In order to help catapult Irish innovation to the world stage, and effect change globally, Science Foundation Ireland have launched the Future Innovator Prize.

With €4m available across two challenges – AI for Societal Good and Zero Emissions – this competition offers Irish science the money to match its ambition. Challenge-based funding is a solution-focused approach to research funding that uses prizes, strict timelines, teamwork and competition to direct research activities at ambitious societal problems

Science To The Rescue is an hour long documentary, presented by Trevor Vaugh (Big Life Fix), that got up close and personal with some of the challenge teams trying to win the prize funds. As the clock ticks down, we learn about the motivation behind their work and meet some of those who will benefit from their breakthroughs.

Cailín AI: The first Digital Biomarker in Female Reproductive Health – uncloaking Endometriosis and filling the Diagnostic Gap. Reducing the impact of endometriosis through timely diagnosis.

Challenge: Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women and can lead to significant health issues. Despite this, diagnosis can take up to 7 years. Timely diagnosis has the power to transform women's lives, enabling appropriate treatment to stop the progression of the disease and preserve fertility.

Solution: The Cailín team will develop a non-invasive digital biomarker for endometriosis by measuring disease-specific symptoms and applying advanced machine learning techniques. This disruptive AI-enabled technology will end the diagnostic delay.