Did you know that over half of Irish holidaymakers believe they're more likely to find love on holiday than at home!

Yes, it’s been confirmed, that over half (56%) of Irish believe they’re more likely to find love on holiday than at home, according to research by Expedia.ie on the clear links between love and travel.

Perhaps because of this belief, we’re also more likely to take holiday romance into our own hands and admitted to be flirtier on flights than the Brits, Germans, French, and even the Italians!
Over half (55%) of Irish also use travel stories as the main way to appear interesting to the opposite sex on a first date, again more than the Brits, Italians, French and Germans.

And our traditional travel story-telling also extends to the modern discourse of internet dating. Over half (54%) of Irish internet daters include travel details and stories in their profile, to woo potential lovers.

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