anja Murray - Shamrocks

This week Anja Murray looks at one of Irelands national symbols, Shamrock.

Saturday 10th March

Nature File with Anja Murray - Frogs.

In this Saturdays episode Anja Murray looks into the world of the Common Frog.

Saturday 9th September

Nature File with Anja Murry - Brambles & Blackberries

This week Anja Murry leads us through the grass to the delicious treats that can be harvested in early autumn.

Saturday 2nd September

Nature File with Anja Murry - Seaweed.

Ireland has one of the highest ratios of land to coastline. So seaweed is and was always a valuable and nutritious crop.



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