To help build daily moments of self-care and hope, You OK? is encouraging you to 'Take 5 For Your Mental Health' every day. Over the coming days, we'll be sharing mini-pods focused on practical exercises to help with the stress of lockdown. 

Dr. Colman Noctor is a Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist at St. Patrick's Mental Health Services, he’s also a dad so he has a certain personal perspective to bring to this too. Children are feeling loss and grief at the moment, maybe not all the time, but it’s there.

They’re missing their friends, wondering whether their football final will ever be played, etc. These things may not compare to the loss of a job or, tragically, a life, but they are a big deal in the life of a child.

On today's episode, he will be sharing practical advice for how we can help children right now.

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