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Watch! Dave Fanning learns a brilliant party trick

Dr Jennifer Cleary teaches Dave Fanning a pretty cool party trick - how to get a boiled egg into a bottle without it breaking it.

Throughout Science Week, Dr Cleary is impressing a number of 2FM DJs with a series of fun science experiments.

In this one, she shows Dave a smart way to get a boiled egg into a bottle without it breaking up.

The Science Behind…The trick explained!

Science likes things to be in equilibrium.

If you have a bottle that has fewer air molecules inside than outside, then air will rush in to fill it.

By putting a piece of paper on fire in the bottle, you are heating up the air molecules which then cool down when the fire goes out. This causes the air to condense and the air molecules move closer together creating more space in the bottle.

Therefore, air comes rushing in from the outside of the bottle and because the pressure is so great it pushes the egg into the bottle with it!


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