Backpackers, young tourists and ambitious adventurers of the world rejoice: the UK will still be included in the Interrail scheme, backtracking its decision earlier this week to leave the programme. 

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) - which represents British rail companies - announced that they had reached a new decision with Eurail Group - which manages European rail companies - after the "strong reaction to news of our departure".

Writing on Twitter, the RDG asserted that "Britain's train companies never wanted to leave Interrail", adding that they "will be remaining part of both the Interrail and Eurail passes". 

Having operated since 1972, Interrail - the service for European travelers - has provided unlimited train travel across EU countries for a fixed price. Eurail is the same service, for no-EU travelers. 

For many young people, undertaking an ambitious Interrailing adventure has been something of a rite of passage and if the online fury at the proposed changes show anything, it's that it's a cherished institution still. 

The proposed change would have seen England, Wales and Scotland removed from the Interrail and Eurail network, with tourists having to buy a separate pass - the BritRail pass - for roughly the same price as a full Europe-wide pass. 

When the news broke, both British and European rail companies have pinned the blame on each other but assert that the move has nothing to do with Brexit.

So, get plotting that Interrailing summer of fun!