Australian Damian Clark moved to Ireland in the mid-noughties to carve out a successful career in comedy, both on stage and screen. As a stand-up, he's won awards at Edinburgh Fringe, and toured Europe and the US as well as here.

His TV credits include RTÉ2’s I Dare Ya! and Damian has also appeared in Republic of Telly, The Savage Eye, Katherine Lynch’s Wonder Women and The Apprentice: You’re Fired! He recently did a series of "micro-gigs" during lockdown.

Who controls the remote in your house?
My wife for sure – she wears it around her neck like a pendant. I watch the shows I like in three-minute intervals during the ad breaks.

What telly did you watch as a kid growing up in Perth?
Yeah definitely Skippy. Not to be stereotypical, but I did. The Ranger could distinguish between Skippy saying Sonny has fell down "the well" or "the cliff" – but to me, it all just sounded like Skippy was tutting at their parenting skills.

Is there just too much good TV now to watch it all?
Yes. Not enough hours in the day! Even the stuff that isn’t great, we get hooked easily. We’ll watch a show for five seasons just on the off chance it gets good.

What are your unmissable shows right now?
I love any new South Park. If it’s topical, you have to jump on straightaway ’cause it could age quickly. Cobra Kai on Netflix is one of my new faves. It has it all: ’80s rock, alcohol abuse, laughs, drama, romance…and of course, karate kicks to the head.

How similar are the Irish and Aussie sense of humour?
Pretty similar. Both based a lot on drinking, self-deprecation and self-deprecation while drinking. Although I find it’s easier to get crowds into a show in Ireland as people are inside the pub already, where Aussies could be out drinking on a beach or up a hill.

What show would you like a cameo in?
I’d love to be in every episode of Reeling In The Years so people think I’m a time traveller. See me in the background of an All-Ireland final in the ’60s, or peeking out from behind the GPO. Always in the same Zig & Zag t-shirt.

What was the craziest thing you did while making I Dare Ya!?
The dare of "stealing random people’s pints" was terrifying. Downing someone’s drink while they’re staring at you in disbelief, knowing they’re probably about to punch you in the face, is quite the adrenalin rush.

Where is your dream venue to do a comedy gig?
Love Vicar Street, so can’t wait to be back on that stage again. Just before lockdown, myself and Danny O’Brien started a comedy club in the Wild Duck, just beside the Olympia, and it’s unreal. Super vibe and live music after the comedy. I can’t wait ’til that’s open again, but until then I can perform in your front garden with a few tinnies – what’s your address?

- Written by Darragh McManus