Chevrolet will help power a little snail named Turbo in the upcoming DreamWorks Animation feature film of the same name.

The collaboration between Chevrolet and DreamWorks Animation will, it is hoped, engage fans in the US and select international markets and serve to enhance the film's authentic racing environment.

The comprehensive campaign also includes television, print, and online advertising, a social media push and dealership activations in key markets.

Chevrolet design consulted with DreamWorks on the animated versions of the Camaro and the Chevrolet-powered Indy cars that appear in the film, which premieres in the US on July 17.

Turbo marks the first time DreamWorks Animation has partnered with brands in this way.

Chevrolet plays an integral part in two of the film's key moments.

Turbo receives his speed after an encounter with a Chevrolet Camaro and later, the Chevrolet 'bowtie' logo features prominently in scenes set at the Indianapolis 500.

Mirroring the film, the Chevrolet logo featured prominently at the race recently.

"Turbo is one of the most anticipated films of the summer, and we couldn't be more excited about this collaboration, which aligns perfectly with Chevrolet's renewed presence in IndyCar," said Tim Mahoney, Chief Marketing Officer, Chevrolet.

"Millions of future drivers will be inspired by Turbo to realise their dreams both big and small."