It’s a frustrating fact that when it comes to learning each new dating trend, you have to do some dating. If you’ve got to put yourself out there, why not do so in one of the most vibrant and innovative cities in the world?

London is home to some of the best food and nightlife spots, but where do you take someone for a truly special night? Eager to figure this out on this week’s episode of "Jen’s Weekend: London" airing each Monday on RTÉ Player, Jen Zamparelli is swept off her feet by none other than Love Island lothario Eyal Booker, dater extraordinaire.

Fresh off her Aer Lingus flight, Jen barely has time to catch her breath before she's off on her romantic romp through London. Swiping left on dating apps like Tinder, Eyal shows Jen the delights of daytime dating, whisking her off to an 80s-themed aerobics class for some stretching, an indoor golf park and one-on-one time in their own personal pod overlooking the Thames.

Jen shouldn’t get to have all the fun, so we picked out our favourite places to make a move in London.

1. Coppa Club

You know when you like someone so much you just want to snuggle up with them, away from the world in your own little paradise? There’s a bar for that.

Coppa Club is a one of a kind venue, with stunning bars and seating areas designed for taking in the beauty of the Thames. The real feature, though, is the terrace where brass pods filled with fluffy throws, flickering candles and sheepskin rugs allow you to sip cocktails* and cosy up with your lover under the night sky.

In a city that’s so built up, this is a dreamlike and swoon-worthy spot. Use at your own peril, results may include marriage proposals and plans to travel the world together. We don’t know how Jen escaped proposal-free.

2. Cards Against Humanity dating event

Sometimes what bonds you isn’t common interests but common hates, and let’s be honest, there’s nothing more hilarious than venting about how much you hate green tea or the Kardashians to someone who really understands you.

If that sounds like you, Dating Against Humanity is the perfect date. Based on the wildly popular card game, where players draw question and answer cards to create hilarious puns or twisted jokes, this event is a new twist on speed dating. Each night will see 30-40 people sign up for the event, half women and half men. You’ll cycle through groups of 6-8 people, playing a few short rounds and seeing if sparks - as well as puns - fly.

A truly unique way to meet someone special, have a few laughs, let your competitive side show a little and try to out-gross your date with the most tongue-in-cheek card pairings you can make.

3. Swingers

Now, before you call us freaks, it’s not as risqué as it sounds. Swingers is London’s foremost exclusive crazy golf course, the happy union of the fun of mini golf and the sophistication of an upmarket bar.

Complete with incredible vintage-inspired mini golf courses and sumptuous street food, it’s the perfect place to knock a few balls around and get to know your date - nothing shows a person’s true colours more than how they react to you getting a hole-in-one before them.

4. Sing-Along Cinema

A key part of dating is coming to terms with the reality that your partner is a flawed human being and not perfect. The best way to do this? Sing-along cinema nights, of course.

The sing-along cinema nights at the Prince Charles Cinema have become renowned the world over, playing hits like Grease, The Sound of Music and, the sexiest of sexy musicals, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

See if your crush is as sweet as the singing fraulein Maria, or whether your honey has what it takes to be a Danny Zuko, all the while belting out some hits.

5. 80s Aerobics

Need to work out some kinks in your relationship, or maybe you just need to let it all hang out in some Lycra? Either way, a private aerobics class set to classic 80s hits from Madonna, Michael Jackson and more is one way to warm up on a date.

By now we all know that exercise releases endorphins, making us happy and energised, so why not use this chemical trick to your advantage? You won’t have a boring date when you’re gyrating along to ‘Beat It’, and there’s nothing more hilarious than donning leg warmers and leggings together.

We bet Jen and Eyal made some cherished, if maybe a little disturbing, memories here!

6. Silent Dating



Leave it to Londoners to invent the greatest date ever: a date where you don’t even have to talk. Bliss.

Jokes aside, Shhh Dating have come up with an ingenious event, where flirting games, seductive eye contact and body language come first putting us squarely into a realm where words come last.

Actions speak louder than words they say, so go on and shhh up.

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*drink responsibly

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