Ray is joined by best-selling author Laura de Barra for a new series on spring cleaning and revamping your home. Listen back above.

According to Laura, the bedroom can be a neglected room of the house when it comes to cleaning because we spend most of our days in more sociable areas of the home such as the kitchen or living room.

And while everyone's home is different, especially since so many of us have turned our rooms into multi-purpose home offices, Laura begins with the one thing we all have: a bed.

"One thing we can all concentrate on is the spring clean of the bed," says Laura. "That is something that is present in everyone's room."

As much as we don't like to think about it, the Gaff Goddess author says that we must remember that mattresses collect skin, dust, sweat and "all the bits" as we sleep.

We should aim to deep clean the mattress every six months and the first step is a good vacuum.

"Put your upholstery attachment on so you don't damage the fibres, and its better at taking up the dust and skin particles, and that will take a lot of the odour and dust and all the nasties."

While you're at it, lift the mattress off the frame and give the slats a good hoover. Then flip or rotate your mattress before popping it back onto the frame.

Before you put your sheets back on, sieve some bicarbonate of soda onto your mattress and leave it to sit for as long as you can before you hoover it up.

Laura reminds listeners to check the tags on their mattress before they begin spot cleaning. If there is a W or WS, that means you can use water and solvents. The rare X label means you can't use any liquids.

Next, you can wash your duvet and pillows (again, check the tag first) or you can simply give them a shake out to move the filling around and introduce fresh air.

A good trick for checking how much life is left in your pillows is to fold them over. If they spring back easily, they don't need replacing.

To give pillows some extra oomph, pretend you're making a pizza every morning and knead and throw your pillow around as if its fresh dough. This will keep the material as fresh and soft as a deep dish.

When it comes to linen, if you're doing a deep clean, Laura suggest throwing a cup of vinegar into your wash for an extra layer of cleanliness.

For more bedroom cleaning tips, listen back to Laura de Barra on The Ray D'Arcy Show above.