Ford's new Mondeo Hybrid will go on sale in Ireland next month with a 2.0 litre petrol engine and an initial price tag of €31,500, after a launch discount and VRT rebate.

It has taken a surprisingly long time for Ford to go hybrid and the Mondeo is an interesting choice. The car is available to order now with a price tag of €34,895 but it will qualify for a discount and a VRT rebate of €3,395. The engine is a 187 horse power unit combined with a battery that is charged when regenerative braking is applied.

Ford's MD, Ciaran McMahon, says the demand for electric and partial-electric cars in Ireland is "on an upward slant accounting for 4.1 percent of car registrations this year.  Hybrid Electric Vehicles are the most popular of the ‘electric’ models available as they neatly bridge the gap between traditional internal combustion engines and electric motors without the ‘range anxiety’ that some motorists feel in relation to ‘full electric’ vehicles."