To celebrate Science week, RTÉjr and TRTÉ are bringing you lots of fascinating science programmes. There really is something for everyone!

Science Week on RTÉjr

What's the show? Let's Find Out.

When is it on? Monday - Friday at 13:30 & 16:00, and weekends at 14:55.

What's it about? Go aboard the Curiosity spaceship with alien puppet Zoom and scientists Mark and Ciara to answer questions about science.

Let's Find Out
Let's Find Out

What's the show? Rocketeers.

When is it on? Monday - Friday at 18:45.  

What's it about? Explore the sky and space in an adventure series led by space guide Simon Watt.


What's the show? Kiva Can Do.            

When is it on? Weekends at 12:10.

What's it about? Kiva is a five-year-old girl who knows how to make her own fun and whose imagination knows no bounds. Kiva can create absolutely anything and go absolutely anywhere.

Kiva Can Do
Kiva Can Do

What's the show? Wild Kids.

When is it on? Monday - Friday at 11:45 & 14:50, and weekends at 07:15.

What's it about? Join the Wildlife Warriors as they explore different habitats up and down the country, from the coast to the city, discovering the plants, animals, bugs, birds and bees that live around us. 

Wild Kids

What's the show? Wonder What?

When is it on? Monday - Friday at  09:10.

What's it about? The show visits factories and workshops around Ireland to tell the stories of how everyday things are made and how things work.

Wonder What?
Wonder What?

Science Week on TRTÉ / RTÉ2...

What's the show? Brain Freeze.  

When is it on? Going out throughout the day from Monday to Friday.

What's it about? Hilarious short animations about science.

What's the show? Insiders.

When is it on? Going out on Monday to Friday plus weekends.

What's it about? Scientists Sarah-Louise Ball, Phil Smyth and Jennifer Cleary are on a mission to demonstrate the genius that goes into making the big events happen!

What's the show? DeTECHtives.   

When is it on? Going out throughout the day from Monday to Friday.

What's it about? Scientist Phil Smyth helps kids figure out the answers to some tricky science questions.

Happy Science Week!