RTÉ presenter Jen Zamparelli has revealed that she had her "tubes tied" after the birth of her second child. 

Speaking to VIP Magazine, the Dancing With the Stars host, 39, explained how she was "stitched up" after deciding with her husband, Lau, that they didn't want any more children. 

The couple have two children, four-year-old Florence and one-year-old Enzo. 

"My tubes are tied. I had a C-section and while the surgeon was down there - job done. Lau really didn't want to have any more. Life is busy enough with two and with work. And the jobs that we are in, they're not steady jobs," she said.

The candid interview also looked at how her career has progressed, with the presenter commenting on the long hustle it took to get to the position she's now in - co-host of Dancing With the Stars with Nicky Byrne and with a new morning show on 2fm, which she will start hosting next month. 

"I feel like I've been working my ass off for 10 years to get to this point," she said.

"It's not an overnight success, it didn't just happen, I didn't just get plucked from RTÉ. I've been chipping away doing great TV shows, doing s***ty TV shows, getting rejected, getting ideas rejected.

"And I've done five years on breakfast radio and I think everybody who works those ungodly hours deserves a medal for getting up.

"When we started on 'Breakfast Republic' - myself, Bernard [O'Shea] and Keith [Walsh] - there was some hatred towards us. You should have seen the texts we got. But it grew from there to become one of the biggest breakfast shows in our demographic."