Pull on the runners: Operation Transformation is back with a host of new inspirational leaders, heartfelt stories and expert hosts. 

On this week's episode, our five leaders faced mental and physical challenges as the fourth week brought them to their tipping points. 

Weeks of meal plans, exercise, dark weather and stress had worn them down, and with some leaders not meeting their targets the mood was definitely downbeat. But as always, they rallied, like true leaders and role models. 


After not meeting his target last week, Paul started his week on a down beat but determined to meet his goals this week. Speaking about the tense stand-off with the experts, he said: "it seemed hostile enough, there was an awful atmosphere. It wasn't a nice place to be."

"Eddie said to me that I wasn't integrating with the plan very well", he added. "I think some of the experts aren't integrating with me very well."

Instead of making something he doesn't want to eat, he spoke with Aoife about swapping in meals that are the same calories. He kept on with physio for his injured ankle, while Karl dropped by to clear the air and get him back exercising. 

At the weigh-in this week, Paul was told he had lost 5lbs, having started the week at 14st 11lbs. That was a tremendous achievement, and a massive turn around from last week. 


Sharon started the week with a bang, determined to exceed her target and hit a stone weight loss. However, she's been finding the cardio sessions tough on her breathing. Keeping her going, however, is her daughter Paige who has signed up to do the virtual 5k. 

When it comes to meal planning, however, it's harder to maintain motivation. Her main champions have been her parents, who have seen incredible changes in Sharon and the entire family. Her dad Frank, who has completed five marathons, has been a valuable source of advice. 

At the weigh-in this week, Sharon was told she had lost 2lbs, having started the week at 14st 5.5lbs. Her result was an emotional one, as she felt she had turned a corner and come "back" to herself. 


Hazel started the week like most of us, trying to cope with the new normal as restrictions continue. But a few surprises came their way to keep the spirits up, including a present from Hazel's brother of t-shirts with her face on them. 

The family kept Hazel motivated through workouts by getting out on the road with her and exercising together over Zoom – in the t-shirts! A catch up with Olive, a friend of hers, lifted the spirits more and no doubt reminded viewers of all the coffee dates and nights out they're waiting for too. 

At the weigh-in this week, Hazel was told she had lost 1lb, having started the week at 19st 7lbs. Her result was below her target, but Hazel said she wasn't surprised as her period had come the night before.

The experts were quick to reassure her that this was normal, as Dr. Sumi put it: "Hormonal fluctuations within a menstrual cycle will influence your weight." She added that women can gain between 3lbs-5lbs in fluid retention alone. 


Still buzzing from exceeding her target last week, Susuana started the week feeling positive and ready for her next challenges, which came fast as Karl set her a time challenge for walking. With a new indoor bike installed at home, Susuana was already making strides forward – even if she was peddling backwards! 

Missing her African community this week, Susuana caught up with some colleagues and connected in with her goals for work as well as her lifestyle. "Ireland is a place you can live peacefully, and it's important that that doesn't change," she said. 

She looked into integrating her native foods into her plan, such as crayfish, to make her feel even more connected to home. 

At the weigh-in this week, Susuana was told she had gained 0.5lb, having started the week at 18st 3.5lbs. Her result came as a shock for her and the judges, as it was the second time Susuana had gained weight while on the show. Aoife suggested having a one-to-one the following week. 


Andrew is taking on the 5k with none other than Karl Henry himself, and you know the fitness expert is keeping him on track. Setting him the challenge of doing the run in less than 30 minutes, he's setting a serious goal for the Clondalkin native. 

Back at home, Andrew and his husband Jason celebrated losing 33.5lbs between them, but tensions are still high from sharing the challenges together. In a talk with Dr. Eddie the pair open up about how the past few weeks have been for them. 

At the weigh-in this week, Andrew was told he had lost 3.5lbs, having started the week at 13st 0.5lbs.