Looking for some holiday inspo? RTÉ 2FM presenter Eoghan McDermott shares his top travel spots in Ireland and abroad.

Staycation Spots

"My favourite holiday spot... I'm going to say Connemara but I suppose that's probably biased because I was there as a kid so much in the Gaeltacht so I just love it and anytime I go back it opens up all these memories but one thing I have said to myself is that I actually don't know the country as well as I should.

"For the age I am, I should have been somewhere nice in practically every county and that is not the case so I need to get my act together and I think that's the same for a lot of people so I need to do more exploring."

Going Abroad

"Outside of Ireland - I lived in New York for a year so I've got a massive soft spot for New York but that can be a cold and unforgiving and a lot of concrete.

"I was in Sorrento recently - my family are big Italy people but I had never been to Sorrento - and I think that's my new favourite place. I can see myself going there repeatedly year after year."

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