But one area where Scorpios are not winning is when it comes to their cars.

According to a review of AA Car Insurance claims, Scorpios have the highest motor insurance claims rates compared to all other signs of the Zodiac.

"To be honest, we are very rational and sceptical in here," said AA Director of Consumer Affairs Conor Faughnan. "As major motor insurers you would hope that is true.

"The differences in risk rate based on your birthday are very, very small, but for all that it can be a bit of fun to compare them.

"We don't take it all that seriously, and certainly we don't use astrology to rate motor insurance risk. But it was a fun exercise and caused a lot of debate here in the office."

Faughnan, an Aquarius and a committed rationalist, added: "In reality, insurers use a lot of hard data in assessing what your risk rate is.

"These include obvious things like your claims record, your driving experience or your penalty points, but also includes things like what job you do, whether or not you are married and whereabouts in the country that you live. Each of these does make a genuine difference on what your insurance costs."

Perhaps it's just coincidence or perhaps it's written in the stars, but either way, being an Aries could end up saving you money on your car insurance.

Star Signs ranked in order of claims – highest to lowest:
1st, Scorpio

2nd, Gemini

Joint 3rd, Capricorn, Libra, Taurus and Virgo

7th, Pisces

Joint 8th, Cancer and Sagittarius

10th, Aquarius

11th, Leo

12th, Aries