The Irish accent has been crowned the flirtiest accent in the UK and Ireland according to a new survey commissioned by Betfair Casino.

Over 2,000 adults were asked which accent leaves them feeling a little hot under the collar and Irish came out on top, taking 16% of the vote and beating the likes of Geordie (15%) and Essex (13%) accents which closely followed in second and third place respectively.

Scottish and Northern Irish accents came in at forth and fifth place respectively, rounding out the top five.

Despite not being particularly 'flirty', the Scottish accent was found to be the public's favourite accent, topping the vote with 9% despite also being the number one accent most adults find difficult to understand.

Other accents that the public found difficult to decipher were the Brummie accent (arguably made famous by the hit TV series Peaky Blinders) followed by Scouse, Geordie and Northern Irish.

Top 10 flirtiest accents:

  1. Irish
  2. Geordie
  3. Essex
  4. Scottish
  5. Northern Irish
  6. Scouse
  7. Welsh
  8. Cockney
  9. Queen's English
  10. Yorkshire

Top 10 friendliest accents:

  1. Yorkshire
  2. Geordie
  3. Scottish
  4. Welsh
  5. Irish
  6. West Country
  7. Scouse
  8. Queen’s English
  9. Lancashire
  10. Northern Irish