Makes: For 4 Person

  • 350g of Spaghetti
  • 150g of diced guanciale (Italian cured pork cheeks)
  • 4 eggs yolk
  • 50g of grated pecorino romano cheese
  • Black pepper
  • White wine
  • Extra virgin olive oil


  1. Pan fry the guanciale with olive oil.
  2. When it is crispy and loses its fat pour some white wine on top
  3. Cook spaghetti al dente
  4. Whisk the eggs in a bowl and add the grated pecorino romano and black pepper…
  5. Rinse the pasta and pour in with the guanciale, tossing constantly for maybe one minute and adding a bit of cooking water from the pasta to make sure it is creamy
  6. Switch off the hob (fire) and pour the mixture with the egg yolk into the spaghetti 7. Continue to whisk the spaghetti into the pan and put it straight onto the plate. You don't want scrambled eggs. Now you are ready to impress your guest. Buon appetito!