Daybreak with Evonne Ferguson

Daybreak with Evonne Ferguson

Saturday, 7 - 10am


Saturday 16th June

Nature file - Snails

Anja Murray leads us down the path of these delicate & fascinating creatures.

Saturday 9th June

Naturefile - Terns

The true globetrotters of the bird world!

Saturday 2nd June

Naturefile - Wild Strawberries

Anja Murray tells us about our delicious indigenous strawberry.

Saturday 26th May

Nature File - The Geometry of flowers.

Flowers are beautiful. The delight in their colour, fragrance and form, as well as their medicinal benefits.

Saturday 19th May

Nature file - Mayflies

Mayfly & freshwater habitats.

Saturday 12th May

Naturefile - The Otter and family...

Naturefile - The Otter and family...

Saturday 5th May

Nature file - Hedgerows

As the hedges up and down the country erupt with whitethorn blossom, Nature File examines the history and ecology of our hedgerows, from caterpillars to kestrels, and medieval boundaries to ...

Saturday 28th April

Nature File - The Cuckoo.

The weeks around late April and early May, when the Cuckoo has just returned from Africa and begins calling out over Irish meadows, tend to coincide with a period of ...

Saturday 21st April

Nature File - Irish Deer.

Anja Murray speaks about Irish Deer.

Saturday 14th April

Nature file - Woodland in spring.

Wintry woodlands begin the annual eruption of wildflowers in April with Bluebells, Wood anemone, Primroses and Wild garlic. This show will explore the dynamics of the woodland floor in early ...



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