The Blue of the Night with Bernard Clarke

The Blue of the Night with Bernard Clarke

Monday to Thursday, 9pm - midnight

Blue of the Night Monday 21 May 2018

Composer Lab 2019 on Blue of the Night

Composer Lab is presented by CMC, in partnership with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and RTÉ lyric fm.

Now in its fourth year, the initiative is aimed at composers who wish to write for symphony orchestra and focuses on providing these composers with a creative and open environment to deepen their experience in writing for symphonic forces, under the mentorship of composer David Fennessy.

The programme also includes discussions regarding the process of the project with the mentor composer, David Fennessy and this year's participating composers Peter Fahey, Kerry Hagan, Daniel McDermott and Sam Perkin.

The Blue of the Night with Bernard Clarke

The Blue of the Night connects different musical landscapes - bringing you through centuries, genres and soundscapes.

Music Played on the Show


Title: La Rose Complete

Composer: Rilke, Rainer Maria/ Lauridsen, Morton

Performer(s): Polyphony, Polyphony

Album: Lauridsen: Nocturnes / Hyperion / 67580

Duration: 4:43


Title: Out Of The Wilderness

Composer: Fraanje/Sylla

Performer(s): Mola Sylla (Voice), Harmen Fraanje(Piano)

Album: Count Till Zen / Winter and Winter / W&W 910 218-2

Duration: 7:18


Title: Desert Reels

Composer: Trad Arr McGoldrick

Performer(s): Michael Mcgoldrick (Flute), Ian Fletcher (Guitars), Andrew Dinan (Fiddle )

Album: Future Trad Collective / Vertical / VERTCD093

Duration: 7:56


Title: Cream

Composer: Jun Miyake

Performer(s): Jun Miyake Ensemble

Album: Mondo Erotica / Tropical Music / Nektar68.820

Duration: 8:58


Title: New Dance

Composer: Jarrett, Keith

Performer(s): Keith Jarrett (Piano), Jan Garbarek (Sax), Palle Danielsson (Bass), Jon Christensen (Drums/Perc)

Album: Sleeper / ECM / ECM 2290/91

Duration: 7:07


Title: Magnificat Op.36

Composer: Finzi, Gerald

Performer(s): Daniel Cook (Organ)

Album: Finzi - Bax - Ireland Choral Music / Hyperion / CDA68167

Duration: 10:25


Title: Like Someone In Love

Composer: Van Heusen / Burke

Performer(s): Oscar Peterson (Piano), Ray Brown (Bass), Ed Thigpen (Drums)

Album: Exclusively For My Friends (4-CD) / MPS / 513 833-2

Duration: 11:20


Title: And The Willow Tree Smiled

Composer: Van Schothorst, Anne

Performer(s): Anne Van Schothorst (Harp), Saskia Laroo (Trumpet)

Album: Ek is Eik: Anne Vanschothorst Harp + Bass + Percussion + Trumpet + Viola da Gamba / Big Round Records / BR893Z

Duration: 4:57


Title: Ye Honest Bridal Couple / Sonderho Bridal Trilogy - Part I

Composer: Traditional

Performer(s): Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen, Frederik Oland (Violins), Asbjorn Norgaard (Viola), Frederik Schoyen Sjolin (Cello)

Album: Wood Works / Dacapo / 8.226081

Duration: 5:10


Title: Prelude And Fugue No.16 In Bb Minor

Composer: Shostakovich, Dmitri

Performer(s): Keith Jarrett (Piano)

Album: Dimitri Shostakovich - 24 Preludes and Fugues Op.87 (2-CD) / ECM New Series / 1469/70 497 1892

Duration: 8:59


Title: Masana

Composer: Le Trio Joubran

Performer(s): Youssef Hbeisch (Percussion)

Album: As Far / World Village 2011 / WVF479055

Duration: 8:44


Title: All That Has Happened Happened As Fate Willed

Composer: Herskedal, Daniel

Performer(s): Daniel Herskedal (Tuba, Bass Trumpet), Eyolf Dale (Piano), Svante Henryson (Cello), Bergmund Waal Skaslien (Viola), Helge Andreas Norbakken (Percussion),

Album: The Roc / Edition Records 2017 / EDN 1084

Duration: 4:50


Title: Pak-Ke

Composer: Antognini, Ivo

Performer(s): Ivo Antognini Jazz Project

Album: Feggari Mou / Gramon / GRAN 05810

Duration: 8:07


Title: (Der) Gerechte, Ob Er Gleich Zu Zeitlich Stirbt

Composer: Bach, Johann Christoph

Performer(s): Cantus Colln

Album: Pachelbel, Bach Motets / deutsche harmonia mundi / 05472773052

Duration: 4:23


Title: Piano Concerto No.2 In G Minor (2nd Movement) Andante

Composer: Godard, Benjamin

Performer(s): Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Album: The Romantic Piano Concerto - 63: Benjamin Godard / Hyperion Records / CDA68043

Duration: 7:16


Title: Marcie

Composer: Mitchell Joni

Performer(s): Chris Thile (Mandolin, Vocals), Brad Mehldau (Piano)

Album: Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau / Nonesuch 2017 / 558771

Duration: 4:52


Title: Four Songs Of Love - Ii: Until The Daybreak

Composer: Sandstrom, Sven-David

Performer(s): Sofia Vokalensemble

Album: Forvarskvall - One Early Spring Evening / Convivium Records / CR017

Duration: 2:32


Title: Swimming In The Longest River

Composer: Chaney, Olivia

Performer(s): Olivia Chaney (Voice/Piano/Guitar)

Album: The Longest River / Nonesuch Records 2015 / Nonesuch 541711

Duration: 4:36


Title: Ralli

Composer: Niemenen/Vaananen

Performer(s): Timo Vaananen (Novgorod Lyre)

Album: Ontrei / Nordic Notes / LC14502/NN073

Duration: 5:52


Title: If I Miss A Star

Composer: Snowpoet/Kinsella

Performer(s): Lauren Kinsella(Vocals), Chris Hyson (Bass,Keys, Piano,Guitar), Matthew Robinson (Piano/Keys), Nicholas Costley (Guitars), Josh Arolco (B/Vocals/Sax), Dave Hamblett (Drums), Snowpoet

Album: Snowpoet / Two Rivers Records 2016 / TRR007

Duration: 3:47



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