Road Safety Authority figures show worrying numbers of banned drivers flout the law by continuing to drive -despite multiple disqualifications.

The figures are revealed in the Irish Times, which has had sight of Road Safety Authority figures that show continuing to drive while banned, even more than once, is commonplace. The RSA found that as of last August, 7,651 drivers had multiple disqualifications. The figures are based on the National Vehicle and Driver file which has 2.6 million vehicles and 2.5 million drivers listed and the RSA's own driving license files.

The RSA analysis shows that nearly all - 98% - of banned drivers did not reply to written requests to surrender their licenses and that many who are currently banned are professional drivers. The RSA says that "a high percentage of drivers convicted by the courts continue to drive with impunity, ignoring their driving ban".

The RSA is now seeking the establishment of a register of banned motorists. Transport Minister, Shane Ross, supports the move and he is also considering publishing the names of those convicted of drink driving.

In 2015, 41,713 disqualifications were handed down by the courts to 22,674 drivers - an indication of the multiple offences committed by many drivers.