Stay safe.

It is a sad fact of life today that some people will put you and your family's lives in danger for money.

This new phenomenon is called 'Crash for Cash'.

Many drivers are resorting to fitting windscreen-mounted video cameras in an effort to have a video defence.

An Irish firm is promoting one such device; 'The Swish GPS Car Camera' which, it says, protects against this modern scourge on our roads.

This unit is 'next generation' in video capture technology.

The device records a 120° GPS widescreen view of the road ahead.

The car DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is discreet and when positioned correctly does not affect a driver's line of sight.

It is easily mounted to the dashboard or windscreen of your car with no wiring or expensive fit-outs.

The Swish Car Cam automatically starts recording when your car is started and on the move, and not just outside your house.

The unit features 1080p full HD resolution.

The GPS logger function records the precise location of the vehicle.

The unit also has a G-Sensor, which measures and records any change in velocity (crucial in recording activity around your car).

There are a number of different selectable modes such as 'file cycle' and 'file loop'.

Additionally, you can detach the unit to record any outside footage.

The unit has an internal memory of 12MB and supports 32GB through the Micro SD card slot.

The Swish Car Cam is also low light sensitive and can be connected to your computer via a USB.

It can be purchased online for €365.00 plus €9 postal delivery charge in Ireland. More information can be found on:

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