Daybreak with Evonne Ferguson

Daybreak with Evonne Ferguson

Saturday, 7 - 10am


Saturday 8th August

Naturefile - Alien wildflowers

A fascinating look at some non indigenous beauties!

Saturday 1st August

Naturefile - Ireland's Islands

Anja brings us on a short tour of our beautiful islands!

Saturday 25th July

Naturefile - Marram Grass

Naturefile - Marram Grass The dense, spiky tufts of Marram grass are a familiar sight on our windswept coasts. In fact, its matted roots help to stabilise sand dunes, allowing ...

Saturday 18th July

Naturefile - Puffins

Puffins are any of three species of small alcids in the bird genus Fratercula with a brightly colored beak during the breeding season. These are pelagic seabirds that feed primarily ...

Saturday 11th July

Naturefile - Foxgloves

Foxglove are striking, elegant wildflowers.They can grow to 1-1.5m They are familiar as distinctive hedgerow plants with their tall spires of tubular flower bells & have long been used in ...

Saturday 27th June

Naturefile - Guelder-Rose

A beautiful shrub, Guelder-rose grows by lakes, in hedgerows and in thickets, sometimes reaching as high as 4 metres. In June and July it displays truly stunning, clusters of fragrant, ...

Saturday 20th June

Naturefile - Crabs.

They live in all the world's oceans, in fresh water, and on land, are generally covered with a thick exoskeleton, and have a single pair of pincers.

Saturday 13th June

Naturefile - Feileastram - Flag Iris.

Along damp ditches and riverbanks, around lakes and ponds, this handsome plant shows its large, bright yellow flowers from June to August. The large blooms (8-10cm) are unmistakable.

Saturday 6th June

Naturefile - Fallow deer.

Fallow deer are Ireland's second largest deer species after the red deer. The main distinguishing feature of the fallow deer is the arrangement of the antlers.

Saturday 30th May

Naturefile - Swifts

The weak and small feet of a Swift only allow it to cling to vertical surfaces or shuffle awkwardly on the ground (at the nest). In flight, has a distinctive ...



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