City breaks and weekends away are perfect for this time of the year, when money is still sort of scarce but you need time away. But if you're looking for something bigger and more luxurious, now's the time to take advantage of some of the best travel deals out there. 

Here are all the best offers available this week, with everything from a hot and happy holiday on the beaches of Florida to in the US to a stay in an all-inclusive luxury and modern resort in Mexico, from where you can explore the vibrant culture of this ancient country. 

1. Find your happy ending in Disney in Florida

When life gets a little too real, there's no better fix than a flying visit to the white sandy beaches of Floridan. Even better? You'll be within driving distance of Disneyland, where dreams become reality and reality becomes something we don't talk about. 

American Sky is offering savings of up to €250 per family for a 10-night stay at Disney Area Villa & Clearwater Beach Twin Centre, for many dates across 2019 when booked before 28th February. So, you can get this trip from €859 per person. 

This getaway includes a stay in a spacious villa with a private pool, just a short drive away from Disneyland, the stuff kids' and adults' dreams are made of, as well as a slew of other theme parks and tourist attractions. But this is all extra when you think of the paradise that is Clearwater on the Gulf Coast, one of the world's best beaches. 

2. Explore ancient Mexico from a modern and chic resort

Mexico is one of the most vibrant places in the world, both visually, culturally and historically, and for first-time travellers to the country, it can be overwhelming. This is where resorts come in handy. 

Tropical Sky is offering savings of up to €120pp on seven night stays at the four-star plus Oleo Cancun Playa Boutique Resort when travelling between 1 April and 21 December 2019, if booked before 12th March, meaning you can get this holiday from just €1,119 per person.

The chic and contemporary all-inclusive resort features a range of stunning facilities, including a welcome cocktail, personalised waiter service at the pool and beach area and modern rooms. 

3. A five-star experience on a Sri Lankan private island

Private island trips are becoming slightly more accessible, but not less exclusive, and if you've been saving up for a particularly spectacular holiday, this might be the one for you.

Tropical Sky is offering savings of up to €365pp on a 10-night luxury Pangkor Laut & Kuala Lumpur twin-centre when travelling between 20 February and 19 December 2019, if booked before 28th February 2019, so you could nab this getaway from €1,779 per person.

Get 7 nights at Pangkor Laut for the price of 5, plus three complimentary three-course dinners for two as part of this deal. If that wasn't enough, you'll be staying on beautiful and secluded Pangkor Island before moving to Kuala Lumpur for a mini city break. 

4. A tropical spa retreat in the balmy Maldives

The Maldives is a relaxing destination without having to try, with its shimmery beaches and tropical scenery around every corner, but throw in an all-inclusive spa trip and we're completely sold. 

Tropical Sky is offering savings of  up to €1,050 per person on seven night stays at the five-star Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu for travel various 2019 dates, if booked before 28th February 2019. The offer means that this holiday now costs from €1,769pp.

Relax with a spa treatment or two, before hitting the waters for some windsurfing and getting those Instagram photos in.