Adventurer and professional speaker Mark Pollock is continuing his search for a cure for spinal injury. 

Pollock overcame blindness to win bronze and silver medals for Northern Ireland in the 2002 Commonwealth Rowing Championships and in 2009 travelled 770 kilometres to reach the South Pole.

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Six years ago, Pollock was left in a wheelchair after a fall from a second storey building but has continued to fight adversity as he seeks a cure for paralysis.

He told Rick O'Shea: "Back in 2014 I did a four-month study in LA combining electrical stimulation of the spine with an exoskeleton. So I walked in a robot while I was being electrically stimulated in the spine." 

"The result of that was that I could voluntarily move my legs - so the robots did less. The next challenge was to get that technology back here - we are now funding a scientist back here - and I go in every day and train.

"I am moving my legs more, building muscle mass and so it carries on. 

"What we are about to do is a clinical trial, with multiple patients to replicate what I have been doing - so these devices can get approval."

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Tonight 25,000 people will hit the road to Run in the Dark in aid of the Mark Pollock Trust.

Part of a global event, together they are supporting Mark to find and connect people worldwide to fast-track a cure for paralysis.

Also in the documentary Pollock reveals how he encouraged Ireland's rugby team to “turn the impossible possible” in a stirring speech prior to the historic win over New Zealand in Chicago.

“History is filled with the accounts of the impossible, made possible through human endeavour,” he said.

“The type of human endeavour that took people to the South Pole 100 years ago.

“The type of human endeavour that took astronauts to the moon 50 years ago and the type of human endeavour that I hope will ultimately find the cure for paralysis."

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The Run in the Dark event is taking place tonight, Wednesday 16 November in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and 52 other cities around the world.