Plane journeys are uncomfortable at the best of times – even more so if you’re travelling during peak periods. Sadly, not all of us can afford to travel in Business Class, but there are ways to make an Economy journey much more comfortable. From your choice of outfit to the snacks you take onboard, small details can transform a flight.

Asquith, makers of super soft eco activewear, share their essential tips for flying (and landing) in style…

1. Pack plenty of healthy snacks
While it’s tempting to load up with sweets, crisps and other junk for the plane, it’s important to keep well hydrated and to try and prevent sugar crashes mid-air – especially if kids are involved. Pack hand-luggage-friendly-size health snacks to perk you up en route such as oatcakes, nuts, an apple or some baby carrots. 

2. Travel in breathable clothing
Make sure you wear comfortable, non-synthetic clothing to travel in. Fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo are naturally breathable and sweat-wicking, so will keep you feeling fresh all flight. 

3. Stock up on vitamins
Getting sick is the last thing you want to happen on holiday, but so often our immune systems become vulnerable as soon as we step off the office treadmill and relax. Taking probiotics is a great way to avoid tummy troubles caused by eating different food and drinking local water on holiday. 

4. Invest in compression socks
If you are flying long haul, compression socks are essential. You can pick up a pair in most airport chemists. Make sure you keep moving around the cabin during the flight and stay hydrated. It’s best to avoid alcohol and save your holiday tipples for your destination.

5. Get set for sleep
Earplugs are a lifesaver when travelling, cutting out all those screaming babies and engine noises. Use them in combination with an eye mask and you’ll find it much easier to doze off – even in an upright economy seat. If you are flying overnight, pack a pair of pyjamas (or comfy night clothes) and prepare yourself for "bed". The ritual of changing clothes, cleaning teeth and switching off might help you sleep better. Plus, you’ll have a fresh-smelling outfit for landing.

6. Opt for multi-functional pieces of clothing
If you’re flying hand luggage only, multi-functional pieces are essential for your suitcase – and for wearing in-flight. A great sarong is a must-have – you can use it as a scarf, a wrap-around and a head-tie – and harem pants are perfect beach-to-bar wear, paired with  flip flops during the day and heels at night. 

7.  Get in the zone
If you’re flying to a different time zone, adjust your watch to the local time at your destination before you land. That way when you arrive, you are already thinking in local time and (hopefully) avoiding jet lag.