Stephen Larmer of Larmer's Butchers in Monaghan joined Oliver Callan on the RTÉ Radio 1 to discuss their latest culinary curiosity; the Kinder Bueno sausage.

We're all for a good food combo: salty popcorn and sweet chocolate, tangy chutney and sharp cheese - we'd even go as far as dipping a French fry into a thick strawberry milkshake - but never have we considered a chocolate-flavoured sausage.

"Look it sure, we're all a wee bit mad in Monaghan," laughs Stephen.

As a third-generation butcher, Larmer is a pro at making and providing traditional Irish fare at his butcher shop, however, he insists that every generation has "tweaked" the recipes as they go.

"It's exactly what it says on the tin, it's a traditional pork sausage with Kinder Bueno in it - and it really works."

Having tried a series of unique filling combinations in the past (including stilton, marmalade, chocolate, apple and caramalised onion), Larmer finally landed on Kinder Bueno because of its hazelnut undertones.

The inspiration for the "abomination", as Oliver kindly refers to it, was Larmer's son's Sunday breakfast of choice, in which he smothers a pancake in Nutella and then rolls it up with a sausage inside.

"People want something a wee bit different for barbequing and it's a bit of a talking point as well," he explained.

To listen to Stephen and Oliver's full chat, and to hear exactly how the Kinder Bueno sausage is made, click here or listen back above.