Doctors and nurses, who have returned from abroad to help in the fight against Covid-19, are being offered the free use of cars and complimentary insurance cover for the next two months.

The intiative has been introduced by AXA Insurance Ireland and Renault Group, who say they have joined forces "to provide complimentary cars complete with complimentary motor insurance for the next two months for doctors and nurses returning from overseas to support the HSE during the Covid-19 crisis".

The only requirement from the medics is that they are Irish citizens, that they have proof of the fact that they have returned home to support the national response to the pandemic, and that they have a full driver's licence - either Irish or from another country. 

The companies say the move "is to acknowledge the exceptional contribution being made by returning medics to support the national response to the pandemic".

Ironically, returning emigrants have often found themselves having difficulty in getting insurance records from abroad or financial histories accepted by some large companies. 

Hundreds of Irish doctors and nurses have already responded to the call for assistance at home - an important development given the pressures and risks faced by their colleagues treating patients here - and more are expected to return in the near future.

Returning medics who will be working on the frontline can apply for a Renault car and AXA Insurance on