Musician Jane Willow joined Ray D'Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1 to talk about her experience with dating apps and looking for love on Twitter - listen back above.

"I ended my last relationship three years ago," Jane told Ray. "I'm a musician, so I used to go to gigs and meet people that way, so I did that for a while, just a bit of dating, but it didn't really end in anything. Since COVID, I started doing online dating - all the apps - but I just got really tired of it."

While the global pandemic kept potential interests at a distance, and dating apps failed to impress, Jane decided to hand her love life over to Twitter. A brave move, some may say, considering the app isn't necessarily known for it's positive commentary.

However, Jane insists that the social media platform has brought some "amazing things" to her life since she joined, ranging from new Scrabble-playing friends to a place to crash after a gig in Limerick.

With this in mind, the musician decided to hand her fate over to Irish Twitter, asking them to find her a "cute guy aged 30-40 in Dublin", ideally a Leonard Cohen type with a "bearded/rugged" look and ginger hair.

Sounds good to us.

Originally from Holland, Jane has lived in Ireland for the last ten years and seems to have laser focus when it comes to achieving her goals. Something that Ray found to be particularly impressive.

"People think I can be a bit too honest or blunt," she admits, "but if you want things in life, you just have to make it happen. When it comes to music, every gig I've gotten is just me asking and being a bit bold."

Unfortunately, a bearded Dubliner has yet to be delivered to Jane's doorstep, but with recent appearances on both RTÉ and the BBC, Jane feels that her campaign for a Cohen-type is gearing up nicely.

"It's great. I wish I got this attention for my music, to be honest," she laughed.

So, there you have it. Twitter may not find you a soul mate but it may well get you on the national broadcaster, and who knows what comes after that?

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