The Royal Irish Automobile Club (RIAC) Pioneer Run celebrates the drive and passion of the earliest motorists, whose legacy is still felt today as we continue our insatiable love affair with the motor vehicle.

The RIAC has announced that members of the public will have an exceptional opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the oldest and rarest vehicles still running in Europe later this month (May 25-26).

Part of the two-day event will involve an early afternoon stopover at the Spirit of Dunboyne Festival in Co Meath, on Saturday May 25, where visitors to the village will get unprecedented access to the participants and their vehicles.

Bob Montgomery, Event Co-ordinator, said: "The RIAC Pioneer Run is Ireland's premier event for early cars and motorcycles and I am very pleased that we will be able to let people see these very special vehicles when we stop in Dunboyne village.

"Some of the cars that will be there come out rarely, while other vehicles that are taking part are coming from abroad and will drive on Irish roads for the first time.

"Over the two days people will see cars from the dawn of motoring that were driven by the pioneers of Irish motoring.

"The fact that they will be up and running on our roads, as they were over 100 years ago, adds something very special for those that do get to see them. It could be described as witnessing living history."

The run is based at Barberstown Castle in Straffan, Co Kildare, where each day the cars will set off to travel around a designated course that will see them pass through many of the picturesque villages in the surrounding countryside.