Michelin, Ireland's only tyre maker, tells us that 'Back Seat Passengers' should take note that boring journeys may be coming to an end.

Michelin says that by selecting any one of its Michelin I-Spy spotter guides, young back seat passengers (and adults too) need never again be stuck for something to do. 

Each book in the 60-book series contains up to 200 colour illustrations which readers are asked to I-Spy, the aim being to tick each object off as it is seen and score points for every correct answer. 

Readers can challenge their friends to see who can I-Spy the most objects or, by collecting 1,000 points or more, join the I-Spy club and apply online for a certificate of achievement. 

Costing £2.50 each, details of the 64-page books can be viewed online at ispymichelin.com.