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Cead Mile Failte to a 25% increase in visits to Ireland this St. Patrick's Day compared with last year!

Ireland will have to provide even more than a thousand welcomes this St. Patrick’s Day. Figures from Expedia brand sites across the world show that holiday bookings to the country increase by 25%, compared with 2012.

This year, St. Patrick’s Day check-ins have also been more evenly spread over the whole weekend, where last year 40% of check-ins were for the Saturday of St. Patrick’s weekend only.

So where are all of these tourists going? The most favoured areas for tourists to stay have changed. While Dublin is still the number one destination, the share of St. Patrick ’s Day bookings has dropped from 75% last year to 65% this year with visitors choosing to stay in a broader mix of counties. Galway took the place of Killarney as this year’s second most popular location, with Cork holding third place from last year.

And who is visiting the Irish this year? Americans still hold their traditional place as our top tourists for St. Patrick’s Day, with our neighbours in the UK maintaining second place. However Irish domestic bookings jumped to third place over Germany from last year, while Germany dropped to fourth place and Canada sits in fifth place.

Andy Washington, Managing Director for Expedia Ireland said: “It’s great to see from results across Expedia brand sites that bookings to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day are on the rise. It’s particularly refreshing to see that people are exploring new parts of the country and to see that the Irish themselves are taking advantage of this opportunity to visit a new region of the country to celebrate this historical Irish festival.”

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