Crisp, golden, caramelised, thin and elegant, these long slipper shaped biscuits can be served with ices, sorbets, mousses and soufflés or just with coffee.

Rory says: Scraps of puff or flaky pastry will work perfectly here. The pastry is rolled in icing sugar and cooks to a crisp caramel. 


  • The puff or flaky you use must be made with butter as anything less will produce an ordinary biscuit which would be a pity as these can be fantastic. Use the pastry chilled from the fridge and don’t allow it to warm up or it will become difficult to handle
  • 200g  puff pastry
  • 100g  sieved icing sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 220c / 450f / gas 7.
  2. Dust the worktop and the pastry with some of the icing sugar.
  3. Roll the pastry into a 25cm square. Dust with more icing sugar.
  4. Fold the left hand and right hand side of the square of pastry halfway towards the middle. Fold again so that the two sides meet in the middle of the pastry. Now fold one side on top of the other and firm it gently in place with the heel of your hand. Cut the pastry into 2.5cm pieces. Turn these pieces on their side with the cut side up.
  5. Dust again with icing sugar, flatten with the heel of your hand and roll into long tongue shaped biscuits as thin as a sheet of pasta. They should be about 15-20cm long and 4-5cm wide. If the pastry starts to come apart at the folds when you are rolling it, just pinch it together and keep going. Use more icing sugar if the pastry is sticking to the work surface or the rolling pin.  
  6. Place on a baking sheet and in the hot oven and cook until golden brown. They may need to flipped over during the cooking. Be brave and allow them to become well caramelised.
  7. Remove from the oven and with a slice or palate knife, place on a wire rack to cool. They will become crisp and brittle.
  8. Serve within 4 hours or store in an airtight container.