The Blue of the Night with Bernard Clarke

The Blue of the Night with Bernard Clarke

Monday to Thursday, 9pm - midnight

Blue of the Night Wednesday 6 June 2018

The Blue of the Night with Bernard Clarke

The Blue of the Night connects different musical landscapes - bringing you through centuries, genres and soundscapes.

Music Played on the Show


Title: Fur Papa/Fireside Landler

Composer: Schwab, Claudia

Performer(s): Claudia Schwab (Fiddles, Harmonium, Voice, Percussion), Lisa Horzer (Harp), Seamie O'Dowd (Fiddle/Guitar), Cathy Jordan (Bodhran), Leonard Barry (Whistle)

Album: Attic Mornings EP / Artist Release 2016

Duration: 8:18


Title: Che Si Può Fare

Composer: Strozzi, Barbara

Performer(s): Capella Mediterranea

Album: Barbara Strozzi: Virtuosissima compositrice / Ambronay Éditions / AMY (ASIN: B00ATFXMQA)

Duration: 12:10


Title: Sonata No.2 In E Flat, (2nd Movement) Romance, Adagio Non Tanto

Composer: Rosetti, Antonio

Performer(s): Naoko Yoshino (Harp)

Album: Debussy: Clair de Lune: Musicques Romantique pour Harpe / Philips / 4460642

Duration: 2:21


Title: Vidalita

Composer: Traditional

Performer(s): Miguel Ángel Cortés (Flamenco Guitar), Accademia Del Piacere

Album: Las idas y las vueltas - Spanish Baroque Meets Flamenco / Glossa / GCD P33203

Duration: 6:59


Title: House Carpenter

Composer: Trad

Performer(s): Arianna Savall (Soprano) (Harp); Petter Johansen (Tenor) (Mandolin) (Hardingfele)

Album: The Wind Rose / Carpe Diem

Duration: 6:58


Title: 12 Sonata Di Gravicembalo - Sonata No. 6 - Toccata In A Major - Allegro

Complete Work Name: 12 Sonata Di Gravicembalo

Composer: Paradies, Domenico

Performer(s): Philip Martin (Piano)

Album: The Maiden's Prayer - Philip Martin / Hyperion / CDA67379

Duration: 2:43


Title: Worried Life Blues

Composer: Big Maceo

Performer(s): Big Maceo (Piano, Vocal), Tampa Red (Guitar); Ransom Knowling (Bass)

Album: The History of Rhythm and Blues / Rhythm and Blues Records / RANDB001

Duration: 2:56


Title: Phidyle

Composer: Duparc, Henri

Performer(s): Fritz Schwinghammer (Piano)

Album: Invitation au Voyage / Harmonia Mundi / HMA 1951875

Duration: 4:55


Title: De Luce Et Umbra

Composer: Johannsson, Johann

Performer(s): Air Lyndhurst String Orchestra, Theatre Of Voices, Hildur Gudnadottir (Cello)

Album: Orphée / Deutshe Grammaphon / 00289 479 6021

Duration: 2:28


Title: Do You Remember

Composer: Johnson, Jack

Performer(s): Jack Johnson (Vocals, Guitars)

Album: In Between Dreams (Recordno: 9880252) / Island Records / 9880252

Duration: 2:24


Title: Romeo And Juliet Fantasy Overture

Composer: Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich

Performer(s): Katarina Andreasson (Leader), Swedish Chamber Orchestra

Album: Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 Pathetique, Romeo & Juliet / BIS / BIS-SACD-1959

Duration: 19:16


Title: Hear My Train A Comin (Acoustic)

Composer: Hendrix, Jimi

Performer(s): Jimi Hendrix

Album: Blues / MCA/Experience Hendrix / 111 060-2

Duration: 3:05


Title: Scherazade

Composer: Lavelle / LeGassick

Performer(s): Caroline Lavelle (Vocals, Cello, Keyboards), Damian Legassick (Keyboards)

Album: Spirit

Duration: 3:12


Title: December

Composer: Danielsson, Lars

Performer(s): Lars Danielsson (Bass), Marilyn Mazur (Percussion), Nils Petter Molvaer (Trumpet), Michael Riessler (Bass Clarinet), Et Al

Album: The Lars Danielsson Signature Edition (2-CD) / ACT / ACT 6006-2

Duration: 5:26


Title: Cavatina

Composer: Stanley Meyers

Performer(s): Goran Sollscher (Guitar)

Album: Guitar Moods - The Ultimate Collection / Deutsche Grammophon / 479 1281

Duration: 3:39


Title: Like Someone In Love

Composer: Van Heusen / Burke

Performer(s): Oscar Peterson (Piano), Ray Brown (Bass), Ed Thigpen (Drums)

Album: Exclusively For My Friends (4-CD) / MPS / 513 833-2

Duration: 11:20


Title: Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room

Composer: Carter, A. P.

Performer(s): Norman Blake (Guitar & Vocals), Nancy Blake (Guitar & Vocals)

Album: Norman Blake-Sleepy Eyed Joe / Rounder / 6106422

Duration: 3:48


Title: How Can I Stop?

Composer: Cunliffe

Performer(s): Nancy Elizabeth (Vocal / Harp)

Album: Battle and Victory (Recordno: BAY 60CD) / Leaf Label / BAY 60CD

Duration: 2:56


Title: Arpeggiata Addio

Composer: Kapsberger, Giovanni Girolamo

Performer(s): Rolf Lislevand (Archlute, Baroque Gtr, Theorboe), Arianna Savall (Triple Harp, Voice)

Album: Rolf Lislevand: Nuove Musiche / ECM / 1922 4763049

Duration: 7:21


Title: Contigo

Composer: Monton, Jose Luis

Performer(s): José Luis Montón, José Peixoto (Guitars)/Fernando Júdice (Upright Bass), José Salgueiro (Percussion),Gorka Hermosa/Pedro Santos (Accordion), Filipe Dias (Clarinet), Ana Isabel Dias (Harp)

Album: Súbita / Karonte / KAR2811

Duration: 5:37


Title: Ave Maria (Arr For Violin & Piano)

Composer: Schubert, Franz

Performer(s): Daniil Trifonov (Piano)

Album: Anne Sophie Mutter & Daniil Trifonov:Franz Schubert Trout Quintet / Deutsche Grammophon / 4797570

Duration: 4:32


Title: Jessie

Composer: Ian, Janis

Performer(s): Joan Baez (Vocal, Piano)

Album: The Complete A & M Recordings (4-CD) / A & M / Universal / B0000828-02

Duration: 4:26


Title: Ubi Caritas Et Amor

Composer: Lauridsen, Morten

Performer(s): Britten Sinfonia, Polyphony

Album: Lauridsen: Lux Aeterna / Madrigali / Latin Motets / Hyperion / CDA67449

Duration: 7:02


Title: Piano Concerto No.2 In F Minor (2nd Movement) Larghetto

Composer: Chopin, Frederic

Performer(s): Martha Argerich (Piano), Montreal Symphony Orchestra

Album: Chopin: Piano Concertos (Recordno: 724355679826) / EMI Classics / 724355679826

Duration: 8:50


Title: Ain Tunkle Farb

Composer: Oswald von Wolkenstein

Performer(s): Mark Bleeke (Tenor), Tina Chancey (Vielle, Kamenji, Rebec)

Album: Carmina Burana and other Spirited Songs from the German Middle Ages / Bard / BDCD1-8901

Duration: 3:36


Title: Drømte Mig En Drøm I Nat (Instrumental Piece)

Composer: Anon

Performer(s): Baptiste Romain (Vielle)

Album: Mare Balticum Vol. I: Music in medieval Denmark, 13-15c / Tacet / 0243-0 CD

Duration: 4:02


Title: The Fixed Stars, The Frontier To The Beyond

Composer: Zeitler, William

Performer(s): William Zeitler (Glass Armonica)

Album: Music of the Spheres / 2009 Specialist Recording Company LTD / SRC113

Duration: 2:34



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