An AA Membership survey of 16,865 people has found that women are more than three times less likely to fix a flat tyre than men.

Over 80% of men polled said that they would change a flat tyre themselves whilst just 26% of women said they’d do it.

“Learning how to change a tyre is a very handy bit of motoring knowledge” says Arwen Foley spokesperson for AA Ireland.

“Although of course the AA will always come and do it for you. One of the first things my brother taught me when I started driving my little Opel Corsa aged 17, was how to change a tyre. He showed me how to do one and then made me rotate the other three.”

Women are more than 2.5 times more likely than men to call the AA if they have a flat tyre. Often men especially are reluctant to ask the AA to change a wheel. “Don’t be”, Arwen advises, “that is what the AA is here for.”

About 14% of all Rescue call-outs are to motorists with a flat tyre. Very often if a tyre has been changed in a garage the nuts will be machine tight and it is all but impossible even for a strong and fit man to get them shifted. AA Patrols carry all the equipment needed and they can do it in a flash.

Passers-by are more likely to help a female motorist with a flat tyre than male motorists. Almost 9% of women polled said that another motorist stopped to change their tyre. However less than 1% of men said that a passer-by came to their aid.

“Punctures are the second most common cause of breakdowns after flat batteries. Quite often people call the AA as they don’t want to risk making a mistake or just because they don’t want to ruin their clothes out in the rain. Our Rescue Patrols are there to help every day of the year” explains Arwen.