I don't know about you, but as someone who is now looking at my face on a screen for most of their day, I'm finding it very hard not to notice every little fine line and wrinkle - of which there seems to be more every day. I feel as though I’ve aged 10 years in this one year of remote working. 

But does working remotely actually wreak havoc on our skin or am I just noticing my crows feet more because I’ve never spent so much time looking at my own face?

I thought I was the only one who felt they’d gained hundreds and thousands of wrinkles this past year, but a quick chat with Renaissance Skincare Specialist Aoife Mc Garry confirms that I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Aoife deals with skincare related queries all day and one things she’s hearing is that virtual meetings have left us more paranoid that ever about our aging skin. She’s getting a lot of requests for her to increase the time and effort her clients put into their daily skincare regime. Whereas before the quick fixes were popular, now we are spending more time at home and we’re more concerned about our aging skin than ever.

So can all these additional hours staring at a screen actually speed up the aging process of our skin, or is it all in our mind? The soaring sales of products like Blue Light glasses indicate that we’re getting worried about the affect the jump in screen time is having on us.

Mc Garry admitted that while we don't get any UVA or UVB rays from our screens there is still a good chance that spending that much time in front of artificial light could speed up the aging process.

But screen time is not the only thing that could be causing us to age prematurely. Aoife has seen more people suffer from dehydration in their skin due to the spike in caffeine they’re consuming while at home, popping the kettle on all day long. The increased consumption of caffeine strips moisture from the skin and dehydrated skin will always show up those fine lines.

Another huge skincare issue is of course 'maskne’, this is one that particularly affects teachers, retail workers and healthcare workers who have to wear a mask all day long with no chance for their skin to breathe.

I asked Aoife for some simple tips and tricks to slow down the aging process while we work from home. One easy one we can all do is our increase our intake of water. I keep a large bottle and glass beside me so I’m more likely to top it up when my glass runs dry - yes I’m that lazy!

The skincare specialist also recommends including some antioxidants in your skincare regime, the most known one is Vitamin C which will brighten up your skin and reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Don’t forget to use a daily moisturizer that contains an SPF, yes we still need it in Ireland.

She explained that although we don’t get as many UVB rays that can cause the skin to tan, we do get UVA rays all year round, and they are the ones that age the skin.

Lastly, Aoife reminded me that the quality of our skin is 80% environment and 20% genetics, so what we consume and the products we use will have a much bigger impact on our skin than anything else. Invest in your skincare, drink all the water and get good quality sleep when you can.