During the upcoming Citroën 10-Day Free Fuel Giveaway (January 17 to 27), every customer who orders a new Citroën can drive away with €500 of free fuel.

Retail customers who take advantage of this offer across the Citroën passenger range will receive, on collection of their new Citroën, a pre-loaded Topaz Gift Card to cover the cost of €500 fuel.

This equates to circa 9,000km of free-driving in Citroën's most fuel efficient engines.

Citroën boasts an ever cleaner, greener and more efficient range, so even after all the free fuel has been used, future petrol or diesel costs can be kept to a minimum.

Models such as the C3 and New C4 already deliver impressive fuel economy of up to 3.4L/100km (83 mpg) and 3.8L/100km (74 mpg) respectively.

Fredéric Soulier, Managing Director of Citroën Motors Ireland, said: "We are committed to giving our customers more for their money with our incredible €500 Free Fuel Giveaway, and with a wide range of quality passenger cars to choose from our customers can be confident that it is a great time to buy a new Citroën."