Now three weeks in, this week of Operation Transformation saw the leaders juggle family guilt, painful memories and disappointment amid the highs of meeting their targets, as well as the launch of the first-ever OT Virtual 5K where anyone, anywhere can participate along their own individual route this February 18th-20th.

After missing her target by a pound last week, Hazel started the week determined to meet her target this week. As well as that, she opened up about the "mammy guilt" for not spending as much time with daughter Grace in the past. She reaches out to her daughter, Grace, for some bonding time.

To check in mentally, Hazel meets up with Dr. Eddie Murphy for some eco-therapy to help her address the anxiety she still carries following the loss of her twin daughters.

"I fear I put pressure on Grace around that," she told Eddie. "I always think worse case scenarios", she explained as they looked into her past as a carer for her daughter Chloe. 

At the weigh-in this week, Hazel was told she had lost 5lbs, having started the week at 19st 12lbs. That was a tremendous achievement, and 2lbs more than her set target. 

After her very disappointing weight gain last week, Kathryn wanted to check in on Susuana and make sure she was okay. The experts were concerned that her portion sizes were still too big, so Susuana got some help from Aoife with her portion control.

Meanwhile the community in Cavan got stuck into to encourages her on her transformative health journey. Calling on fellow leaders, virtual walking friends and her neighbour, she hit her targets this week.

At the weigh-in this week, Susuana was told she had lost 5lbs, having started the week at 18st 8.5lbs. She was overjoyed at the achievement, which was 2lbs more than her set target. 

This week Andrew gets more of the family involved as he works out with his mother, but memories from the past have been weighing on him. At the assessment day in November, Andrew had opened up about his bullying, saying: "I was bullied for many years, I was bullied for being different. I lasted six weeks in one of my secondary schools."

Speaking with Dr. Eddie, Andrew tapped more into the hurt of those years. Eddie encourages him to work on his habit of seeking reassurance from those around him by reducing his "checking" behaviours.

At the weigh-in this week, Andrew was told he had lost 3lbs, having started the week at 13st 3.5lbs. 

Paul is delighted to get back to the hustle and bustle of work this week, but Aoife wants him to go "cold turkey" on the sugar in his tea and to slow down and time his meals.

Back on the road working after some time restricting his movements, he's back to dashboard dining. He's feeling confident after finally cutting out sugar and improving his sleep, but he's still dealing with an injury that may hamper his results.

At the weigh-in this week, Paul was told she had lost 1lbs, having started the week at 14st 12lbs. This came as a huge disappointment, as it was 2lbs less than his set target, but the experts reassured him he can get back to his plan. 

Paul admitted that he wasn't following the food plan exactly, and he and Aoife had a bit of an exchange about finding ways to cook meals he'll want to eat. 

Feeling tired and worn down, Sharon worries about faltering during this crucial third week on the plan when she's so busy at work. She takes steps to integrate the plan into her workday with great success, such as running with her sister Linda.

She's succeeding as a role model on the home front too when she learns that different family members are following in her healthy footsteps. Daughter Paige has taken to keeping fit to keep up with her mum. 

At the weigh-in this week, Sharon was told she had lost 3lbs, having started the week at 13st 3.5lbs and hitting her target exactly.